Holy Week — What Lay Ahead

By Ruth Graham Published on April 2, 2015

RUTH GRAHAM — Finally we are getting some true Spring weather — things are going to be gorgeous for Easter — picture perfect.

This is Holy Week. We just celebrated Palm Sunday. Jesus riding on a donkey into Jerusalem with people shouting “Hosanna!”

I wonder if, as the week progressed into the mundane, did the people forget? Did they forget the excitement they felt? Did they forget that they thought Jesus would save them as they did on Sunday? Had it sunk in or was it forgotten? Did they have any clue how the week would end? Did they care?

I think we need to ask ourselves the same question. Do we really care about the significance of Easter? Or is it just another family holiday? An excuse to buy a new outfit and go out to lunch?

What do we focus on this week? Be honest … is it planning the food? Doing some gardening? Scheduling a photographer for cute pictures of the children with a bunny rabbit? Or is it just another week at work.

I suggest to you that the majority of us fall into the last category. It’s just another week. I will admit I have been concerned about the food as I was anticipating my youngest daughter and her family coming for the weekend. Now they are not coming after all. But I already put up a chocolate pound cake, 2 pans of lasagne, huge amount of mashed potatoes and 2 loaves of garlic bread. So I am ready for a crowd that isn’t coming!

That’s what I get for trying to be prepared!

But it made me think about how quickly I get busy and forget the reason for the season. I get the same way at Christmas.

I have it all backwards. I need to take a breath, slow down, get still and mediate on the Lord’s week. He knew how the week would end. He would be betrayed by a trusted friend. He would be arrested, denied by one of his closest buddies and tried in an illegal trial where the crowds shouted for him to be executed. The authorities would acquiesce and take the coward’s way out. He would be turned over, beaten, humiliated, tortured and crucified. Death. Burial. Visit to hell. Resurrection. He knew that was what lay ahead. And he “set His face for Jerusalem.” If it were me, I would have headed in the opposite direction. I suspect you would have too.

He knew what was ahead of Him. He was human, so He must have dreaded it. I think that is what the garden of Gethsemane was all about —  His struggle over what was ahead. He didn’t just meekly go into it. He struggled, so much so He sweated blood. He was in anguish as He wrestled with what God was asking of Him. Think of what your struggle would be.

The difference between Jesus and most of us is this: He obeyed. He surrendered His will to God’s. Totally. We should too.

I doubt I will ever get there, but I truly want to be better at it. Even when it hurts.

Jesus also knew that Easter was at the end of the week! He knew He was going to triumph over death and hell —  for my sake and yours. The cruelty and humiliation He suffered was because He loved you and me so much that He didn’t want us to perish in our sins. He wanted us to live in His grace and mercy and love from now through eternity. We can enjoy it now —  and not have to wait until we die!

Let us remember our Hosannas every day this week and beyond!


— Reprinted with permission from Ruth Graham’s blog.

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