The Old Lady, the Devil, and Donald Trump

Let’s not be so focused on the latest sensational news that we miss what’s happening behind the scenes.

U.S. President Donald Trump waits on the arrival of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House May 16, 2017 in Washington, DC.

By Michael Brown Published on August 2, 2017

Whenever I write an article on Donald Trump, I’m sure to get a flood of responses asking me, “So, when are you going to admit you were wrong about him?”

This, however, means two very different things, depending on who is asking the question. For one group, it means, “Are you going to admit that you were wrong not to see him as God’s man for the job?” For the other group, it means the exact opposite: “Are you going to admit that you are wrong to see him as God’s man for the job?”

To be clear, then, I’m neither a defender nor an accuser of our president. I’m neither his champion nor his critic. My goal is to be objective and redemptive, analyzing everything through the lens of Scripture, and doing my best to understand what God is doing in our chaotic world.

With that goal in view, let me tell you a story about a saintly old woman, totally destitute and dependent on her Lord. How this applies to President Trump should be apparent.

‘God Sent It’

As the story goes, this woman was out of money, had no credit, and nothing eat in her little house. So she cried out to God in prayer, “Lord, You know that I trust you, and You know that I love you, but I need a miracle now! I’m going to take a walk into town, and when I come back, I’m believing there will be groceries sitting right here on my kitchen table.”

With that, she got up and left for her walk, trudging her way into town.

It happened to be summer time, and this old woman kept the windows open to create a small breeze. Little did she know that a teenage boy from her neighborhood, an irreligious prankster, was standing outside her house and heard every word she prayed.

The boy shouted, “Lady, God didn’t bring you that food. I did!”

She replied, “I don’t care if the devil brought. God sent it!”

He decided that this was a perfect opportunity to make fun of this old woman’s faith. So he rode into town on his bike, bought a few bags of groceries, hurried back to her house, and climbed in through one of the open windows. Then he neatly placed the groceries on her kitchen table and waited outside to watch her response.

A few minutes later, the old lady returned home. To her joyful shock, just as she prayed, there were bags of groceries on her table. God had worked a miracle!

With tears in her eyes, she began to thank Him, almost shouting as she prayed: “Lord, You are so faithful! You never let me down! You didn’t let me go hungry! Thank You so much for sending me this food!”

The moment she stopped praying, the boy outside shouted back to her through the window, “Lady, God didn’t bring you that food. I did!”

She replied, “I don’t care if the devil brought. God sent it!”

I trust you get the point.

Victories for Conservatives

If you’re a pro-family, pro-life, pro-Israel conservative like me, you have to be pleased with some of the things President Trump has done, even if you don’t like his method.

 Not only did he appoint Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He has nominated other fine justices, similar in pedigree to Gorsuch, for district and appeals court appointments. This alone is a big deal.

The president continues to work towards defunding Planned Parenthood, in total contrast with what Hillary Clinton would have done.

Through Attorney General Sessions, the president did not continue President Obama’s radical transgender policy in our children’s schools. And just last week, the Department of Justice filed a friend of the court brief that has LGBT activists up in arms.

Whether you see President Trump as the devil or an angel or a mixture of the two, it seems clear that God is sending many answers to prayer through him.

“Trump has given all of his anti-LGBTQ lieutenants ― from Betsy DeVos and Tom Price to Ben Carson and Mike Pence ― free rein to assault LGBTQ rights,” complained one critic, “and, just as profoundly, he has listened to their counsel on the issue. That’s why we’ve seen protections for transgender and gay students threatened, elimination of data collection on LGBTQ seniors and a devastating attack, via Twitter, on transgender people serving in the military.”

Of course, I would frame these decisions in positive terms, unlike LGBT activists. But their attacks on the president only underscore the extent that he has followed a conservative family agenda. And did anyone notice that, after eight years of gay pride from the White House in June, there was a very conspicuous silence this past June?

Trump has also showed much stronger support for Israel than his predecessor. Reports say that he rebuked Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to his face, allegedly yelling at him, “You tricked me in DC!”

Answers to Prayer

Now, you might say to me, “You still don’t get it. Trump doesn’t give a flip about any of these issues. He’s a con man playing to his base, and when he’s done with them, he’ll spit them out and move on to whoever suits his purposes best. He can’t be trusted! The guy doesn’t have a moral bone in his body.”

That’s why I shared the story of the old woman. Whether the devil brought the groceries or whether an angel brought them, God sent them.

In the same way, whether you see President Trump as the devil or an angel or a mixture of the two, clearly God is sending many answers to prayer through him. Shouldn’t we be glad for this? And even if we feel he’s doing damage in other ways, can’t we be thankful for these major, positive strides?

Let’s not be so focused on the latest sensational news that we miss some of what’s happening behind the scenes. And, to repeat, I write this neither to defend the president nor to accuse him.

I’m just making some observations, as objectively as I can.

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  • Jim

    As usual, right on the money. Thank you.

  • Linda

    Yada yada yada. True believers in the GOP who are responsible for nominating him over 16 other better candidates should be repenting, not crowing. God could answer these prayers through a moral, intelligent replacement president.

    • Inheritor88

      Linda, do you think the other 16 had a “hope in hell” of beating the “devils” choice?

      • Linda

        We will never know now, but God is on the throne and some of the other 16 were dynamic believers and He certainly would have heard their prayers and we could have had a Godly person in the White House today. The GOP did not have faith in God when they nominated this president. He has so divided the American church, and damaged the name of Christ, it’s not even funny.

        • Hmmm…

          The GOP did not elect this president, the people of the country did. The GOP would have been in reprehension with severe, maybe legal, consequences had they not followed through with the nomination.
          Maybe you have more to learn about God’s ways and means and the play-out from the other, more politically trained candidates. Is it God’s will for you to keep thrashing around about this, or maybe something more constructive at this juncture?

          • Deedee

            Hmmm…I so agree with the points you make…how can we, as Disciples of Christ question what GOD has done or who he has chosen to place in the White House? Linda…where is your faith in GOD sister? GOD does not make mistakes. I was praying for a different candidate to win the presidency…but who am I to question my King’s choice? We should all be UNITING and praying for the one GOD chose…

          • Linda

            God doesn’t make mistakes but people do. I have faith in God, but no faith in the cult of Donald Trump. We are not puppets and when Gods people reject Him, they make mistakes and suffer the consequences of their poor choices. That is what has happened in the USA.

          • Deedee

            The problem is the USA began way before Trump came into office Linda. We are going to have to leave it at this because we do not agree at all on this. Do you really not think GOD has the power to place who He wants in the position, and keep Who He doesn’t want in there out regardless of what the people want? I do know one thing for sure…we will all know the truth some day…and the only thing that truly matters is that we love GOD and love each other…”they” will know we are His by the live we have for one another…UNITY.

          • Deedee


    • Hmmm…

      Maybe there’s more to it than you’ve figured out.

    • Dean Bruckner

      Crossover Democrats nominated Donald Trump by voting in the primaries, some to support his causes and the others to make life easier, they thought, for HRC. There are a lot of groceries on the table!

  • Hmmm…

    You do well Mr. Brown, very well. I am very thankful for your voice. There aren’t enough righteous bold voices raised in our nation these days to disparage those who do raise theirs. I am thankful for you personally, because you are a person who has set aside his own comfort zone to take a stand within his area of influence. It’s huge.

    • Concerned Christian

      Have to be honest, I really don’t understand how we “Christians” can believe “I can do all things through Christ” and be so afraid that Trump is best defender we can find. Not Cruz or Rubio or Bush. But Trump.

      • Hmmm…

        We didn’t find him and he’s not our defender. He’s a vessel being used. People heard a heart cry from the man that we were losing our country to political correctness and many other things. The damage done in the last 12 years actually toward globalism and turning away from supporting Israel had a chance of being altered! Many heard that. Mr. Trump has a strength, the positive side of his stubbornness, that is different from the others who, as more rightly aligned as they may appear, still have much steeped in political thought as opposed to saying, why not? How many do you know that would challenge this last defeat of the health bill like this? Isn’t it obvious it’s dead? Not to one who is looking through a wider lens. That’s the kind of thing that qualifies Mr. Trump more than the others — perspective.

  • Concerned Christian

    Under “victory for conservatives”:

    –Nominated fine justices
    –defunded planned parenthood
    –Did not continue Obama’s “radical transgender policy”.

    What’s funny is that you hit the nail on head! These are Conservative issues and not Christian issues. Also, if this is the best that you have then the “radical left” as you see it, is winning. My son was 11 when Obama was elected. For the younger generation, who do you think will have more of an influence? The guy who defended rights and carried himself with dignity, character, and strength or the guy that only defends others when it’s in his own self serving interest?

    The church is being seen as it has always operated in this country. Never defend anyone else’s rights but your own. Who are the great christian pioneers in the south that spoke out against slavery or Jim Crow. Who’s the great christian pioneer that spoke up for women’s rights or immigrant rights. So the Planned Parenthood/LGBTQ community feels the weight of the long line of Christians seeing themselves as more conservative than Christian!

    Love Him or Hate Him, Trump is revealing the character of the Conservative Christian movement!

    • Gary

      How is supporting the “rights” of immigrants, abortionists, and sodomites in any way “Christian”?

      • Concerned Christian

        Well at least blacks and women were not defended for a different reason! 🙂

        Clearly the others are not human beings worthy of respect and love. Clearly, we don’t love God because He First Loved us while we were yet sinners. Clearly God didn’t send Jesus so that whosoever believes in Him should have eternal life.

        An abortionists clearly just wants to kill as many babies as possible. Never mind the fact that Christians don’t want to have any more kids than sinners do. Never mind the fact that prison is full of people who were not wanted or not raised. Of course the church could focus on reaching those individuals but then it would have to do something other than blame everyone else for the churches own failings.

        Sodomites are of course the worst. Now I’ll bet you know more Christians that have committed adultery, fornication, etc. But of course, it’s the Sodomites that are the bad guys! My son is going off to college. I’ll promise you that the LGBTQ community is not a big concern!

        • Gary

          Respect is earned. And forfeited by immoral behavior.

          But you didn’t answer my question. That’s fine. I withdraw the question.

          • Linda

            If respect is earned and forfeited by immoral behavior, how is it that so many Christians respect Donald Trump?

          • Gary

            Many Christians are only interested in what government policies Trump pursues. We did not elect him because we approved of everything he did and said, but because of the policies he said he would pursue that we thought were better than what Clinton promised.

          • Concerned Christian

            to answer this question first: How is supporting the “rights” of immigrants, abortionists, and sodomites in any way “Christian”?

            I lump that in with supporting the rights of fornicators, liars, idolaters. etc. God gave everyone the choice as to whether or not they would accept His offer of salvation.

            Why then has He given me the right take away their rejection is they so choose. So i don’t support their decision, I firmly support their right to make that decision.

            To take it away from them because of my own fear makes me a coward. I believe my God is bigger than their god.

          • Concerned Christian

            Now for your reference as to why Christian’s support Trump. This is truly what’s funny.

            1. Not one major piece of legislation passed
            2. No reversal of Obamacare or Dodd-Frank.
            3. Planned parenthood is still being funded.
            4. We either have sanctions against perceived enemies or trade wars against perceived friends.
            5. A N. Korea, China, and Iran thumbing their nose at us.
            6. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs refusing to implement Trump’s order on the LGBTQ community.

            These are items that could have been dealt with by a competent individual. Instead we have incompetence and a Russia investigation that no one really deep down believes is “fake news”.

            Please tell me in what way Trump is helping your cause?

          • Gary

            Legislative victories will be hard to come by. The Democrats and liberal Republicans are unlikely to pass much legislation that Trump wants. But I don’t blame Trump for that.

            Trump can’t change Obamacare or Dodd-Frank by himself. He needs help from Congress, which he probably won’t get.

            Same with Planned Parenthood.

            I don’t believe Trump has issued a formal order on transsexuals in the military. If he does, I expect the Joint Chiefs to implement it.

          • Concerned Christian

            Ok Mr. Gary. We’ll do this again when another issue comes up. 🙂

          • Jim Walker

            This is why I always say that the most powerful man in the world is none other than a Fat boy in North Korea who can do anything he wants and every leader in the world just complain and whine.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well, “it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, – But you’re gonna have to serve somebody”. Why is it so difficult in light of the fruit of this presidency to grasp that God works through those who meet His particular criteria for service.

    Whether that old woman was correct in her appraisal of who provided the groceries or not , the groceries were there. Whether any “Never Trumper” or “MAGA” hat wearing supporter is correct in their appraisal of who is bringing the “groceries” is also somewhat alien to the narrative. The point is we’ve been promised some groceries & we’ve gotten them, w/more on the way. To raise the issue of Trumps social, political, professional & personal past should be only as relevant as each of our past’s are as relevant to our present in light of Gods redemptive mercy. Those who refuse Trump entrance into their stifled view of Gods kingdom because he hasn’t met THEIR criteria are stepping out beyond the scope of biblical precedent. So the issue is not what one may think this guy was but rather what one may objectively witness what this guy is doing. In my book that speaks much more loudly than any recollections of his colorful past …

    • Renato Brown


  • Hmmm…

    It is important to separate past actions, way past as a matter of fact, then more recent swaggering talk from the present day man. It’s what the hyper media and mindless trashers do, accuse, accuse, accuse based on a wisp. I saw the total shame on Mr. Trump’s face when the Hollywood Access tape came out. Pride and stubbornness may be deeper and more current enemies of his soul. Pray folks. You’ve got your own stumbling points.
    Again, as stated after the election, Mr. Trump and some others, are similar to God using King Cyrus of Babylon in his work of returning his people to their land. The man took to the task with zeal, and there’s no record he experienced conversion or change of behavior along the way. Things set more positively in Mr. Trump’s case.

  • Jeremy L

    So, in regards to the friend of the court brief, “You should be able to fire someone for being gay” is a “victory” and a “good decision”? Do you want people fired for being gay, Brown? If so, why is it employers cannot fire people for being Christian?

    • Hmmm…

      Why is it that Christians can be fined and sued and penalized up to losing their livelihood for exercising their right to not participate in something that violates their conscience and understanding of God’s word? Just decline to provide a service that can be found multiple other places? Why is that not seen as non-equal as it is? Why does that particular general group suddenly have superior and dominant right over other persuasions?

      • Jeremy L

        Declining service (which is based on animus, not “conscience”) is a problem, but that was not the subject. The subject was “Should someone be fired from their job for being gay?” Do you say yes?

        • Hmmm…

          Assigning animus or hate to speech or anything else is a huge problem now in this country, deeming someone hateful by one’s own assignation. That is quite a hateful thing to do. Being judge, jury and executioner by today’s hateful accusers IS the subject.

          • Jeremy L

            So if someone gay, and an employer wants to fire them for being gay, the employer should be able to? And this is not hateful?

          • Gary

            If you are going to argue that employers must employ people they don’t want to employ, in order to be fair, wouldn’t you also have to argue that employees must work for people they don’t want to work for?

          • Hmmm…

            That is the thing that’s going on — the imposition of lg etc. will on others in a most hateful and daring way.

          • Jeremy L

            No. If you get the job and you’re great at the job and someone finds out some arbitrary thing about you that shouldn’t matter and you get fired, that isn’t right. If you are exceptionally qualified for the job but you can’t get hired because of something arbitrary that shouldn’t matter, then that isn’t right. You can’t not employ someone for a ridiculous reason in spite of them being highly qualified.

            Since when do potential employees have infinite options as to who they will work for? Hiring and seeking a job are not the same thing. Without it being guaranteed by law that you cannot get fired or refused employment for being gay, virtually any place in the country can fire you or discriminate against you in their hiring practices for being gay. What if every employer in your field or profession decides they don’t want to hire gays? What then? You just don’t get a job?

          • Gary

            Yes, you don’t get hired. Nobody has the right to be hired. You have misunderstood what rights are and how they work. But then, the government has misunderstood rights too, so you’re not alone. Just because you want to work at a certain place does not obligate them to hire you, regardless of what you think your qualifications are.

          • Jeremy L

            Of course no one is entitled to a job! But they are entitled to a fair chance to get one. Being gay is not a qualification, but it is not a disqualification either! Neither is being black, left handed, bald, or whatever else! And you know what, being a Christian shouldn’t be a disqualification as well! But per your logic, if you happen to fall into a certain category of people that an employer doesn’t like for no justifiable reason, you don’t get a job. That’s immoral and insane.

          • Hmmm…

            You don’t get a job with him. There are other jobs. What is this thing of wanting to force someone to “comply” with you? We see that overbearing imposition of lg will in all places. It is violating, dictatorial and abusive.

          • Jeremy L

            It’s easy for you to say “There are other jobs” because no one would deny YOU a job. Why are you acting as if it is unreasonable to want to be openly gay and have equal opportunity to get a job at the same time? Why do you think it IS reasonable to deny someone a job for no reason other than they are gay? It’s not “imposition”, it’s asking for fair treatment that you’re denying for no reason I can tell other than you hate gays. If you were trying to present yourself as “not hateful”, you’ve failed miserably.

          • Hmmm…

            You’re not reading or taking in what’s said, so diminishing value in continuing with you on that ground, for one. I’ve been denied a number of jobs since retiring, likely for age related reasons. I’ve never answered your question and don’t intend to, because it’s a bad question. There are factors other than the ones you present, so since I know that, why should I go along with you? And, true to what I have complained of here and find unjust and unequal is what you have now unmasked – assigning motives to me. Again, the hate is coming from the lg crowd. Frankly, I wouldn’t care to be in on that aspect. It’s really bad ground. Calling names and assigning wicked motives to those who do not agree with you is childish, adding force to it is lawless. I hope you don’t participate to that degree. This debate is pretty much ended, so don’t expect responses from me on a continuation of your current theme.

          • Gary

            No, it isn’t immoral or insane. People have the right to freedom of association. If an employer does not like something about a job applicant, they should not be forced to hire them. And in a free country, they wouldn’t be. It does not matter what the reason is, or whether you or I think it is a good reason.

          • Jim Walker

            Can a fat guy sell fitness and slimming equipment and products ?
            Can a gay man sell male enhancing products and each time he scares all the customers away as he glances and make passes at them ?
            This is not hateful, its business.
            Answer is yes.

          • Jeremy L

            Yeah because the gay man would of course be eyeing and hitting on all the customers. They just don’t have any self control, do they, those gays? Also, we’re not talking about a specific job where there might be concerns with hiring a certain person, we’re talking about not getting a job in general because you fall into an arbitrary category. There’s a difference between, say, “We are only auditioning women to play this female character” and “You can’t work here because you’re a woman.”

          • Jim Walker

            I don’t see LGBT not getting jobs. My company hires them. Are you living still in the past ?

          • Jeremy L

            Eh, I guess you’re right that it isn’t a huge problem now because of shifts in attitudes (at least as far as we can see). Still think discrimination is possible and protection necessary, however.

          • Hannah

            It’s just a blanket ideal, this “can’t deny someone service” argument, to avoid saying that they want absolute acceptance from everyone for everything they believe in. Those who say things like “Should gays be fired from their jobs?” are attempting to sensationalize their argument to entrap you. What *should* be asked is, “Should you lose your job based on your personal beliefs?” To that, the answer should be no – they’re your beliefs, and you have every right to believe what you do. If anyone agrees with this, they should then be unable to turn a blind eye to those who *do* lose their jobs or livelihoods because of their beliefs, be they Christian or otherwise. Right now, we’re seeing WAY more Christian livelihoods being ruined because “they’re not following the law” but somehow, it’s not considered a double standard to support a bakery who refuses to bake a MAGA hat cake for a little boy’s birthday. You’re discriminating against his personal beliefs and making your beliefs superior – that means, by the statement above, you should be fired. See how slippery this slope is? The law changes with those in power, but God’s law reigns supreme over all. Even our own ability to know good and evil goes back to God, for how can we know what is evil if we don’t have an ultimate Good to compare it to? If God doesn’t exist, “good” and “evil” are a private belief and cannot be enforced on others because their perception is different than yours.

            Every business has its beliefs, and every person believes something – even believing nothing is still a belief. As PragerU said in a recent video of theirs, our Founding Fathers feared not a secular government but rather a secular society. Why? Because freedom without end is just as dangerous as no freedom at all. We need a Moral Standard to follow to keep ourselves and our families in check, otherwise, as we’ve seen today, morality is merely subjective and thus irrelevant entirely. If we don’t have Someone to look to in order to guide us, we are like a boat without a rudder, drifting on the seas in a storm. The self-worship that’s become rampant in this world is repulsive and self-destroying, as we’ve seen all around us.

  • God apparently does INDEED work in mysterious ways.

    • davidrev17

      AMEN Chuck!

      There’s probably a “series” of sermons contained within your very wise, and humble observation. May Almighty God continue to lovingly “draw” you to His side too, in much the same manner described in the following passage; as you sure sound like someone of whom might’ve recently received a bit of Divinely-imparted “revelation”? I pray that’s been the case my friend!

      (Notice God’s self-described “ways” in vv. 8 & 9 too, clearly affirming your statement!)

      6) “Seek the Lord while he may be found;
      call upon him while he is near;
      7) let the wicked forsake his way,
      and the unrighteous man his thoughts;
      let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him,
      and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
      8) For my thoughts are not your [human] thoughts,
      neither are your [human] ways my ways, declares the Lord.
      9) For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
      so are my ways higher than your ways
      and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

      (Isaiah 55:6-9/ESV – emphasis added).

  • Albion

    The Roman emperor Constantine comes to mind. He was also an unlikely character to put a stop to the persecution of Christians with his Edict of Milan of 313 A.D. Constantine was as vain as Trump: he built and named a new capital after him – Constantinople. But so what! After he emancipated Christianity, the religion began to expand throughout the Empire and beyond for nearly 2000 years. I’m sure that the Apostles looked like an unlikely bunch in the eyes of pious Jews.
    God choose unlikely people to fulfil His purpose, probably because He knows that they have the capacity to eventually rise above their worldliness, whether late in life or on their deathbed.

    • Hmmm…

      Yes, and actually, the abilities needed for tasks were God-given to begin with. He has a way of wanting a return on his investments. No one has anything good that they weren’t given by God. It’s just true, either at birth or an increase to develop in an area later on.

      • SophieA

        Excellent point! Thanks for the reminder that all our gifts come from God.

  • Caitie

    objective and redemptive, analyzing everything through the lens of Scripture, and doing my best to understand what God is doing in our chaotic world

    Try harder…

    I don’t see your articles as objective being neither for nor against. Your very comparison of him to “The Devil” in your story couldn’t be farther from objective it’s making a clear point.. Tell me.. all these statements like no matter what he said or did to get there and the very long and descriptive narrative you hear from his detractors aren’t they a back handed compliment while spreading the negative rhetoric? . Why not substantiate the negatives with facts instead of relying solely on repeating what you read or hear.. In other words speak truth not bringing forth false witness accounts. Unless you met him. Got to know him. Do u have an insider view or are you relying on 3rd party assumptions. This new world dropped the need for truth and instead rely on presumptions. He’s from what I see stopping a very real very organized powerful fully funded assault on Jesus and his followers in America. IMO He should be celebrated with support and Prayed for not constantly judged by the very people his actions factually show he’s standing beside. I feel like it would be painful for you to write an article not championing President Trump but celebrating what Gods doing through him without the constant disclaimers. Sorry its somewhat like our so called Republicans obstructing his agenda. One foot in one foot out. What’s wrong with championing him? Other Pastors I see doing the same thing in front of congregations afraid to alienate anyone by taking a stand yet President Trump is clearly taking a stand. I’ve seen Pastors refuse to start sermons with prayer for our President. We need to stand United in Prayer for our President because he’s bravely taking on the Enemy and coming under attack moment by moment yet he stands strong.. Are you listening to the rhetoric? Repeating the falsehoods of his detractors.

    He’s imperfect yes.. He’s a sinner yes
    As am I ..start your article there.

    imho you need to try harder at the objective part.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    You could start by being objective in your facts instead of cherry-picking those that support your narrative.

    You cherry-picked Trump saying Abbas lied to him in DC, but failed to follow through on the thought that Trump apparently uncritically took everything Abbas told him DC as truth.

    You also forgot to include in your analysis, Trump’s refusal to move the US Embassy based on his “fear of Muslim violence”, or Kushner’s recent revelation in a talk to Congressional interns that the US “forced” Israel to remove metal detectors they put up at the Temple Mount to protect their own policemen.

    You forgot to include in your analysis the accusations of the Trump administration (whether Trump personally or Tillerson) that the West Wall does not belong to Israel just prior to Trump’s visit there. You also forgot to include that Trump gleefully announced the sale of over $100B of US military aid to Saudi Arabia – a country that is known to sponsor terrorists, funded many of the terrorists involved in the US 9/11/01 attack, and is a sworn enemy of Israel.

    Objective analysis begins with recognition of the facts – ALL THE FACTS. ONLY after ALL facts are accounted for (without interpretation or wishful thinking) can ANY type of “objective analysis be made”.

    When you DO get to the point that ALL FACTS and ACTIONS are included, your interpretation must not ignore either human nature in interpretation. For example, it would be against human nature to believe that Trump’s hiring (and effusive praise of) Scaramucci, then immediate firing of him is a “Christian act”. It is possible God sent us Trump in the same way God sent a series of conquering kings to the Israelites in the book of Kings – all of which were a form of punishment intended to show the Israelites the errors of their ways.

    Yet you present Trump as some sort of “gift” – a man that holds to your Christian beliefs and that you believe has somehow maintained naivety until the age of 70 at which point (while running for office) he has a “spiritual awakening” that happens to grant him large numbers of votes from those that ignore his past, ignore his present, ignore his continuing denial of God – all because a group of pastors was ALLOWED to pray with him – not “asked to” – “allowed to”).

    All-in-all I find your article a thinly-veiled attempt to justify Trump’s presidency as “God’s will” when it is FAR MORE like another instance of God providing his followers with yet another king to exploit them and to punish them for what has historically been a generation at a time.

    I expect better of those that purport to be “spiritual leaders”.

    • Hmmm…

      Php 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
      There are FACTS and there is truth, such as the above. Truth triumphs over facts.
      John 13:35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another
      Aren’t you a bit hard on a brother? who fulfills the word rather well …

      • Concerned Christian

        Good news is that it’s probably a two for one. Not only did we get the money but I’m sure we get some of the weaponry back as well. 🙂

  • Paul

    Why does this article title keep changing?

  • Dena

    I’m amused how President Trump drives both the Republicans and Democrats crazy. His Presidency has revealed corruption on both sides.

    • Concerned Christian

      So lying corrupt president reveals lying corrupt republicans & democrats? No way Trump could act like this if he was a democrat. The man lies about meetings with the boy scouts! But he’s just following the line that Fox News laid out for him to follow.

      To compare democrats to republicans is like comparing Alabama football to Duke. They may not be squeaking clean but they don’t have nearly the support from boosters that give them the freedom to be as dirty as they like.

      • Dena

        I’m just pointing out that Congress is a mess. I never noticed the extent of the corruption in both parties until recently.

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