Running Against the Economy? Lots of Luck With That!

By Mike Huckabee Published on May 6, 2019

Listening to the Democratic leadership these days, I keep finding myself torn between anger at their refusal to act like adults and put the good of Americans before their party and pity that they have allowed mindless partisanship to reduce them to the point that they’ve become nearly incoherent. 

Usually, the feelings of pity and sympathy go away when they express their frustration in such nasty and obnoxious ways, such as their embarrassing and juvenile antics and slanderous commentary directed at Attorney General Barr for doing his job. Or their attempt to change the law and the facts to fit the pictures inside their heads over his summary of a report that has already been released in full (aside from minor redactions.) 

I haven’t seen anyone throw a bigger fit over a smaller complaint since the last time I was in WalMart and saw a four-year-old throw a screaming tantrum because his mom wouldn’t buy him a candy bar. 

And now, as we kick off the week, the poor Democrats once again find themselves frustrated and furious at the fates for not arranging reality to fit their preferred narrative.  This time, it’s over the Trump economy, which is blazing hotter than a badly-managed California forest fire. 

Unemployment has plummeted to 3.6 percent, the lowest since 1969 (Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low, and unemployment for women is the lowest since 1953).  Job creation is vastly outstripping economists’ predictions, and manufacturing jobs are back.  Small businesses are having trouble filling job openings.  After years of stagnation, wages are rising, with average hourly wages reaching $27.77 in April (the Democrats’ big promise is to use government coercion to get you $15 an hour.) And the lower-paid working poor are benefiting the most

How Can the Democrats Run Against That?

How can the Democrats possibly run against that?  They tried claiming that the boom is entirely holdover momentum from Obama, but we all lived through Obama’s economy.  Giving him credit for the boom that took off the minute employers knew his policies would not continue (Trump measures his job numbers from Election Day forward for good reason) is like an anchor taking credit for keeping the boat afloat.   

Faced with the best economy in over half a century, how can Democrats convince Americans to put their party of failed policies back in charge? Their one hope is to use their 93% support from the media to try to convince people not to believe their lyin’ eyes or their larger paychecks because the economy really stinks.

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There is some precedent for thinking this could work. In 1992, the media helped sell the idea that America had the worst economy ever and only Bill Clinton could save us, when we’d actually just had a mild recession that was over before the campaign started. And their badmouthing of the GOP tax cut worked so well that only 17% of Americans think they got a tax cut, even though 8 out of 10 actually did.  

At the link, you can read the desperate reactions to Friday’s stunning new economic numbers from Nancy Pelosi (who grudgingly described the fantastic news as “promising”) and other top Democrats. They’re spinning like broken records to try to convince us that 3.6% unemployment just isn’t good enough, and things will only really improve if they’re put back in charge. 

Never mind that when they were last in charge a scant three years ago, they were telling us that 2 percent GDP growth was the “new normal,” manufacturing jobs were never coming back, and it would take a magic wand to negotiate any better trade deals than we were stuck with. 

I Can’t Pity Them

So how can they convince voters that the Trump economy stinks? Claim that it’s causing mental stress because Americans have too many jobs to choose from? That all those ads for workers discriminate against “those who choose not to work”?  That capitalism is evil, so Trump is trying to stuff evil in your wallet?

I can’t bring myself pity them for having to run against the Trump economy, but I can sympathize with how tough it’s going to be to misrepresent it to people who are experiencing it firsthand. In fact, I found this video that I think probably resembles a high-level Democratic meeting to come up with ways to run against all the terrible things Trump has done to America…


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