After Obama: Restoring Freedom, Opportunity and Security With a Blueprint for Reform

By Published on July 19, 2016

An upstart businessman wants to get ahead in society but can’t because of bureaucratic regulations. A talented college graduate can’t find a job as a result of a stagnant economy.

A nation’s citizens feel threatened by terrorist attacks at home and abroad as elected officials reduce military spending. A government continues to burden the next generation of citizens with insurmountable debt.

Sadly, all of these statements are true of the United States in 2016. However, we can improve the state of the nation.

The Heritage Foundation released its Blueprint for Reform: A Comprehensive Policy Agenda last week with the goal of allowing Americans to build themselves a stronger economy, a stronger society and a stronger defense.

By doing this, Blueprint for Reform seeks to solve harmful conditions resulting from many years of failed presidential policies.

It offers recommendations for the next presidential administration and Congress, with the view that real restoration of opportunity, freedom and security to the United States will happen only with presidential leadership and congressional action. Here are some of the plan’s policy recommendations:

Reform the tax code. The current tax code restricts economic freedom and, as a result, the ability of Americans to advance themselves. The goal of tax reform is to relieve the burden of the current system and promote economic growth. The way to accomplish this goal is for Congress to establish a flat tax that eliminates penalties on saving and investment.

Balance the federal budget. Citizens and companies must balance their budgets to avoid bankruptcy. The federal government shouldn’t be any different. To pay for spending with continued borrowing is immoral; it disregards future generations of Americans who will have to shoulder the burden but don’t have a say in what the government spends money on today. This plan will balance the budget by 2024 by reducing spending without raising taxes, and while rebuilding our national defense.

Reduce the regulatory burden. In the past seven years, the Obama administration has placed over 20,000 new regulations on the American people, with an annual cost of $108 billion. We can stop the runaway regulatory power of federal agencies by requiring that new legislation undergo an impact analysis before a vote; that every major regulations receive congressional approval and be subject to sunset provisions; and that independent agencies be subjected to White House review.

Repeal harmful laws. Chief among them are Obamacare, which expanded federal control over health care, and the Dodd-Frank Act, which expanded federal control over financial sectors.

Rebuild the U.S. military. Under the Obama administration, the military’s capabilities have been severely reduced. This comes at a time of great danger and hostility at home and abroad. Russia, North Korea, Iran and the Islamic State each pose a threat to the United States and its interests around the world. To lead as a nation, protect our interests, support our allies and respond to crises, our military must be strong. This requires a commitment to rebuilding national defense.

The policy recommendations found in Blueprint for Reform will help America secure a better and brighter future. Read the complete document here.


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