New Planned Parenthood Video: Aborted Baby’s Heart Still Beating

A StemExpress whistleblower who harvested aborted baby parts inside Planned Parenthood describes in heartbreaking detail the "most difficult experience I had there."

By Anika Smith Published on August 19, 2015

Warning: The video embedded here is graphic and heartbreaking, showing exactly what fetal “specimens” look like. One of them is still moving.

“It had a face. Its nose was very pronounced. It had eyelids. And its mouth was pronounced.” That’s Holly O’Donnell speaking, about a baby you’ll never see. Not in this life, at least.

Holly O’Donnell used to work at StemExpress, a former customer of Planned Parenthood. Today, less than a week after StemExpress cut ties with Planned Parenthood, a new video from the Center for Medical Progress appears. In it, O’Donnell recounts how Planned Parenthood doctors aborted “fully intact” fetuses to send straight to the lab.

And she describes the moment she knew she had to quit.

O’Donnell tells the story of a woman seeking an abortion at the Alameda Planned Parenthood clinic who was very upset. “Finally she calmed down and the doctor went in to perform the abortion. It takes a little while, and I’m in the hallway. I see the jar come out, goes into the path lab, and Jessica [her coworker] I can hear is preparing it, rinsing out the jar, rinsing out the linen … then I hear her call my name… ‘Come over here, I want you to see something kinda cool, this is kinda neat.’ The moment I see it, I’m just flabbergasted. This is the most gestated fetus and closest thing to a baby I’ve seen.”

Then her coworker takes an instrument, “just taps the heart, and it starts beating.”

We know from nurse and pro-life activist Jill Stanek’s congressional testimony that children are born alive and killed in America’s abortion clinics. But this visual proof may prove to be a game-changer, and spur lawmakers into action.

Those who harvest these baby parts seem unashamed. One lab official, the executive director of Novogenix, is recorded saying matter-of-factly, “There are times when after the procedure is done the heart is still beating.”

O’Donnell’s coworker’s response to a still-moving child was merely clinical: “OK, this is a really good fetus and it looks like we can procure a lot from it…. We’re going to procure brain.”

O’Donnell clearly struggles as she describes a coworker ordering her to cut open the child’s head. “I remember picking it up and finishing going through the rest … and Jessica picking up the brain … and I’m just sitting there, like, what did I just do? And that was the moment I knew that I couldn’t work for the company anymore.”

“Even if that could have been the cure for some kind of disease, then I still wish I hadn’t done it.”

The baby boy was too big for the container. “I remember he got stuck on the lid… I had to pick each one of his feet up and put him in the container and close the lid… It’s really hard knowing that you’re the only person who’s ever going to hold that baby.”

This is not a science story. It is something from the crime blotter, bloody with human loss and heartbreak. And this horrific story is not an isolated case. Undercover footage from conversations from several procurement companies and Planned Parenthood officials featured in this video show that what O’Donnell describes is something ongoing, systemic and coldly calculated for maximum profit.

Stay tuned to The Stream for continuing coverage of this story, and join the nationwide movement to protest Planned Parenthood this Saturday.

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