SCIENCE: Majority of Kids Stop Feeling Transgender as They Get Older

By Published on January 3, 2018

Scientific studies show a majority of transgender kids stop feeling that way by the time they get older, a clinical psychologist pointed out in a recent op-ed.

James M. Cantor, a Canadian clinical psychologist and sexual behavior scientist, attempted to counter numerous claims from activists who called a BBC documentary “harmful” to transgender children and based on faulty information. The documentary, which was later pulled after protest, portrayed some trans children as having a mental disorder and needing treatment.

Cantor pulled apart two of the activists’ biggest criticisms on the various studies showing that many children who profess to be transgender stop later on in life, arguing that the criticisms were unfounded.

“I am personally of the opinion that the studies’ authors were correct in their original methods, but the numbers indicate that it simply does not matter. Even if the criticisms were valid, the studies’ conclusions would remain the same,” Cantor wrote Saturday.

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The activists were refusing to accept the scientific results in face of almost unanimous conclusions on the subject, Cantor added.

“This is not a matter of scientists disagreeing with one another over relative strengths and weaknesses across a set of conflicting reports,” Cantor wrote. “The disagreement is not even some people advocating for one set of studies with other people advocating for different set of studies: Rather, activists are rejecting the unanimous conclusion of every single study ever conducted on the question in favour of a conclusion supported by not one.”


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  • JP

    Excellent article. This is the kind of material that we need to resist the lbgt propaganda.

  • Kathryn Rose MacDonald

    “The documentary, which was later pulled after protest, portrayed some trans children as having a mental disorder and needing treatment.”

    Um…..well, of course some trans children will have mental issues requiring treatment. Mental issues requiring treatment exist in the general population, therefore they necessarily exist in any sub-set of the general population.

    The agenda pushers are most definitely operating on the principle, “I reject actual reality and substitute my own!”

  • Johan Stavers

    I predict that in 20 years we will see documentaries of people who transitioned and warn others about how it destroyed their lives. These people will also show bitter resentment towards the ‘progressives’ that stood in the way of their treatment and instead encouraged them down the wrong path.

  • I don’t know if you have made the acquaintance of anyone who is transgender, but I have. This morning, one of my “M2F” transgender friends posted the following to her Facebook page, on the first anniversary of her gender reassignment surgery. I have taken the liberty of censoring some of the language:

    One year ago today, I woke up the same way I had every single morning of every single day that had preceded that morning. I woke up with a penis.

    By the end of that day, however, my penis was forever gone.

    In its place was the vagina I always knew I should have had.

    That day – the day that I had always previously believed impossible – is now firmly rooted in my past.

    Remembering back on my excitement, and how completely fixed and whole I felt afterwards, I cannot help but smile in fondness over those memories.

    Even though my new normal isn’t so new anymore, even though it’s basically just how it is now, it’s an incredibly comfortable, validating feeling to know that my body is now 100% congruent with my being.

    Sure, just like so many others within the trans community, life is far from perfect. Far too many members of my own family haven’t talked to me or acknowledged my existence coming up on three years now since I came out, employers haven’t given me a chance, the professional community I existed in before has basically turned its back to me, and an uncomfortably large percentage of the world still thinks I am an abomination of god or some stupid, ignorant s___ like that.

    But whatever.

    Because as unnecessarily hard as the naysayers and haters have made and continue to make my life and the lives of those like me, they can all go f___ themselves.

    The thing is, even though they have yet to admit it to themselves, they lost the battle against me.

    Instead, I won the battle, and I won it decisively.

    My trophy is that I now have what they can never take from me – I have ME. And it’s an amazing feeling, despite the continuing hardships the naysayers continue to pile on.

    Regardless, though, if one cannot be real, if one cannot be authentic, or if one cannot be who they are supposed to be, then what’s the point of life to begin with?

    I mean, life is supposed to be real, right? We are supposed to actually *live* our lives, right? At least, for whatever it’s worth, that’s the way I see it. Although, admittedly, it did take me about four decades to figure that part out, but better late than never, right?

    So make absolutely no mistake about it at all, transition thoroughly and completely cured my gender dysphoria. More than that, transition saved my life.

    Transition has given me a quality of life that I simply did not believe was even possible.

    Transition changed the whole godd___ed ball game for me.

    That I have done this, I no longer hate myself or feel wrong in my own skin. I instead love myself, and I *feel* right in a way that I never thought could be possible before.

    To be sure about things, having transitioned is second only to becoming a parent as the single best thing I have ever done for myself in life.

    In this regard, to those who deny the medical and scientific efficacy of transition as a viable treatment for severe gender dysphoria, those bastards have no f___ing clue whatsoever about what they’re talking about.

    Whether a god or random genetics or mutant DNA or an alien abducted me and implanted crazy s___ in my brain, I couldn’t care less at this point. Because all I know is that I’m now real, that I’m now cured, that I’m now who I’m supposed to be, and that there ain’t nothing no one can do to take any of that away from me anymore.

    And that’s a pretty damn cool and liberating feeling, let me tell ya.

    Still, it’s kinda hard to believe that a whole year has passed since my SRS.


    Sometimes you just gotta absolutely love the complete and total f___ out of life.

    I am passing on this declaration for the sake of perspective. I imagine some will simply dismiss it, saying, “This person is just sick sick sick!”

    I am hoping others will offer a more thoughtful and diplomatic response.

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