Spokesman for Mexico Archdiocese: UN is World’s Most Active Promoter of Gay and Gender Ideology

Father Hugo Valdemar says the gay agenda originates with the U.S. through its embassies' aggressive gay activism.

By Andrew Parrish Published on October 14, 2016

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Fr. Hugo Valdemar, spokesman for the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico, sharply criticized the U.N. in a Sunday interview with the internal news service of the Mexican Archdiocese. “The U.N. is the great promoter of the gay dictatorship and the ideology of gender in the world,” he said, declaring it “perverse,” “without moral authority” and “an instrument of American colonialism.”

The U.N. lacks any moral authority, according to Fr. Valdemar, in the first place because it is financially involved with the business of sex. “Behind alleged sexual and reproductive rights,” he says, “the U.N. manages a real network of economic interests that have made human sexuality its main market, regardless of the objectification and moral degradation of the person.” The “most nauseating” of these businesses is, of course, the abortion industry, which takes advantage of U.N. infrastructure to deliver contraceptives and abortion propaganda to developing nations. With this background, “it was expected that this corrupt institution would try to condemn the parents of families because currently, along with the Catholic Church, they are the main obstacle to carrying out their plans.”

However, in addition to supporting the sex industry, Fr. Valdemar argued, the U.N.’s partisanship extends to attacks on the Catholic Church and on traditional families. “The Catholic Church and traditional families have suffered a real media lynching,” Fr. Valdemar said. “Who are the haters? Who are the intolerant?” The U.N. supports the organizations CONAPRED and COPRED, which Fr. Valdemar describes as “a kind of Gestapo” that “[censor] any idea dissenting of gay culture, which is shamelessly promoted under the banner of tolerance.” This explicit agenda originates with the United States, which in its embassies’ gay activism commits “gross interventions in the sovereignty of a country.” In its support for such aggressiveness, “the U.N. acts in an outrageously irresponsible and perverse way, making victims of those who have actually been the victimizers.” From all this, Fr. Valdemar states, it is clear that the U.N. is “at the orders” of the gay and gender “dictatorship.”


Originally published at Pewsitter. Republished with permission.

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