Last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., properly called out the Democrats for the “chaos” their sit-in on gun control caused in the House. But this week, he is effectively rewarding what he called their “stunt” by proposing a vote on a gun control bill instead of focusing on how Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen slipped through the FBI’s grasp so that we can better protect Americans in the future.

The Homeland Safety and Security Act, H.R. 5611, capitulates to the left by making the debate about gun control and does nothing to tackle the underlying danger that Islamist extremism poses here in the United States. It takes no steps to solve the threat posed to the United States by Islamists across the globe. It creates a new, unelected, unaccountable assistant secretary appointed by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who has proven himself to be willfully blind to the threat posed by radical Islamist terrorism.

Just last week former Homeland Security officer Philip Haney testified that the agency eliminated more than 850 records it had that linked to the Muslim Brotherhood because the Obama administration was cooperating with the terrorist organization on counterterrorism. Why does the Republican-controlled House want to spend at least $30 million over five years on a catastrophic department that empowers Obama’s failed strategy of ignoring the true threat posed by jihadis?

Instead of taking steps to prevent another Orlando terrorist attack, this bill creates epic legal precedent by allowing the federal government to restrict rights secured in our Constitution based on what the government predicts someone will do in the future.