A Question for Leftists and Progressives: Is This What You Mean by ‘Equality’?

Is this really the kind of world that you want?

By Michael Brown Published on April 16, 2017

I did not intend to write about this story, but when I saw a picture of the teenager in question, I had to. He is 15-years-old, clearly a biological male. Look at his picture for yourself, mustache and all. As Joy Pullman notes on The Federalist, he has “not taken drugs nor undergone surgery to mimic femininity.” Yet he was allowed to compete against girls in a recent sporting event, and to no one’s surprise, he won — quite handily, at that. Is this what is meant by “equality”?

In recent weeks, we’ve read about a female high-school wrestler who identifies as male and who has been taking testosterone to prepare to “transition” to male. Unsurprisingly, she defeated the other girls, all of whom are not taking testosterone.

We also read about a male weightlifter who now identifies as female. Unsurprisingly, he defeated the women he competed against, setting a new record along the way.

Other examples could be supplied as well, since this is becoming more and more common.

How is This Fair?

How is this fair? How can progressives and liberals and leftists and LGBT activists and their allies think this is right? And do the feminists of the world really want to engage in head-to-head athletic competition with their male peers?

If this was done in the world of professional sports, there would not be a single woman winning, let alone playing at the elite, highest levels.

Today, common sense is in danger of extinction, and concepts like fairness and equality are turned upside down.

Not one female basketball player would earn a berth in the NBA. Not one female athlete would make it to the Olympics — in swimming or rowing or weightlifting or skiing or running or jumping or hurdling or boxing. Not one.

Men would dominate in every event, and women would be relegated to cheerleading.

That’s why we have men’s sports and women’s sports, men’s world records and women’s world records. And that why we celebrate the accomplishments of female athletes as females rather than comparing them to males.

There is nothing sexist about this. There is nothing hateful about this. There is nothing condescending about this. This is a matter of fairness, equality and common sense.

At least it should be. Today, common sense is in danger of extinction, and concepts like fairness and equality are turned upside down.

Beat by a Boy

The 15-year-old in question goes by the name of Andraya Yearwood, and as the Hartford Courant reported, Andraya’s first event with female peers was a cause for celebration:

With family, friends and teammates cheering her on at her first high school track meet, Andraya won the girls 100- and 200-meter dashes, and helped her 4×100-meter relay team take second place.

What did this look like in person? One picture says it all, as Andraya leaves the other girls behind, girls who trained so hard for these events, only to be beaten by a boy. And I mean beaten decisively.

But Andraya’s mother had a response to anyone would protest the event:

I know they’ll say it is unfair and not right, but my counter to that is: Why not? She is competing and practicing and giving her all and performing and excelling based on her skills. Let that be enough. Let her do that, and be proud of that.

What kind of logic is that? Because this 15-year-old biological male is competing and practicing and giving his all, that makes it fair and right for him to compete with his female peers? No matter what these other girls do, no matter how hard they try, no matter how much they push themselves, they will not be able to keep up with an equally devoted male peer. How is this fair and right to them?

Athletic events are conducted in the body, regardless of how the person inside that body identifies.

Andraya’s father is also supportive, saying that his son is competing just where he should be competing, also explaining that you are born into a particular body but you grow into being a particular person.

But athletic events are conducted in the body, regardless of how the person inside that body identifies. Yet when people ask Mr. Yearwood, “Why is your daughter running with the girls?”, his response is, “Because she’s my daughter, much like the reason your daughter is running with girls.”

Not Like the Other Girls

With all respect to the Yearwood family, and with understanding that for them, this was a matter of life and death for their child, what Mr. Yearwood is saying is patently false. His child is not running with the other girls the same way the other daughters are running, just like his child does not have to deal with monthly periods or female hormonal changes, since Andraya is not like the other girls.

“But,” you ask, “what about Andraya? What if Andraya has gender dysphoria? What if identifying as female will save her life?”

That is between Andraya and his family and the Lord. But Andraya’s personal struggles cannot be imposed on everyone else, meaning, as a biological male, he has no business competing with other girls, or, for that matter, sharing their locker rooms and shower stalls. That is not the meaning of equality.

Even according to activist ideology, gender is a social construct but sex is biological. And when it comes to male and female athletic competition, we divide based on biological sex.

The Inevitable Trajectory of LBGT Activism

In the end, this is just one more example of why I believe LGBT activism will ultimately defeat itself.

You cannot wage a winning war against gender distinctions any more than you can redefine marriage while preserving its integrity. As expressed by Joy Pullmann,

It’s a pretty sure bet Americans did not expect tolerance for two consenting adults doing whatever behind closed doors to become a spearhead for forcing naked boys to shower next to naked girls and make girls second-class players on their own fields.


And so, I appeal to progressivists, leftists, feminists, and LGBT allies and their allies, along with all those who cherish fairness, equality, and justice. Look carefully at the trajectory of your activism, and ask yourself: Is this really the kind of world that you want?

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  • Gary

    Making appeals to sodomites is not going to work. If they were reasonable people, you wouldn’t have to appeal to them. What will work is to have the girls who want to be boys come out for the football team. And have the girls refuse to compete against a boy who wants to pretend to be a girl. Or, let the boys beat the hell out of the boys who want to pretend to be girls.

    • James60498 .

      I agree. Appealing to them is a TOTAL waste of time.

      They are incredibly stupid and have NO understanding of where they are “leading” us.

      • Autrey Windle

        They are far from stupid and they know exactly what they do. It is the devil’s agenda in lemmings lockstep.

  • twonotone

    Sin cannot bear its own weight. Collegiate sports will not bear the weight of lost interest and revenue if this is allowed in the NCAA. Same for professional sports. The legalization or legitimization of mental illness is the sign of a crumbled society.

    • Cleanthes

      At this point, there is little left of collegiate athletics that is not sin at some level.

      I say professionalize the lot of them, bring on the trannies, and let things fall as they may. And fall they will.

  • meamsane

    Good Questions! But they will fall on deaf ears! These people want what they want and don’t care about how they get it! The end justifies the means. This is what I take from such Ideologies. EQUALITY to a leftist is an outcome, not an opportunity! An outcome by government decree, an outcome also contrary to reality and Irrational as is the case of Homo-sexual “Marriage” and transgenderism! The Irrationality would also apply to the courts and politicians going along with this!

  • Jersey McJones

    No, this is not what progressives and liberals would hold up as examples of “equality.” A good argument for Title IX, perhaps, but also just anecdotal little paradoxes. Equality, as progressives and liberals see it, is a matter of rights and opportunities, not of outcomes. It is the fundamental misunderstanding of “equality” that unfortunately makes conservatives look a little sleazy and stupid.


    • Charles Burge

      I wonder if you could elaborate on that, because to insist on maintaining the dignity and safety of women and girls doesn’t strike me as the least bit sleazy or stupid. What you call “anecdotes” are, in every case, a real woman or a girl who was made to feel uncomfortable and/or unsafe in a place that society had specifically set aside for her safety and comfort.

      As I see it, the end game of the LGBT movement all along has been to erase the distinction between male and female. That, by definition, is anti-woman.

    • Patmos

      “Equality, as progressives and liberals see it, is a matter of rights and opportunities, not of outcomes.”

      Sexual perversion and sexual confusion have literally nothing to do with creator given rights as outlined by the founding fathers of this country. What The LGBT Movement is doing is trying to get everyone else to accept their twisted view of the world, and make their delusional reality the reality for everyone.

      Progressives have turned self governance, that is leaving the ability and responsibility to discern right and wrong up to the individual, into a form of tyranny where they tell you what is right and wrong and govern you for you. It is the exact thing that spawned the American Revolution. Worst part about it is that progressives have even removed right and wrong and replaced it with desire and lust, with the end result being a mindless and endless feeding, and the only time they step out of that realm is to declare their “right” to do so when someone points this out to them.

      • MathairAlainn

        Right on!

      • cubedreamer

        I’m in favor of fairness for girls and women, not bigotry by people who hate human sexuality.

    • Paul

      Liberal ‘equality’ is indeed about outcomes, they are obsessed with equalizing the outcomes. Just look at liberals taxing policy, those with more money are supposed to be punished, especially those who inherit it or earn interest, so that those with less regardless of why they have less can have it ‘spread around a little’ or a lot as the actual numbers show. Outcomes are the litmus of inequality. If women as a whole are paid less than men there is an equality problem. If there are more men than women in certain jobs there is an equality problem. Same with every liberal special interest, be it based on sex, ethnicity, nationality, skin shade, economic status, geography, religious belief or physical or mental condition (all the various LGBTQ nonsense falls in the last category). If there are fewer dark skinned illegal immigrant cross dressing high school dropout atheists from the inner city working as CEOs as compared to light skinned protestant male citizens from the burbs with college degrees then there is an equality problem to liberals. It’s always about outcomes.

      • Jack Spratlen

        Liberal ‘equality’ is indeed about outcomes. Agree with this statement 1000%. Equality is that every one starts equal – But every one is not the same and that is why you have different outcomes.

  • Chi @Oh_that_chick

    I think that any objection to this young male competing in the girls event by a female would of had a hostile response and she possibly may of been scared by the backlash and bullying. The intolerance of the illiberal, left has no end and the deranged situation which has resulted in this is utter madness is concerning. Body dysmorphia is a serious mental disease and one that the school system seems keen to support for some reason.

  • retnavhmc

    Problem is, I know an entire family who’d say it is without batting an eye… For as long as it don’t directly affect them. There is no common sense thought logic, no ability to see a “big picture”. Only touchy feely ideals. But they’ll never “get it”; “fairness” being the same as “rights”. For to make something “fair” for one, it must be made “unfair” to another – to grant one cliche thier “rights”, another cliches “rights” must be infringed… Like my mother having always said my paternal grandmother was a stubborn old lady, and now at 74 she stubbornly argues that she has not became her, despite same.

  • MathairAlainn

    Excellent article!

  • Jack Spratlen

    At this point we should do away with Title X. No more gender specific sports teams. All genders come together in one team.

    • Michael Gore

      You do realize that in the end, this would effectively get rid of women in sports. Why would a high-school basketball team field any females on their team unless they were exceptionally talented, as the natural physical abilities of a teenage boy would outpace them in almost all areas. Unless there was mandatory ratios of girls to boys on a team, it would merely mean that women would be relegated to mostly mandated dead weight on a men’s team… horrible idea.

      • Jack Spratlen

        Did not say it was a good idea. I said “At this point” when the left wants to do away with gender specific male and female then how can you have gender specific sports or any other activity that is based on gender.

        • Michael Gore

          Point taken, I would have to agree. But then again Leftists are not typically known for consistency in their worldview.

  • Donald Balint

    Check out the Women’s 800 M final at Rio 2016. Real women couldn’t compete with the winner. What a shame.

  • cubedreamer

    I am a lefty liberal lesbian feminist. I in no way think this is fair or right. I’m also a former athlete and this makes me boiling mad on behalf of female athletes.

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