#ImpeachmentHearings: A Tale of Two Countries

By Mike Huckabee Published on November 18, 2019

In Liberal Land, Friday’s “impeachment” hearings were a “devastating” day for President Trump as the sympathetic and greatly admirable former Ukrainian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch bravely detailed the terrible shambles President Trump has made of foreign policy with his corruption and ineptness.

In Conservative Land, viewers saw someone who admitted Trump had the unquestioned power to remove her from her job if he didn’t like how she was doing it (he didn’t), that she was gone two months before the phone call that’s under scrutiny was made, and that she had no knowledge of any criminal activity Trump had been involved in, leaving people to question why she was even testifying. It seemed equally clear to them that this is a ginned-up case based on nothing but hurt feelings, differences of opinion, innuendo, hearsay and zero evidence.

The Media Ignores Mistreatment of Rep. Stefanik

The strange dichotomy was also on display in the media coverage of the treatment of women in the hearing. Many commentators noticed that when Adam Schiff summarily cut off Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik and refused to let her speak, the story was framed as “Republicans try to violate agreed-upon rules” (for the record, Republicans didn’t agree on these rules; it’s a kangaroo court, and Schiff’s biased and arbitrary rules were “take it or leave it.”) And Stefanik was personally attacked for allegedly pulling a “stunt” to try to violate the rules.  

Yet in previous Senate sessions, when male Republican leaders tried to cut off Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris when they clearly violated normal rules of procedure, the men were branded sexist and the women were hailed as heroines (this is where the “Nevertheless, she persisted” meme came from – Warren persisting in talking even after she’d been ruled out of order.) Liberal media outlets made the double standard even more blatant by promoting Yovanovitch as a “she persisted” heroine while blasting Stefanik for asserting her right to speak. 

Fortunately, Rep. Stefanik did eventually get a chance to talk, and we found out why Schiff was so anxious to shut her up.

The Media’s Iron Bubble

To those on the conservative side, these hearings are both baffling and infuriating.  They wonder how anyone can look at this and not see how ridiculous it all is.  I think that’s because conservatives have to live in a world in which they hear the leftist viewpoint constantly. It blares at them 24/7 from every direction.  But the left can happily live in a bubble in which they never hear the other side’s viewpoint unless they actively seek it out. (And they wouldn’t do that, even at gunpoint.) 

In writing this newsletter, I link to sites that I think are reliable and that deserve the traffic, and they tend to be conservative.  But I still keep up with what’s being said by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, WaPo and their ilk (hey, I need fodder for jokes, too.)  But how many liberal commentators do you know who actually follow conservative news sites and commentators?

This iron bubble effect has allowed the left to seal themselves off from having to deal with any uncomfortable facts.  They should’ve called their anti-Trump movement “Resist Reality.”  

I’ve theorized for some time now that the reason they file lawsuits and demand impeachment hearings every time Trump does something that’s perfectly within his powers (firing an ambassador, employing a personal envoy, rescinding a previous President’s executive order, etc.) is because they are psychologically incapable of accepting that he’s really the President.  Therefore, every time he exercises a legitimate Presidential power, they scream that it’s an “abuse of power.” Because only Presidents have that power!  And in their fevered minds, Hillary Clinton is actually President.

Hillary herself once warned how appalling it would be to refuse to accept the results of an election, then declared recently that Trump is an “illegitimate President” (although admitting he’s President at all makes her slightly more mentally healthy than most leading Democrats these days.) 

This mental disorder has now become so severe, others are noticing it and commenting on it. See here.

Trump Getting Stuff Done

One of the tragic by-products of this mental disease is that it’s not only tearing America apart and destroying Constitutional protections, respect for the rule of law and government, and our peaceful transition of power that used to be the envy of the world. Think of how much better off we’d all be if in 2016, Democrats had simply had a good cry, accepted their loss, vowed to work with Trump on areas of agreement, and just nominated a better candidate next time.

In responding to Friday’s impeachment nothingburger, the White House noted that while the Democrats have wasted countless hours on expensive, fruitless investigations and political prosecutions over process crimes and differences of opinion, they’ve done nothing whatsoever about strengthening border security, rebuilding our infrastructure, lowering drug prices, passing the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico that’s gathering dust on Nancy Pelosi’s desk or other issues of benefit to all Americans. 

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While Democrats were wasting taxpayers’ money questioning Deep State bureaucrats who admitted having no firsthand knowledge of anything shady, on Friday alone, Trump unveiled new rules requiring hospitals to reveal their costs for most procedures upfront to end “shock billing”…

And after weeks of setting new records, the Dow gained over 200 points to close above 28,000 for the first time ever.  It’s gained over a thousand points in just four months.  The S&P 500 and Nasdaq also reached record highs, boosted by White House adviser Larry Kudlow saying that the White House is close to reaching a trade deal with China.

Just Imagine … 

So, here’s a painful what-if to ponder: if Trump has done that well despite all the constant attacks and efforts to block and undermine him, imagine that scenario I outlined before, the one where Democrats worked with Trump for the good of all Americans instead of praying for a recession.  Imagine if the Chinese thought we were united behind our President instead of thinking that maybe if they just stuck it out a little longer, he’d be impeached and we’d cave. 

Just imagine how much higher the markets might be, how much progress we might have made on rebuilding our infrastructure and securing our borders, how much greater we all could have made America together by now … if only Democrats and the media hadn’t gone insane. 


Mike Huckabee is the former governor of Arkansas and longtime conservative commentator on issues in culture and current events. A New York Times best-selling author, he hosts the weekly talk show Huckabee on TBN.


Originally published at MikeHuckabee.com. Reprinted with permission.

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