The Real Story About ‘The Squad’

The four congresswomen, known as "The Squad." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, top left; Ilhan Omar, top right; Ayanna Pressley, bottom left; and Rashida Tlaib, bottom right.

By Mike Huckabee Published on July 17, 2019

Back in mid-March, I featured a commentary about a video presentation called “The Brains Behind AOC,” about the sudden rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thanks to a radical leftist group called Justice Democrats (JD). It showed that she had been recruited by that organization through an “audition” of sorts to track down — from a field of about 10,000 — the most engaging face of radical leftism they could find.

JD had other candidates in its stable as well, some of whom had already won primaries in their heavily-Democrat districts and, of course, had gone on to be elected. (As Nancy Pelosi has said, there are districts in which a glass of water with a “D” next to its name could get elected). Others were being groomed to mount primary challenges in 2020 against relatively moderate Democrats.

When “The Squad” of four far-left congresswomen went before cameras on Monday, spouting vague pronouncements of racism and xenophobia and outright lies about border facilities, ICE and President Trump, it occurred to me: These four individuals have something huge in common. They were all backed by the same socialist organization, Justice Democrats.

Just to double-check, I went to their website and, sure enough, at the very top of their home page is a graphic featuring images of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the 14th District of New York, Ayanna Pressley of the 7th District of Massachusetts, Rashida Tlaib of the 13th District of Michigan, and (last but not least) Ilhan Omar of the 5th District of Minnesota. “The Squad.”

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In a section called “Our Incumbents,” they’re listed along with a few others who have also made it into Congress: Raul Grijalva of the 3rd District of Arizona (who, they say, has “served in Congress for over a decade fighting for Medicare for all, a $15/hour living wage, free college, taking on mass incarceration, and making sure Wall Street, large corporations and the billionaire class pay their fair share”), Ro Khanna of the 17th District of California, and Pramila Jayapal of the 7th District of Washington. They also list five new candidates; most are mounting primary challenges against congressional Democrats. One is trying to take down Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

Anyway, these people are all backed by Justice Democrats, and we at Team Huckabee found it very interesting that the four women dubbed “the Squad” and moving to essentially take over Congress and be its voice happen to be the most high-profile members of that radical group. Even a look at several conservative sites found that this connection is not generally being made.

This insistent and extremely organized movement, if given half a chance, will flatten its opposition like a steamroller.

The press conference almost certainly was conceived and organized by Justice Democrats — I’ll bet they even came up with the name “The Squad” — as they keep pushing, pushing, pushing their false narrative that anyone who leans to the right of Karl Marx or who dares to oppose someone who happens to be “of color” is driven by white supremacy and jingoism — as they themselves are driven by identity politics (which is racist), are openly racist towards whites (especially Jews) and decline to condemn terrorists and communism. This insistent and extremely organized movement, if given half a chance, will flatten its opposition like a tank in Tiananmen Square.

Of course, CNN has bought in to their message and gladly helps them proclaim it, as well as misrepresent what Trump actually said. In a glowing profile called “Here are the 4 congresswomen known as ‘The Squad’ targeted by Trump’s racist tweets” (yes, that actually is the headline), they do briefly mention Justice Democrats: “Omar ran with the support of the Justice Democrats, the same social justice group that helped bring Ocasio-Cortez into politics…” But they don’t go into any detail about JD and fail to make the connection between all four members of “The Squad” and this radical organization.


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