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By Published on May 8, 2022

Our ability to see through the eyes of faith determines the entire trajectory of our lives. According to Proverbs 29:18, “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves” (MSG). A conqueror doesn’t need to be the strongest, fastest or smartest. In everything that matters, all we need in order to win is the ability to see. More than anything else, having the vision to see what God sees in any given battle determines whether we will win that battle.

The question is not whether God is doing something. God is always doing something! The question is, what is God doing? We need a vision of a deeper reality than what is immediately visible right in front of us. Vision does not determine what we see with our eyes; vision determines how we see with our eyes.

Flying Blind

Having your eyes open is not the same as having vision. It is possible to have your eyes open and yet not truly see. When I’m not wearing glasses, I wear contacts. One time I was preaching at a ministers’ conference. It was a message I had never preached before, so with the content being relatively unfamiliar, I was somewhat dependent on my notes. While I was in the middle of preaching, I casually wiped my eyes and felt my contacts pop out. In an instant I was flying blind. I couldn’t read anything, couldn’t see anything. It was a horrible feeling. I had my eyes open, but I could not see!

Divine Perspective

It is one thing to have your eyes open, but it is another thing entirely to see with clarity, to see with perspective — to see with divine perspective. To see what we need to see from the right perspective. Too often we cannot see what God is doing because we have become comfortable seeing things from a human perspective.

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Think about where our planet sits: inside our galaxy, inside our solar system, inside the universe. Do you realize how fast the earth is spinning on its axis and moving around the sun? We’re going more than two million miles per hour, eight hundred miles per second, but from your perspective it looks like we’re sitting still. What we see — and how we interpret it — is not necessarily reality. God is doing more than what you can see, so don’t live based on your feelings; walk based on your faith instead.


John and Debbie Lindell join Randy and Sheila this Monday on LIFE TODAY. This is an excerpt from New Normal by John Lindell. Copyright ©2021 by John Lindell. Published by Charisma House. Used by permission.

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