Jews the Richest Religious Group, Muslims the Youngest, Hindus Keep the Most

By Published on May 13, 2015

Jews are the wealthiest religious group.
44 percent of Jewish households earn at least $100,000—the highest number in the country—and only 16 percent earn less than $30,000—the lowest number in the country. On the other side, only 4 percent of Jehova’s Witness households earn at least $100,000, while 48 percent earn less than $30,000, putting them just behind the Historically Black Protestant category, where 53 percent of households earn less than $30,000.

Jews aren’t the most educated (but they’re close).
The group with the highest percentage of adults with post-graduate degrees is Hindus, at 48 percent. 31 percent of Jewish adults have post-grad degrees while 29 percent have college degrees.

Miami is America’s most Jewish city, by percentage. The Northeast is America’s most Jewish region.
9 percent of Miami is Jewish while that number is 8 percent in New York City, and 4 percent in the Northeast. Unsurprisingly, the South and the Midwest are America’s least Jewish regions, coming in at 1 percent each.

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