Scientists Criticize Stephen Hawking’s ‘Bizarre’ Claim Trump Will Push Earth ‘Over the Brink’

In this Oct. 16, 2016, file photo, British scientist Stephen Hawking attends the launch of The Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) at the University of Cambridge, in Cambridge, eastern England.

By Michael Bastasch Published on July 3, 2017

Climate scientists and policy experts are criticizing famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking for arguing President Donald Trump’s policies would push the Earth “over the brink” towards runaway global warming.

Hawking told told BBC News in a Sunday story that Trump’s recent decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord would doom the Earth.

“We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump’s action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of two hundred and fifty degrees, and raining sulphuric acid,” Hawking said in the interview.

“Climate change is one of the great dangers we face, and it’s one we can prevent if we act now,” Hawking said. “By denying the evidence for climate change, and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald Trump will cause avoidable environmental damage to our beautiful planet, endangering the natural world, for us and our children.”

Climate scientists, even those usually worried about future global warming, pushed back against Hawking’s claims that Earth would become like Venus.

Meteorologist Ryan Maue called Hawking’s statements “bizarre,” and professor and environmental activist Bjorn Lomborg noted how the Paris agreement would only avert 0.2 degrees of projected global warming.

Venus’s atmosphere is 96.5 percent carbon dioxide, which means its climate is extremely hot compared to Earth’s climate. Earth’s atmosphere is only four-hundredths of one percent carbon dioxide.

Venus’s average surface temperature is 864 degrees Fahrenheit, while Earth’s average surface temperature from 1951 and 1980 was 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite the stark differences between Earth and Venus, the United Nations’ top environmental official was happy to push Hawking’s warning that the end was nigh because Trump wanted to leave the Paris agreement.



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  • Tom Graffagnino

    Hawking said. I believe it!
    Yikes!…We’re running out of time.
    Stephen’s now teamed up with Malthus.
    Disbelieving is a crime.

    Did you hear?…”The sky is falling!”
    We’re all doomed as doomed can be.
    Pay your tithes to Chicken Little.
    Don’t be tried for heresy!

  • Ryan

    Relax, according to climate scientists from 3 decades ago, we are already extinct.

    • GLT

      You’re right, didn’t we all dissolve in acid rain as we sat starving to death as we slowly froze in the ice age?

      • Ryan

        Those were tough times, weren’t they?

        • GLT

          They sure were. I still get very hungry every time the temperature starts to drop.

          • Ryan

            That’s when you go out and knock off a polar bear, you get a warm blanket, and, I have been told they are good to eat, food for the winter.
            There is a time coming when the warmers are going to get what they want, A blazing hot sun that will burn one third of the planets vegetation. They think they have problems now, what will they think then? They will know it is the sun that brings the heat regardless of how much money they think it will take to sacrifice to the warming gods bank accounts.
            Maybe then they will learn they can’t control the climate, it has been around much longer than the warmers have.

  • GLT

    I have never understood why people are so enamoured by Stephen Hawking. He is a run-of-the-mill physicist at best, a pop scientist. If he did not have ALS I’m sure most people would not even know who he is. The man is to be admired for his determination in facing such a horrid disease but to hang on his every utterence as though it were the lifeblood of our future is palpable nonsense.

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