The Beauty of Womanhood

By The Ruth Institute Published on March 21, 2023

Faith Hakesley writes at Ask a Survivor.

Recently, a friend asked me how I think women can help fight against the sexual revolution and counter its lies. Quite simply, I think it’s time that women take back the beauty of womanhood and embrace true feminine strength.

We hear about “strong women” so much these days. Yet, oddly enough, our culture can scarcely tell us what a woman is, let alone honor the God-given differences between men and women. We have thrown the beauty of womanhood to the wayside. Too many women have fallen prey to the modern-day definition of what a strong woman is (and what it means to be a woman at all for that matter).

Time and time again, women are told that a career is an absolute must. They must do whatever they need to do to make that happen (including abortion if necessary). Multiple partners are okay. After all, it’s your body and if it feels good, you should go ahead and do it. Just don’t forget your birth control (after all, you’ve got to be responsible). At the same time, seeking out a lasting, loving relationship with a worthy man isn’t encouraged nearly enough. Women are told they don’t need a man or a family.

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‘More Than Twenty Gun-Drawn FBI Raided My Home’

The latest Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse guest is Mark Houck, the man taken from his home by an FBI swat team in front of his wife and traumatized children for being a pro-life advocate.

Hear Mark share his story of arrest and exoneration, as well as how he is now suing the federal government.

All pro-life advocates will want to see how his experience has set a precedent for their own work, and why they must be not afraid to keep up the fight.

Watch the full interview on our Locals network, YouTube, or Rumble.

Ruth Institute Applauds Pope Francis for Calling Out Gender Ideology

“We were delighted to see Pope Francis deliver a stinging rebuke to gender ideology,” said Ruth Institute president Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

In an interview with the Argentinian media outlet La Nacion, the Pope called gender ideology, “The most dangerous ideological colonization today” by “virtually eliminating the differences between men and women.”

Morse agreed: “Gender ideology holds that there are no differences between men and women. When President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, was asked to define a woman during her confirmation hearings, she demurred, saying she wasn’t a biologist.”

“By the same ‘logic,’ if someone asked her what a house was, she’d have to say, ‘Why ask me? I’m not an architect.’”

“Almost everyone in the Biden administration has embraced this lunacy — that if a man says he’s a woman, he’s a woman, and anyone who challenges him is ‘hateful,’” Morse remarked.

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“Not only is this perspective unscientific, it’s also un-biblical. Genesis 1:27 says God created man in His own image, ‘male and female He created them.’ This is the foundation on which society rests — that it’s composed of men and women.”

“But gender ideology says there are no men and women, just ‘birthing persons’ and individuals with penises. If you can get someone to go along with this, you can get them to go along anything,” Morse said.

“I’ve often wondered how proponents of abortion can speak of a ‘woman’s right to choose,’ when they can’t say what a woman is?”

“But this is only the beginning. Gender ideology also includes unrestricted access to abortion, the dissolution of marriage, and the sexualization of children.”

“Pope Francis is right,” Morse said. “Gender ideology seeks to destroy the family by erasing the social and legal distinctions between men and women. And it needs to stop.”

For further resources, check out the Ruth Institute’s Transgender Resource Center.

Media Prove DeSantis Right About “Banned Books”

“When several television stations cut off a live feed of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press conference on sexually explicit books, they proved his point,” said Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

The media and activists have accused DeSantis of book-banning for trying to remove explicit books from Florida’s public schools. To defend himself, the governor held a press conference which included a video exposé of several of the titles, like Gender Queer, which include graphic descriptions of LGBTQ acts.

“If the books were so shocking that some stations refused to air them, why is it appropriate for school children to be exposed to them?” Morse asked.

“DeSantis is right when he calls it a ‘banned book hoax.’ This is a typical maneuver of radicals. First, they place books in public schools to indoctrinate children. Then, when parents and concerned officials object, they’re accused of banning books.”

“It would be amusing to see how many school libraries carry books like The Sexual State, which I authored. Very few, if any, I would imagine. But if a conservative district put such a book in school libraries and Planned Parenthood complained, would it be guilty of censorship?”

“The hypocrisy is thick. Thank goodness there are leaders like Ron DeSantis who are willing to stand up to bullies’ false charges of censorship.”

For more information, check out The Ruth Institute’s Censorship and Propaganda Resource Center.


The Ruth Institute is a global non-profit organization, leading an international interfaith coalition to defend the family and build a civilization of love. The Ruth Institute’s Founder and President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village. Subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel to get all our latest news.

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