The Left Is Laser Focused, the Right in Disarray. What Must Be Done?

By John Zmirak Published on July 19, 2021

The election of Donald Trump was a great disruption. It came as a shock, even to me. Having believed all the opinion polls, I went into election night depressed. My column on how we’d resist a Hillary Clinton administration sat already prepped and scheduled for the morning. But as the people’s voice made itself heard in state after state, I felt as if some miracle was happening.

I stayed up all night — in part because a radio show from Britain, Unbelievable, needed a US Christian who was happy about Trump’s election. The other guests were reeling in shock, and I had to explain to them why Americans had done something so … shocking, and make the argument that it was good.

We Drank Their Tears Like Wine. Now It’s Payback Time

We all remember chuckling over the primal scream moments when Hillary supporters threw public tantrums. We recall the morning after photo of glum, sullen Obamacrats gathered in front of the White House, like petty nobles afraid that a mob was coming to pillage their chateau.

The stunned and disoriented left exposed itself to the public in subsequent months. Its members flailed absurdly and pretended that the election was like the Nazis entering Paris. For my part, I marked inauguration day by watching the ceremony with the sound turned down, and Handel’s “Zadok the Priest” blasting. (“God save the King! Long live the King! God save the King! May the King live … forever!”)


Our Dissidents in the DC Gulag

Good times, good times. But such memories for me have curdled, since I know what came in their wake. Now when I see any picture of Congress or the White House, I don’t think back on our victories. I pray for our January 6 political prisoners rotting in DC’s gulag, some in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, facing charges that haven’t been filed, based on evidence the Feds won’t show their lawyers … or even the judges. All for daring to demonstrate peacefully in and around the People’s House, the Capitol. Against an election our oligarchs — from Mark Zuckerberg to Paul Ryan of Fox News — colluded to steal from the people, then boasted about their scheme in TIME magazine.

I think of Kyle Rittenhouse, railroaded with murder charges for defending himself against the left’s brownshirt street thugs, who shot at him first and tried to kill him. His mother is still trying to save him from a life sentence for self-defense. I gave $500 to that good cause. I hope others join me.

Jake Gardner’s Body Lies a’ Mouldering in the Grave. His Soul Is Marching On

I think of Jake Gardner, who tried to save his elderly father and his own small business from the looting BLM mobs in Omaha. After Jake had to shoot the thug who was trying to strangle him, politicized prosecutors colluded with street mobs and Woke social media giants to destroy Jake’s life, and hustle him off to prison. Evicted, denied the right to raise defense funds online, labeled a racist murderer, this decorated US Marines combat veteran took his own life. He could face down the jihadists in Iraq, but not American oligarchs and a George Soros prosecutor. A Democrat lawmaker went on Twitter to gloat over his corpse.

Jake was buried last week in Arlington National Cemetery. Read the eulogy penned by Jake’s best friend, who found his body. Spare a prayer for his soul, and realize what kind of country you’re living in right now.  

The Left Learned its Lesson in 2016. Will We?

The trauma of losing an election they’d thought was in the bag wasn’t wasted on the left. Instead, its leaders and activists made their crisis an opportunity. It turned out that mass immigration hadn’t quite created a permanent Democrat majority. Not one strong enough to box out a Black Swan like Donald Trump. The American people weren’t quite so beaten down and subservient as they’d seemed. So it was time to launch into action — ensuring that the next election would be “safe.”

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The left mobilized to block Trump’s every action with frivolous lawsuits. The permanent government slow-walked and sabotaged his perfectly legal decisions. Biased judges enjoined his executive orders. Swamp Republicans undermined him, leaked his plans, colluded with leftist reporters, and even schemed to remove him from office for made-up mental illnesses.

The Media / Deep State Complex

The Deep State pursued investigations it knew were based on lies, to cripple Trump in office and punish his friends with prison. Look at what the media-Deep State complex did to Mark Judge. To Mike Flynn. To Carter Page. To George Papadopoulos. That was meant to send a message to men like Bill Barr and Mike Pence and Kevin McCarthy: play ball with us, and you’re safe. Push back, and we’ll wreck your life.

Message sent, received, and heeded, as we saw on election night and its squalid aftermath. So few of the politicians allegedly on our side were willing to speak for us. Instead, most scurried to make their peace with the Oligarchy, which had demonstrated its power. It showed it could flip Fox News, bully GOP senators, rig and censor social media. It had weaponized a pandemic to crash the economy and shovel fake ballots by the thousands. It threatened to wreck the careers of the few and courageous who spoke against it.

The Boot on Your Face. Will it Be Forever?

Why else did Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley face disbarment? Why else is globalist dilettante George P. Bush primarying Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton? In part, to punish him for filing the suit that challenged the 2020 election, and winning 12 lawsuits that saved Texas’s election from turning out like Georgia’s.

In one state after another, evidence of fraud keeps emerging. And media — including Fox News — keep refusing to report it. Serious conservatives have switched most media off, and now rely on a few courageous outlets like The Epoch Times, Steve Bannon’s War Room, American Greatness, the American Mind, Revolver News, and the Eric Metaxas Show. (Below watch me discussing all this with Eric — who was banned forever from Youtube for daring to speak the truth.)


Now the White House is calling for all social media to cooperate in making the First Amendment meaningless. To censor and silence the speech of anyone who dissents from either the COVID dead-baby vaccine panic cult, or the “official” 2020 election narrative. To use Facebook to report to the FBI your friends and family members who have been “exposed to extremist content.” To purge the military of “extremists,” by which they mean faithful Christians who revere the Constitution.

We Need a Litmus Test to Ferret Out the Zombies

We need to know who our friends are. We need to rally around them and stick together. For that we require some kind of litmus test — a way to determine which “conservatives” have already guzzled the Kool-Aid, and are already walking corpses serving the Oligarchy. You’ve all seen zombie movies. Isn’t it handy to have some means of telling them apart from still-living humans? Well we have one.

Any self-styled “conservative” or Republican who won’t admit that the 2020 election might have turned on election fraud? He’s our enemy. Forget him. Or better yet, work against him. He’s a pawn of the Oligarchy, as sure as any reporter on CNN, or FBI agent who comes knocking on your door.

The left learned from its disaster of 2016. We must learn from the left’s staggering crimes against our country in 2020. And in the months since. Those brave souls now marching down in Cuba know the price of letting a criminal oligarchy seize control. 


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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