Netflix’s Woodstock ’99 and USA 2022: Kerosene — Match — Boom!

By Kevin Burke Published on August 24, 2022

The Netflix mini-series Woodstock ’99 is a compelling, skillfully produced and edited presentation about a massive music festival in July 1999. Using archival footage and interviews with organizers, musicians, support staff, and participants, each episode presents a day in the life of Woodstock ’99.

The series reveals the vision dreamed up at the close of the 20th century by the baby-boomer promoters who wanted to recreate the iconic Woodstock 1969 experience, only to see it end in apocalyptic disaster.

Here’s the recipe to make a Woodstock ’99.

Bring together 250,000 young adults and stuff them into a dystopian, shade-starved, asphalt-laden, former Air Force Base in Rome, NY. Make sure to do this in the middle of a scorching hot July heat wave.

Farm out essential services to the lowest bidders, and gouge concert-goers for staples like water and food. Make sure the toilets don’t work properly. Hire a bunch of inexperienced kids to do security. Add one heaping tablespoon of mind-altering chemicals and a few billion gallons of alcohol.

Let’s not wait, like the leaders of Woodstock ’99, for the fires to burn out of control, and consume all that we love and hold dear.

Next, stir in some rock music acts like Limp Bizkit that specialize in enflaming the aggressive passions of young males juiced up on testosterone, alcohol, and drugs. Mix in some young females in various stages of intoxication and undress.

Now on the final night of this event, when concert-goers are most vulnerable from the drugs, sleep deprivation, and purgatorial living conditions, hand out a bunch of flaming candles to create a really special Kumbaya moment.

Finally, have a primitive band of rock music barbarians sing a scorching version of the Hendrix classic, “Fire.”

“It was just a perfect storm,” Woodstock ’99 producer Cassie Thornton told The NY Post. Episode 2 of the mini-series is aptly subtitled:

“Kerosene — Match — Boom.”

As the Woodstock ’99 festival unfolded, event leaders held a series of press conferences, safely shielded from the realities on the ground, to report that everything was running beautifully.

As the Netflix series clearly reveals, they were in denial, ignoring the mounting red flags that were shouting “impending disaster.” The whole feces-show exploded in their face on the final night of the event, as the place burned to the ground and gangs of zombie youths pillaged and raped.

They could no longer deny reality.

So instead, they failed to take responsibility, and blamed a “few bad apples in the crowd.”

USA 2022: Kerosene — Match — Boom!

The counter-culture movement of the 60s was built upon the weak and shifting sands of sexual license and drug abuse. It was easily co-opted, and corrupted by consumer capitalism and greed.

Since that time, the descendants of that first iconic Woodstock in 1969 have joined the ruling elite, with members found in conservative, liberal/progressive, and globalist circles. These elites are experts at initiating cultural and economic changes, armed conflicts, and other events they believe will benefit humanity, but more often lead to chaos and suffering, especially for the most poor and vulnerable.

I will share a few key examples from recent history.

In 1973 the Supreme Court legalized abortion, leading to the death of more than 65 million preborn children. The architects of this disaster remain blind to the carnage they unleashed, not only for the children in the womb, but for all who participated in their deaths.

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Remember those Wall Street whiz kids who sold our manufacturing base to the Chinese and destroyed working and middle-class communities in our nation’s heartland?

Let’s not forget the brilliant masters of regime-change wars in the Middle East. While the U.S. was still reeling from 9-11, they manipulated the anxiety, anger, and pain of our fellow citizens to launch an invasion based on tales of non-existent “weapons of mass destruction.” They unleashed this chaos and hell, grossly ignorant of the complex and volatile religious and cultural milieu of the region.

Also, please recall how, after the shooting of George Floyd, the darlings of the progressive left in entertainment, business, and government dropped verbal fire-bombs from the safety of their laptops and luxury lodgings, as they inflamed the passions that fueled the riots and destroyed poor minority communities. Kerosene — Match — Boom!

Here’s a Woodstock ’99 type project dreamed up by the sociopathic, progressive wing of our ruling elites. The recipe for this disaster is as follows.

Take vulnerable children and young adults. In particular, target girls, many on the autism spectrum. When they are most vulnerable, as they journey through the challenging transitions of puberty, introduce a poisonous ideology that leads them to question core aspects of their identity.

Make sure to separate them from family members who might try to protect them. Grease the skids for these children and young adults to gain access to powerful drug and surgical treatments to mutilate their developing brains and bodies. When they later regret this course of action, shame and silence them.

The criminal mismanagement of the COVID pandemic and the tanking of the U.S. and world economy; the Ukraine money laundering machine for the military industrial complex leading to massive inflation and an international energy crisis; Critical Race Theory in our schools; chaos on our southern border; the growing and dangerous weaponization of the national security apparatus.

More kerosene — More matches — More Boom!

Historic November Elections

As with the toxic synergy of events that led to the Woodstock ’99 train wreck, without a radical change of course, and a reform of our major institutions, our nation, and world is vulnerable to a similar descent into anarchy and destruction.

Yet, we still have the power of our vote.

Leaders are emerging who offer a healthier vision of our nation’s future that transcends the limitations of restrictive left/right, conservative/liberal paradigms.

This new generation of leaders understands the need to strengthen the bonds and protect the interests of marriage and family as the bedrock of healthy communities and a strong nation. They are not ashamed of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

These men and women recognize that the period of empire and nation-building must end, and that the needs of our nation and its citizens must come first in our domestic and foreign policy.

The hour is late, but there is still time.

Let’s not wait, like the leaders of Woodstock ’99, for the fires to burn out of control, and consume all that we love and hold dear.

If you are not registered to vote, do it now.


Kevin Burke, LSW, is a pastoral associate of Priests for Life and co-founder of Rachel’s Vineyard. An expert on men and abortion loss, he is the author of Tears of the Fisherman and co-author of Rivers of Blood/Oceans of Mercy.

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