Peaceful Pro-Lifers Get Persecuted as They Work Even Harder for Life in the Womb

By Students for Life of America Published on November 17, 2021

As the country’s abortion culture continues to heat up, pro-life advocates are being egged, being told to get vasectomies, and being verbally assaulted over peaceful pro-life displays. With the Dobbs v. Jackson case right around the corner on December 1, the abortion battleground is hot.

Pro-lifers are feeling the flames. However, even as persecution against the pro-life movement ramps up, the Pro-Life Generation is still fighting boldly for the preborn, saving babies, and calling out hypocritical organizations and bullies.

Peaceful Pro-Life Advocates Get Egged

An SFLA staffer was peacefully praying and witnessing on the sidewalk outside of an abortion facility in Indianapolis. That’s when she and other pro-lifers were verbally assaulted by a triggered woman passing by in a car. Not to merely curse them out and flip them off, the pro-abortion woman drove back a second time to throw a raw egg at them.

A grown woman. Who took time out of her day to drive past this facility a second time and throw an egg at young girls. This incident shows just how angry pro-abortion supporters are that the Pro-Life Generation is on the brink of reversing Roe v. Wade.

Male Pro-Lifers Told to “Get a Vasectomy”

At the University of San Diego, one of SFLA president Kristan Hawkins’ tour stops, pro-abortion protesters gathered in a group of around 100 people. Even though their event had been approved by the school as a “silent protest,” the pro-abortion protesters were very vocal.

They started insulting Hawkins, chanting, yelling, and screaming. When the protesters saw male pro-life advocates, they began to chant, “Get a vasectomy, get a vasectomy!” Watch the video through the link to hear the chant.

Pro-Lifer Called a “Little B*tch” for Display at Catholic School

At yet another Catholic school, pro-life students were verbally assaulted by pro-abortion students as their displays were wrecked. Pro-abortion students at Saint Louis University stomped all over a display of flags arranged in the shape of a cross as a sober — and peaceful — memorial to aborted children. While doing so, the triggered students also told a pro-life student that he was “a little b*tch” and that he “could go to hell.”

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After desecrating the memorial, pro-abortion students also made irreverent signs and put them up at the memorial. Watch the video through the link to see the pro-abortion students ruin the display and accost the pro-life students.

Pro-Lifers Save a Baby Outside an Abortion Facility

While praying and offering sidewalk counseling at a Planned Parenthood facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, SFLA staffers got to witness a child saved from the clutches of the abortion industry. They prayed with and testified to the mom. After she chose life for her baby, she got help at a pregnancy resource center, linked to all the resources she would need for her child.

Getting to witness the fruit of the pro-life mission in situations such as this is a powerful reminder of why pro-lifers must not back down.

Pro-Life Advocate Toni McFadden Calls Out NAACP for Being Hypocritical

Remember how the NAACP president wrote a letter to athletes, telling them not to work with teams from Texas because of the state’s historic Heartbeat Law? Well, pro-life advocate Toni McFadden spoke up and called them out.

According to Toni, who is a proudly pro-life, Black woman, the NAACP does not care about all lives because they do not care about lives in the womb. Watch the video through the link to hear Toni take down the NAACP.


Students for Life of America (SFLA) and Students for Life Action (SFLAction) make up the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization and a political policy operation working to end abortion.

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