Stranger than Fiction: Hillary Clinton’s Private Spy Network

By Published on March 31, 2015

Mark Hemingway over at The Weekly Standard has detailed the bombshell Benghazi findings coming out of Hillary’s hacked private email account she used for official state business. It turns out Clinton had an aide running a “secret spy network” feeding her information about Benghazi.

Also, longtime Clinton loyalist Sid Blumenthal, one of the key men behind the spy network, sent her a memo less than three weeks before the attack that “portrays a deteriorating security climate.” He also sent her an email immediately after the attack that said, “Libyan security officials believed an Islamist radical group called the Ansa al Sharia brigade had prepared the attack a month in advance and ‘took advantage of the cover’ provided by the demonstrations against the video.”

As we all know now, Clinton never disclosed this information to the American public, but instead said the day after the attack that it was in retaliation for an anti-Muslim video produced by Americans and released on the Internet.  These emails also reveal that Clinton knew the security was lax but failed to do anything about it.

Hemingway profiles two more of the men who were connected to Hillary’s secret spy network, and the portraits aren’t flattering. Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA chief, appears to have gathered and prepared the reports for Blumenthal. Hemingway writes:

Drumheller briefly became a darling of the left after he told a congressional committee looking into the intelligence used to make the case for the war in Iraq that he knew sources the CIA was relying on regarding WMD in Iraq were flawed. After leaving the agency, Drumheller also wrote a book portraying himself as a doomed hero who tried to warn his CIA superiors that the WMD intelligence was flawed. He was also interviewed by 60 Minutes and served as a source for the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer who emerged as one of the Bush administration’s toughest critics.

Were Drumheller’s claims true? Former CIA director George Tenet, who served under both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, has since written what Hemingway describes as an “exhaustive and damning” expose of Drumheller’s claims. Hemingway observes, “So Hillary Clinton was getting intelligence briefings on the side from someone the former CIA director” went to great lengths to  “single out as untrustworthy.”

A third man connected to Hillary’s spy network is Cody Shearer, a longtime Clinton friend and associate. When Drumheller emailed Blumenthal the Libya report, he asked him not to share it with Shearer. Shearer has a long, sordid history of digging up dirt for the Clintons, a shady figure who probably leaked information about top Republicans to pornographer Larry Flynt. Shearer is still actively engaged in subversive mudslinging, Hemingway writes:

Slate also notes that “it was Shearer who, during the 1992 presidential campaign, introduced the world —through the unlikely medium of Doonesbury  — to Brett Kimberlin. Kimberlin, you may recall, was the convicted bomber, habitual liar and all-around sociopath who claimed to have sold drugs to Dan Quayle. Was Shearer acting on behalf of the legendary Clinton ‘opposition research’ outfit, which had floated damaging rumors during the ’92 primaries about Paul Tsongas’ health and Jerry Brown’s drug use? Or was he just an enthusiastic free-lancer?” In recent years, Kimberlin has been involved in a number of frivolous lawsuits aimed at shutting down conservative blogs.

There are many questions left unanswered. for instance, if these three men were not acting in their official capacities, then who was paying them? Hemingway asks this and more — questions which may be finally answered as Congress investigates.

Read the article at The Weekly Standard

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