Study: Nearly Half of Millennials Don’t Want Monogamy

By Published on October 11, 2016

A new report found nearly half of American millennials don’t want monogamous relationships.

YouGov revealed the research on monogamy and cheating, showing couples under 30 are significantly less monogamous than older generations.

Only 51 percent of people under 30 reported desiring a “completely monogamous” relationship, compared to 58 percent from the 30-44 age bracket, 63 percent from the 45-64 age bracket, and 70 percent from the 65 plus age bracket polled.

There is also a large disparity in monogamy between different racial groups as well.

Blacks and Hispanics across all age groups were significantly less likely to describe their ideal relationship as “completely monogamous.” Compared to 69 percent of whites desiring complete monogamy, just 43 percent of blacks and 35 percent of Hispanics reported desiring monogamy. Additionally, 81 percent of whites claim to be in a totally monogamous relationship, while 50 percent of blacks and 32 percent of Hispanics claim the same.

Reports also show that men and women are cheating at almost equal rates.


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