Media Conduct Full-On Witch-Hunt Against Giuliani

By Published on February 25, 2015

Giuliani: “I do not believe that the president loves America.” So said the mayor who stood for America in the days after 9/11. It would be worth asking how many Americans think Giuliani’s observation is true, and discussing whether, and to what extent, it is in fact true. It is plainly a legitimate question. It would be dangerous for the fate of a country to lie in the hands of someone who doesn’t love it. Very dangerous, when the country is seen in that person’s ideology as the root of the world’s ills, and when it is the first thing he and his friends blame when an ill crops up. No one, however, is asking this question. Instead, everyone is being asked to denounce the remark. The legitimate question is being hounded out of the public space.

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