Pence Talks Tough on North Korea, Says ‘Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel’

"The era of strategic patience is over."

FILE - In this Jan. 3, 2018, file photo, Vice President Mike Pence waves as he walks on Capitol Hill in Washington.

By Published on January 11, 2018

Vice President Mike Pence had some strong words for North Korea Wednesday on Fox News’ The Story with Martha MacCallum, and said the time for “strategic patience is over.”

“The message the president sent me to deliver a year ago is the same I will deliver when I arrive in Korea again, and when I visit Japan again, and that is that the era of strategic patience is over,” Pence said.

He believes the policies towards North Korea over the last two decades have only resulted in a dangerous dictatorship, that threatens the safety and security of the United States.

“For literally two decades one administration after the other has exercised a level of patience and negations that have resulted in the dictatorship in North Korea, developing ballistic and nuclear missiles, that may well threaten the United States of America as we speak,” he said. “That is unacceptable.”

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Pence said America stands with South Korea and will continue to put pressure on Kim Jong-un until he discontinues the rogue nation’s nuclear weapons program.

“We will continue to bring maximum economic and diplomatic pressure to bear until North abandons it’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs,” he continued.

Pence also said he will meet with the Jordanian and Egyptian leaders during his Middle East trip late this month and reaffirmed President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Trump would support a two state solution between Israel and Palestine if the two parties were able to come to an agreement, he added.

“The president recommitted the United States to engagement in the peace process,” Pence said. “We remain committed to peace, but what the president did in that decision and in making it a reality — was he essentially took off of the table, an issue that really wasn’t negotiable to this administration or to the American people.”

“Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,” the Vice President added. “We have affirmed the will of the American people.”


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  • AdamBGraham

    What a sad state of affairs US foreign policy is in. The entire diplomatic establishment lacks the background in history to understand that North Korea only has a nuclear weapons program BECAUSE OF economic and diplomatic pressure. And the evangelical and conservative dedication to an incorrect and aberrant view of Israel does not represent the “will of the people” nor Christianity. Lord help us.

    • tether

      What is incorrect about Israel as a nation who has the right to keep their land and decide what city to make their Capitol?
      Palestine was never a nation and has no right to take away Israel’s land.
      Israel was a nation, then was not, and then just like the Bible said it would it became a nation again.

      • AdamBGraham

        I think you may be mistaken as to exactly what, if anything, Trump did by agreeing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol. It has nothing to do with them deciding what city to make their capitol, though that action is dubious considering they agreed to share it decades ago. It only has to do with diplomatic recognition.

        “Palestine was never a nation…” — What possible difference does that make? Land does not belong to political entities. It belongs to individuals. And individuals were removed from land unjustly, if that’s an argument one actually wants to run.

        Your eschatology is simply misinformed just like VP Pence. Dispensationalism is a heretical myth. Israel and the Jewish people lost any claim to their covenant promise when they failed to uphold their end of the bargain. There was no prophecy fulfilled in 1948, at least not of the sort that Scofield might recognize. The state of Israel is not some city on a hill amidst bloodthirsty savages. To believe these things puts us on the wrong side of Scripture and the wrong side of diplomacy as it has been for the past hundred years.

        • tether

          Actually there is nothing wrong with my eschatology.
          And in supporting Israel we are on the right side.
          What other nation on earth is restricted as to where within their land they make their capitol?
          You can deny it all you want but the Bible told us Israel would return to its land and become a nation.
          It also told us it would prosper and it has.

          • AdamBGraham

            A dispensational, premillennial, and futurist eschatology is an unorthodox and scripturally unnecessary and unsound eschatology. It is chronologically new in the church, only emerging within the past 150 years and was made popular not by thorough study of the Word but by sickly pastors and fiction writers.

            Your view of the modern state of Israel is, I’m sure, limited to what you’ve been told or impressions you’ve gotten by otherwise biased and limited sources. I certainly do not choose to align myself with a state that used colonial and international powers to unilaterally gift themselves others’ property, expelling peaceful property owners while using terrorism themselves to expel those who disagreed with their methods.

            As I already explained above, recognition of a capitol and embassy location is not the same as determining the location themselves. But we both know that is not the motivation here. The motivation and ideology is that Israel alone owns Jerusalem as its capitol, not that it shares it with Palestine, which is detrimental to any peace process and motivated by faulty theology.

            Israel has returned to its land and been prosperous…in the past…when the prophecy was already fulfilled. I recommend you study preterism for a more academically rigorous understanding of prophetic and apocalyptic literature. I hardly think that a group of largely secular, non-practicing Jews who reject Christ, the true Israel, and utterly reject sojourners in their land line up with any prophecy I’m familiar with but if you happen to know chapter and verse for where you honestly think this is laid out and fulfilled, please be my guest.

          • tether

            First off, I never said or implied President Trump fulfilled any prophetic statements from the Bible.
            Why do you assume to know how or where I my beliefs are fostered from?
            The nation of Israel was born in a day just as Isaiah said it would be.
            You can twist scriptures and interpret them all you want but in the end it won’t matter

          • AdamBGraham

            I didn’t imply any such thing either, so I’m not sure where you read that from?

            I cannot share links on Disqus but if I could I would share some pertinent posts from Adam Maarschalk’s blog regarding the notion of prophetic fulfillment for Israel. The idea that a nation-state that was fifty years in the making founded by non-practicing Jews who reject Christ, who then chose to ethnically cleanse the land for their own benefit, who chose former terrorist leaders as their prime ministers, doesn’t sound to me like anything Isaiah or Matthew would have had in mind. But believe me, it is not I nor any other anti-Zionist I know of that has a history of twisting scripture.

            But you can have the last word, if you like.

          • tether

            The non-practicing Jews who reject Christ are exactly what one should expect of Israel until God open’s their eyes and softens their hearts. Something that we might happen in the next decade or two. But then again that depends on how accurately we are interpreting the scriptures.
            And do tell how you would expect israel to get their land back after all it was theirs before it was taken from them, now they have taken it back.
            And yes before they had it the first time it belonged to other people from whom God took it and gave to them.
            Just as He did this time as well. And yes they have lost and recovered it before, I am not denying that.

    • Jim Walker

      NK will continue their nuclear program with or without any economic or diplomatic pressure. The billions $ of aid given

      • AdamBGraham

        Hey, did your comment get cut off on the site? I think I got a full text for it in an email notification but it does not show up properly for me, or presumably for others, in the thread here.

        • Jim Walker

          I edited my reply…

          • AdamBGraham

            Ahh, gotcha. Thank you for your viewpoint but the historic data would contradict your claim. Most often, escalations in the Kim nuclear programs have been in response to South Korean and/or US actions. They do not get reported on but if you go looking, you will find them. There have been numerous opportunities in the past twenty years for diplomacy to stem off these programs but those never panned out, usually because of the US breaking deadlines or promises or otherwise continuing to demonize them in an effort to sabotage any such deal. As well, Kim has numerous examples over the past couple of decades in Iraq, Libya, etc. of what happens to leaders who oppose US control of global politics and give up their deterrent weapons.

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