Sports Writers Lashed Out at Tony Dungy for Celebrating Christianity. Bad Move

By Published on February 7, 2018

Twitter users berated former NFL coach Tony Dungy for celebrating Christianity on Twitter and got more of a holy smack down than they bargained for.

The Twitter users, including two sports writers, called Dungy out for a tweet congratulating the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday on their Super Bowl win. Quarterback Nick Foles “told me last week that he felt the Lord had him in Philadelphia for a special moment and he played like it tonight,” the tweet said.

Negative response to the tweet sparked a firestorm on Twitter, with sports writers such as The Big Lead’s Kyle Koster and writer Stephanie Stradley, who criticized Dungy for talking about Christianity and the Holy Spirit amid sports analysis. 

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Dungy, who works as an analyst for NBC Sports, did not back down, but instead doubled down on his previous comment Tuesday, saying that Foles’ Christian faith was part of what helped him to be a quality quarterback.

Stradley chimed in with follow-up criticism aimed at Dungy, tweeting: “I’m just not wanting it as a part of football analysis. Humans are not the Holy Spirit.”

Dungy remained steadfast in his position that celebrating Foles’ skill as an athlete and his faith as a Christian was neither wrong, nor outside of his job description, and asserted that there was no basis for casting doubt on whether the Holy Spirit actually spoke to Foles, given the tenets of Christianity.

Stradley deleted her tweet in defeat, but Koster devoted an entire article entitled “Is Tony Analyzing Or Evangelizing When It Comes To Nick Foles?” criticizing Dungy’s public applause for Foles’ Christian faith and urged both NBC and the public to berate Dungy should he do such a thing again.

“Dungy expressing his beliefs on his personal time and platform is one thing. And even if I disagree with him sometimes, I appreciate his candor and willingness to open himself up for criticism. But when his beliefs seep into his analyst role — either unintentionally or otherwise — they should be checked, both by NBC and the public,” Koster wrote Tuesday.

Foles was not the only player to acknowledge faith’s role in football, as Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson and Wide Receiver Zach Ertz both openly thanked God on the field for their Super Bowl victory directly after the game.

“I can only give the praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity,” Pederson said, according to Townhall.


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  • Charles Burge

    It’s about time we start taking these bullies to task. Christians don’t stop being Christians when we do things in public, and we should never have to apologize for that.

  • Patmos

    The wicked flee when none pursueth.

    And apparently the wicked are upset about people talking about faith when no one is even condemning them.

  • Dave Reinwald

    Might be a typo in the title. But, appreciate it very much!

  • handydan

    Everything about or involving sports is beginning to really stink. It has taken Sunday and turned it into Sportsday instead of a day of rest, prayer and reflection to God.

  • Joyce Elaine

    When the Holy Spirit is in us, It doesn’t flee because we’re playing football or doing anything else! Praise God!

  • Tom Graffagnino

    Shame on you there, Tony Dungy.
    Some things now you just can’t say!
    Your “opinion” is unwelcome,
    We just pray you’ll go away.

    Thou shalt NOT offend the viewers
    In our kingdom on the air!
    Keep your thoughts, sir, “in the closet”.
    Keep them off our public square.

    You’ve been flagged, and we’ll be watching
    To make sure you toe the line.
    We’re the Legalists in charge, boy…
    (We don’t cotton to your kind.)

  • Tom Graffagnino

    “But when his beliefs seep into his analyst role — either unintentionally or otherwise — they should be checked, both by NBC and the public,” –Kyle Coster (Tony Dungy’s adversarial critic from the article)

    “….But when his beliefs seep into….” (hmmmm….)

    * * *

    Tony, your “beliefs” aren’t worthy.
    (That’s just MY belief, good friend.)
    Analyzing motivation,
    I believe should be pretend.

    Look, I’ve analyzed your motive…
    I believe you’re just unfit.
    NBC should have you muzzled,
    And “back there”‘s where you should sit.

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