Hollywood Actress: Why I Homeschool My Kids

If you feel incapable of teaching your own children it’s because you were taught that you were not capable.

By Published on November 10, 2017

My name is Sam Sorbo. I’m a mom to three wonderful children, and the author of They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate.

Home schooling seems like a radical idea — but only because we are conditioned to think of it that way. Why? Because most of us attended school. But after nine overhauls of our public education system in less than 30 years, according to Pew Research Center data, the U.S. has fallen in world standings for education, to 39th in math and 24th in reading. We are officially behind Estonia. … The schools aren’t getting the job done.

If you feel incapable of teaching your own children it’s because you were taught that you were not capable. Don’t handicap your child by insisting on sending her to an institution for eight hours a day.

We need to rethink education in this country. My mission is to empower parents to be the lead learners for their children. I say lead learner because education is not about downloading information into the child. Education should focus on how to learn, not what. Especially in today’s economic environment, where technological advances change the business landscape so quickly, we need elasticity in our abilities, and that comes from being able to teach ourselves.

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But instead, public schools teach children that they must be in a classroom with an instructor to learn. This predicated the snowflake crisis in our universities, where young people feel “triggered” by diverse ideas. They only know what they’ve been taught, and cannot think for themselves, so anything that challenges their worldview is perceived as hostile, and they lose their self-confidence and self-control.

Public school forms a wedge between the child and the parent — that’s inevitable.

“Mommy, you have to sign this. The teacher says so.” Or, “Mommy, don’t use plastic bags for my lunch. You’re killing dolphins.” The school challenges the parent’s authority from Day One.

It’s no wonder teenagers rebel. By that time, the parent’s authority has been completely undermined by a system that insists on its way above all else. Parents surrender their precious children to literal strangers, to be taught values and principles and sex-ed and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights … and then they are confused when their children disagree with them.



What is it about a child turning 5 that immediately incapacitates his parents as teachers, forcing him into kindergarten, often when he’s not yet ready to give up his nap?

Instead of being utterly enervating, home schooling is empowering. My children have taught me. My goal is for parents to realize the incredible relationship and experience that is home education facilitates if they only would choose to keep their children close.

Have you ever done homework with your child? Then you have home schooled. You’re just doing it at the end of the day, when everyone is tired and cranky and hungry. My way, home schooling, is easier, and a lot more fun.


Sam Sorbo is a radio host, actress, and author of They’re Your Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate. @thesamsorboshow

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  • Charles Burge

    I think homeschooling is great, but I don’t necessarily think it’s always bad to send your children to government schools. However, never forget that you are delegating the task of educating your child to the state. You are still ultimately responsible for the education your child receives. What that means is that if you do delegate, do so with proper oversight. Read your children’s text books to see if they have a biased or slanted world view (most likely they will). Get to know their teachers. And most importantly, make sure that you remain the primary influence in your child’s life during the most formative years. I went to public schools for 12 years (plus 4 years of college in a state university), and I turned out just fine. The primary reason for that is that I have wonderful parents who took their child-rearing responsibilities seriously.

    • Wayne Cook

      Charles…just how old are you. 😐

  • beachmom H

    If I had it to do again, I’d homeschool all my kids. Especially with the resources available to us today.
    We pulled one of our sons out of school at age 15. He was dyslexic and the school wanted to force him to stay in special ed classes and were convincing him he’d never amount to anything.
    We enrolled him in an online Christian school and supplemented with math and music and real home economics.
    He ended up reading more difficult books than the AP students at the public high school.
    Over half of the students in Maine who graduate high school and go on to the community college system have to take and pay for remedial classes. Yet the school boards in our state continue to throw money at the problem. We now spend more per student than it would cost to send the kids to private school.

    • Nick Stuart

      Speaking of throwing money at public schools. Recall the Trayvon Martin incident. His girlfriend, Rachel Jantel was horribly embarrassed during the trial by her almost nonexistent level of education. Nothing takes away from the responsibility of her family, and herself individually, for the fact that she graduated high school apparently functionally illiterate. Happily the last I heard of her she was working at remediating that and good for her if she sticks with it and succeeds.

      My point is not to dump on Jantel, my point is that an educational bureaucracy cashed every check for 13 years while they warehoused her, waved her through grade after grade, and dumped her out on the street with a meaningless high school diploma. A lot of people made a lot of money off of her and students like her and never gave a thought to how they weren’t delivering the service they were being paid for.

      The public school system is irremediable. Too many people make too much money and have too much of an interest in keeping it just the way it is.

      If you have a child, no matter who you are (Right, Left, straight, gay, black, white, brown, etc.) you need to get your kid out of public school and private or home school them. This is not a guarantee of success, nor of a virtuous adult, but it improves the odds and you will be able to rest in the knowledge that you did the best you could.

  • Wayne Cook

    Sam, right there with you and Kevin! My wife and I pulled our kids out of school many years ago and split the chores teaching…my oldest was a certified instructor so she could be the supervisor for her two siblings. Today, our kids are a wonderful citizens, as their mom has passed the baton on literally to the three of them.

    Thank you so much for supporting homeschooling the way you and Kevin do!!

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