Nunes Accuses DOJ of ‘Obstruction’ in Battle Over FBI Informant Documents

Committee chairman sets a Tuesday deadline for DOJ to provide information about FBI informant used in Trump campaign.

In this October 24, 2017, file photo, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes announces that his committee and the House oversight committee are starting the investigation into Russia and Obama Administration uranium deal.

By Published on June 11, 2018

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is giving the Department of Justice until Tuesday to provide documents about an FBI informant used to spy on the Trump campaign.

In a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Friday, Nunes accused the agency of “obstruction” and using “an array of tactics” to withhold the documents about the spy, who is believed to be former University of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper.

In the letter, Nunes said he wants the documents provided to the Intelligence Committee and “designated staff” instead of only to the so-called Gang of Eight, as the Justice Department has requested.

“DOJ continues to obfuscate and delay its production using an array of tactics, such as incorrectly categorizing the requested documents as Gang-of-Eight-level material in order to limit access,” Nunes wrote, according to Fox News.

“Such conduct by DOJ is unacceptable because the Gang-of-Eight is a legal fiction that has no basis outside of the confines of Presidential approval and reporting of covert actions.”

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The Gang of Eight consists of the Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, as well as Speaker Paul Ryan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The battle over the DOJ and FBI documents began on April 24 when Nunes, a California Republican, subpoenaed the Justice Department for records related to a specific individual, now known to be Halper.

A Justice Department official responded to that request by saying that the records were too sensitive to provide to Congress. The Washington Post soon reported that the individual was a longtime FBI and CIA source whose information was being used in the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

Halper, a veteran of three Republican administrations, has since been reported as the FBI informant. During the campaign, he reached out to Trump campaign advisers Carter Page, Sam Clovis and George Papadopoulos.

Justice Department and FBI officials briefed the Gang of Eight on May 24 after intervention from Speaker Ryan. Documents about the FBI spy were taken into the meeting, but weren’t shared with lawmakers.

“Your continued refusal to permit Members of Congress and designated staff to review the requested documents is obstruction of a lawful Congressional investigation,” Nunes wrote to Rosenstein on Friday.


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  • Jeff Lockerrup

    Give it to the Gang of 8! Mr. Nunes will have a leaked copy in his hands from the left in an hour.

  • Shadow Bannedagain


  • Al Lejdly

    “The Washington Post soon reported that the individual was a longtime FBI and CIA source whose information was being used in the special counsel’s Russia investigation.” LMFAO, the Washedup Post seems to have no trouble getting the classified info they want but Congress can’t get zilch. Nunes should just do like Obamination and read about it in the news.

  • Everett

    This story is getting old, tired, and worn out.
    The same “words” same “concerns” same “unacceptable” behavior, same story over and over.
    Nunes is a good man, but he needs to call out Leadership for their lack of support. Paul effing Ryan should ram through a bill taking away all funding for DoJ salaries and pensions and travel until they cooperate.
    Sessions should demand cooperation or be arrested for complicity.
    Send the Marshals over there and handcuff these criminals and lock them up until ALL documents and witnesses are brought forth.

  • Jim Walker

    I was right. Jeff Sessions is part of the swamp.

  • Up_Words

    Have you figured out the game, yet? The Deep State does not have any significant dirt on Mr. Trump,but wishes to drag this matter through another election or two (hoping to impeach our President with more democrats in the House, etc.). By refusing to give an official response to Congress (forgive my questioning their insubordinate behavior) –they can lie to the public without being charged officially with perjury.

    We live in a new era of perversion (with so-called gmarriage) and treachery. When leaders embrace lies, all their servants are wicked (~Prov. 29:12).
    This is also an era for the church to learn and exercise more effective praying (1 Tim. 2:1-4).

  • Kevin Quillen

    our two tiered justice system will see to it that no one pays any significant price for the abuse of their power. So sad what we have come to.

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