Mystery Deepens: Dead British Spy Hacked ‘Secret Clinton Data’

By Published on September 1, 2015

The British spy found dead in a padlocked duffel bag five years ago had angered his MI6 boss by hacking into a Bill Clinton file, a new report on the still unsolved case reveals.

Gareth Williams had “illegally hacked into secret Clinton data,” and had given a “friend” the guest list of an event both the friend and Clinton planned to attend, reported the UK’s Sun on Sunday. The data breach was a “diplomatic nightmare” and enraged the spy’s MI6 boss, who was a new director of the agency at the time.

The paper also found that someone deleted voicemail messages Williams left for his family and friends in the days after his death.

Williams was found dead inside a padlocked duffel bag in his shower more than a week after he died in 2010, but it’s still unclear what happened. Police ended a three-year investigation in 2013, concluding no one else was involved in his death, and he likely died alone after locking himself in the bag as part of a lurid sex game.

But a coroner’s report found he was “unlawfully killed.”

Much of the investigation was conducted in secret, and police had to rely on counter-terror officials as go-betweens, because of the perceived risk the investigation of an MI6 agent posed to national security.

Detectives who probed the case believe spies may have come in through his skylight and killed him, and then reentered through the skylight a second time while it was under armed guard to destroy evidence, reported the Mirror last week.

Before his death, Williams reportedly worked with the U.S. National Security Agency in Washington, and then returned to London, where he was trained and sent on missions. Specifics about his work are a guarded secret, but he apparently tracked the flow of money from Russia to Europe, as part of an international network that spies on terrorists and criminal gangs.

An “inside source” told The Sun on Sunday that living with a new identity had taken a toll on Williams in the months before his death. ”Typically he’d be asked to learn a new identity, then report to a country hotel to meet an interrogation team,” the source said. “There he would be grilled about his new ID for 48 hours without sleep.”

Williams’ wrist was reportedly broken after one training exercise in which he was handcuffed to a metal bar inside a van and driven around for hours under interrogation.

“He found the training so stressful, and his mood blackened even talking about it,” the source added.


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