Two Elections Reveal a Dark Future for the Nation

By Mike Huckabee Published on April 5, 2023

The Trump indictment wasn’t the only blow to the foundations of America that came on Tuesday. There were also a couple of elections that bode very badly for the future of the nation.

Good Luck, Chicago!

First, there was the Chicago mayoral runoff election. Chicagoans threw out Lori Lightfoot after just one term, despite her checking an impressive three identity group boxes (black, female, lesbian — but sadly, not “competent.”) And you have to hand it to Chicago voters. It can’t have been easy, but they actually found a replacement who might be even worse.

Chicago voters faced a choice between two Democrats (Chicago hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1931, obviously): moderate Paul Vallas, who was backed by business groups and the police union; and “progressive” (some say “socialist” or even “Marxist”) Brandon Johnson, a radical, race-baiting, pro-abortion teacher’s union advocate who wants to take millions “wasted on policing and incarceration” and redirect it to public services. The voters said, “Hold muh beer!” and narrowly elected Johnson. Johnson said he would be a “voice for the working people,” who will need someone to talk for them since so many of them are being shot dead.

At this point, it appears that the only hope for Chicago is if the counting of mail-in and absentee ballots helps Vallas overcome Johnson’s 16,000-vote lead, but don’t count on it.

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I wish anyone in Chicago (and why are you still there?) good luck in selling your home or business, since the conditions you thought couldn’t possibly get worse than they were under Lightfoot are likely about to get worse. And how bad can that be? Consider this:

In 1929, a gang mass slaying in Chicago became known as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. It was so shocking, it’s still used as a synonym for any horrific act of mass murder. But do you know how many people were killed in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre? Seven.

Here’s a site that tracks violent crime in Chicago today.

Seven shootings would be a relatively quiet Sunday night in Chicago these days. So far this year, there have been 453 people shot and wounded and another 122 shot and killed, and it’s only April 5th. I pray I’m wrong, but I fear that soon, the only good thing we’ll be able to say about Chicago under Johnson is that every day is like Valentine’s Day … of 1929.

Wisconsin Swings to the Left

The other election that bodes very badly for America, and the 2024 election in particular, came in Wisconsin, which elects its Supreme Court justices. The court had a 4-3 conservative majority, but the retirement of conservative Justice Patience Roggensack led to a fierce contest that sparked a record of nearly $29 million spent on this race, much of it in the form of vicious attack ads. In the end, Democrat-backed Janet Protasiewicz defeated conservative Daniel Kelly, swinging the state Supreme Court to a 4-3 liberal majority.

Protasiewicz was, of course, backed by Planned Parenthood and out-of-state leftist billionaires including (wait for it) George Soros. So pro-life groups will also be big losers of this election while, as one pro-life activist put it, innocent pre-born babies “will face a death penalty.”

To give you an idea of how dirty her campaign was, the loser, especially in a judicial race, generally concedes gracefully. But Kelly said, “I wish in circumstances like this, I would be able to concede to a worthy opponent, but I do not have a worthy opponent,” and he blasted Protasiewicz’s campaign as “beneath contempt” for launching “rancid slanders” against him.

This is very bad news for Republicans for 2024 because it means attempts to impose election integrity measures will likely no longer be upheld by the high court, which had previously banned most ballot drop boxes (not that those are EVER used for vote fraud; why, perish the thought, you Big Liar!) Expect challenges, likely successful, to voter ID and other laws designed to prevent vote fraud in Wisconsin, a vital swing state.

If you are a Republican in Wisconsin, I don’t want to hear any excuses for not voting in 2024. We will need turnout of every last voter. And I’m sure by then, voting will be incredibly easy for literally anyone.


Mike Huckabee is the former governor of Arkansas and longtime conservative commentator on issues in culture and current events. A New York Times best-selling author, he hosts the weekly talk show Huckabee on TBN.

Originally published at Reprinted with permission.

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