Sober Findings From the General Social Survey

By Mike Huckabee Published on April 8, 2019

Sobering findings from the General Social Survey: the percentage of Americans who profess no religious beliefs is now slightly larger than either of the two main traditional religious groups in America.  “No religion” is now at 23.1%, with Catholics at 23% and Evangelicals at 21.6%.  While the atheists are still a small minority compared to all religious beliefs combined, their numbers have been growing ever since the Supreme Court outlawed prayer in schools, setting off an escalating war on religion.

It’s been fought in schools, pop culture, politics, social media and courts, until it’s reached the current level of hostility where activists in league with politicians twist laws to try to persecute people for exercising their First Amendment religious freedom rights and brand traditional religious organizations as “hate groups” for refusing to embrace a “progressive” left agenda.  

The Anti-Religious are Winning Over Young People … and Young People are Losing

Sadly, as the linked story notes, this is a war that the anti-religious forces are winning among young people, and the results speak for themselves.  The increasing cynicism, narcissism, amorality and self-centeredness have been accompanied by a sharp rise in depression diagnoses (up 33% among Millennials and 67% among teenagers since 2013),  use of anti-depressant drugs (up 65% in 15 years until one in six Americans is now on them) and suicide (up 70% among teenagers since 2006.)   

My Faith Votes

Fortunately, at least for now, people of faith still outnumber the enemies of faith, and they do vote in greater numbers.  But they need to be even more motivated, because elections these days aren’t just to pick public servants.  One side has made it clear that they are a referendum on America’s soul and whether we are going to continue to be a land based on Judeo-Christian values and freedom of religion or a nation hostile to the very principles that made it great. 

This is why I’m involved with a terrific nonpartisan group called My Faith Votes, that “motivates, equips and mobilizes Christians in America to take action, transform our communities and influence our nation with biblical truth.”  You can learn more about it here:

Please Support The Stream: Equipping Christians to Think Clearly About the Political, Economic, and Moral Issues of Our Day.

I would like to see every single Christian in America show up for every election.  If we did that and made all our voices heard, people of faith could decide every election and lead this nation. 

You Vote With Your Dollars Too

And remember: you don’t just vote in voting booths.  You also vote with your dollars and consumer choices. You don’t have to support colleges that indoctrinate your kids into atheism and socialism, any more than you have to support products from Hollywood that mock and belittle your beliefs.  On that subject, Unplanned, the movie liberals in Hollywood, the news media and social media are trying hard to keep you from seeing because it tells the unvarnished truth about abortion and Planned Parenthood, is now on nearly 500 more screens.  You can find a showing near you here:


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