Why Memorial Day?

By The Editors Published on May 25, 2020


A question:

Why do we have Memorial Day?


Because Lexington and Concord is not a downtown intersection.


Because Bull Run is not that crazy thing they do each year in Spain.

Battle of Manassas - 900

Because Rouge Bouquet is not something you order from FTD.

Rouge_Bouque - 900

Because the Beaches of Normandy aren’t a spring break destination.


Because the Battle of the Notch has nothing to do with excessive weight gain.

Battle of the Notch - 900

Because Hamburger Hill is not a fast-food joint.


Because Desert Storm is not a Weather Channel special.


Because Tora Bora is not the Kingsmen’s follow-up to “Louie Louie.”


Because the Benghazi compound isn’t a product to remove warts.



We have Memorial Day because since the fight for this nation began there have been men and women who have laid down their lives that we — and others worldwide — may be free.

We have Memorial Day because for so many this history is unknown and untaught.

We need Memorial Day because we so easily forget their sacrifice, and worse, because there are those eager to erase or pervert what the fallen — and this nation — have done.

May those who gave their all continue to rest in honored glory. And may we who remain never rest in the fight to carry forward the bright banner of liberty.

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