Taking the Media to Task

By Mike Huckabee Published on April 3, 2019

Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi surprised a lot of people last week when he released a chapter from an upcoming book taking the media to task for its two-year-long self-delusion and departure from traditional journalistic standards in promoting the nonexistent Trump-Russia collusion story. No surprise, many of his liberal readers were not happy at getting this bucket of cold reality dumped on them when they’re used to outlets like Rolling Stone reinforcing their smug, comfy preconceptions. So Taibbi has been getting some pretty hateful tweets since it came out.

This week, he tries to get back into the left’s good graces a bit while still gently urging them to come out of their safe spaces and venture out into the light of truth.

In this article, he repeats just enough popular false beliefs of the left (that Trump started the Obama birth certificate story when it was actually Hillary Clinton’s campaign, or that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house, when that was actually Tina Fey on SNL) to make his usual readers feel comfortable while prodding them to think about reasons why Trump might have won that don’t involve elaborate Russian conspiracies or even 63 million Americans being racists.

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He tries to make them see that maybe Trump was tapping into a genuine anger and resentment among working (and unwillingly unemployed) Americans against condescending coastal and D.C. elitists who didn’t seem to care about their problems. At one point, he concedes that Trump’s argument that “most Americans were struggling because both parties were feeding from the same campaign-finance teat, pimping themselves out to huge job-exporting corporate donors” was “let’s face it…more than a little true.”

I commend him for going that far in admitting the truth. It’s downright revolutionary for a political piece in Rolling Stone, which has been peddling the same far-left socialist swill in between glossy ads for expensive sneakers and electronics for decades. He could also have mentioned that people were fed up with Obama’s policies that didn’t work and that the Democrats had nominated possibly the most off-putting candidate in history. But, baby steps.

If liberals had read my book, God, Guns, Grits and Gravy, it would have saved America the $30 million the Mueller probe wasted, plus the cost of all their therapy.

I’d also like to point out that while he takes to task all the pollsters and pundits who got it wrong and says that Michael Moore was one of the few media figures who thought Trump could win, I confidently predicted a Trump win well in advance of the election and never wavered. You see, I’d actually visited those states Hillary needed to win and didn’t visit. Also, I’d written a book, God, Guns, Grits and Gravy, warning those same coastal and D.C. elites about how out of touch they were with the rest of America, that came out well before Trump even announced his candidacy.

If liberals had read my book, it would have saved America the $30 million the Mueller probe wasted, plus the cost of all their therapy. They wouldn’t even have needed to read the latest issue of Rolling Stone, unless they wanted to find out about Mick Jagger’s heart surgery (get well, soon, Mick!)


Originally published at MikeHuckabee.com. Reprinted with permission.

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