James Robison and Jay Richards launch media outlet with a philosophical twist

By Published on January 28, 2015

WASHINGTON — Evangelical religious broadcaster James Robison and Catholic scholar and author Jay Richards have partnered to create a new online media outlet called The Stream. The site — stream.org — is a national daily championing freedom, smaller government and human ­dignity. One of The Stream’s goals is bringing evangelicals, Catholics and other people of faith together around shared concerns about the direction of the country.

The media outlet will offer original print, audio and video content as well as aggregate news and commentary from across the web. The Stream seeks to challenge one-sided bias in the mainstream media and offer a lively source for breaking news, inspiration, analysis and entertainment.

The Stream covers general news like other outlets do, but is guided by ten philosophical principles and a broadly Judeo-Christian perspective. The Stream will cover everything from politics to business, technology, religion and entertainment.

“My vision for The Stream is to bring together tributaries of wisdom that for too long have flowed in isolation one from another,” said founder and publisher James Robison.  “The need is urgent. Our nation is on a perilous course. Our religious and political freedoms are eroding before our eyes, and our government seems unable to live within its means or within proper bounds established for it by our forefathers.”

Jay Richards, the executive editor, also spoke of the news outlet’s bridge-building function: “In an age of division, The Stream will cultivate the high common ground shared by evangelicals, Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Jews. We’ve brought together a smart team of editors and writers with diverse backgrounds and experiences, but all committed to a common vision.”

The Stream also has set as one of its goals to bridge the divide between social and fiscal conservatives.  Richards and Robison said they believe that these two aspects of conservatism should not be divorced from each other, and that both are essential for a coherent and successful public witness.

“The purpose of The Stream is to create a common intellectual platform for orthodox and conservative people of faith who want to make a difference in the public square,” said Richards. “It’s not merely a Christian site for Christians. It’s a site for people of faith committed to certain core principles to develop our own content and draw on the best that we can find on the web, whether it’s religious or not.”

Jay Richards and James Robison come from different Christian backgrounds to create The Stream. Richards is a Catholic professor and public intellectual who is known for his work in economics, apologetics and science. Robison is an evangelical preacher with a Baptist background who is well known for his evangelism and television outreach ministry of over 40 years, and for authoring over a dozen books.

See what others are saying about The Stream:

“The Stream can open up an ocean of truth to bring living water to the thirsty. Many will be brought here to be informed, inspired, encouraged and blessed. This is a God-given vision for our times. I know that I will be navigating through its pages to be kept abreast of the best in thought for understanding our times.”- Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker.

“Among the things The Stream has promised to do is to “break down the false divides between the sacred and the profane, between faith and reason” and “to offer clarity and coherence” in the midst of cultural and spiritual chaos.”- Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary.


The Stream can be found at www.stream.org as well as on Facebook.

For any more details, or questions please contact Tim Bertram at [email protected].


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