Illegal Migrants to ‘Sanctuary Cities’?

The Left howls in protest, shouting their hypocrisy.

By Mike Huckabee Published on April 14, 2019

I find it hilarious to watch President Trump troll his opponents because they never seem to realize how he baited the hook for them, and they chomp down on it every time.

Latest case in point was his suggestion that he might load up buses with illegal migrants and drop them off in “sanctuary cities.”  After all, the border facilities are overflowing, largely because word is out that if you make to America, you can go to a liberal sanctuary city and be shielded from the law and federal deportation facilities.  And since the liberals who promote those policies love to climb on their high horses and lecture the rest of us about all the positive things that illegal immigrants contribute to their communities, then they should be more than happy to take all Trump wants to send.

Strangely enough, that’s not how they’re reacting to Trump’s suggestion. Typical was the full-blown meltdown by Nancy “San Francisco” Pelosi, whose spokesperson called Trump’s suggestion “despicable,” even “criminal” (so they do actually know what a “criminal” is?) and said, “The extent of this Administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated.”

Granted, San Francisco and L.A. might not be as nice as a border detention facility, but I’d hardly call it “cruel” to move migrants there.  Besides, I thought they loved and welcomed as many illegal immigrants as could stream across the border.  Or do they only love them when they’re in the backyards of people on the border, but “not in their own backyards”? 

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I’m sure Trump is laughing with glee that they are giving the world such a stellar demonstration of their dishonesty, hypocrisy and … dare I say it? I dare … cynicism.

Of course, if wealthy liberals in places like San Francisco have a “Not In My Back Yard” attitude toward illegal immigrants, it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve pulled a NIMBY move toward poor people they claim to champion.  It wouldn’t even be the first time in the last two weeks


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