ANALYSIS: Here’s One Rape Culture the Media Wants to Be Fake

Survey shows 80% of women coming into U.S. illegally are sexually assaulted, but media is more concerned with fake campus rape claims.

By Published on July 3, 2015

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

With that colorful statement two weeks ago, Donald Trump declared his views on illegal immigrants. Since then, several media outlets have spent countless ounces of ink and innumerable seconds of air time raging at the real estate mogul for his comments — particularly his rape assertion.

Whenever The Donald is invited to defend his views for the umpteenth time, the questioning usually veers to the rape angle, as it did when Trump was interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon Wednesday night. During the interview, the presidential hopeful brought up a Fusion article that reported that 80 percent of women coming into the U.S. illegally are sexually assaulted.

Lemon — sensing a delightful bit of schadenfreude within his grasp — pointed out that the article referred to migrants being raped, not the other way around. Unfazed, Trump responded, “Who’s doing the raping?”

Predictably, the outlets that ran with the story focused less on answering the Donald’s question than on relishing in his supposed humiliation. Mediaite’s article blared, “Trump Completely Misread Fusion Article About Immigration and Rape,” even though the candidate did say 80 percent of illegal migrants were being raped — which was the whole point of the Fusion article.

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump tipped the scales of smugness in his article disputing Trump’s illegal crime claims. However, Bump utilized data that analyzed overall immigrant crime rates, not data specifically focused on figures for illegal aliens.

But the answer to who’s raping these young women doesn’t appear to be a major concern. Mediaite added as an afterthought, quoting from the original Fusion piece, that “perpetrators can be coyotes, other migrants, bandits, or even government authorities.”

WaPo’s Bump didn’t even bother to answer the question.

This lack of an answer reflects how so many members of the media treat this awful rape epidemic. They find out that eight in ten female illegal immigrants are raped and all they want to do is mock Trump — the mere messenger of the statistic.

It’s a far cry from how mainstream outlets treat college sexual assault. When it comes to campus rape, these same reporters deploy the old one in five trope ad nauseam to claim that it is a very serious problem. Pundits and commentators then place the blame on fraternities for fomenting a rape culture on campus and harboring predators in their midst.

But, contrary to the wishes of these reporters, the actual facts tell a different story. The fabulist statistic that one in five college women will be sexually assaulted is based either on data inappropriate to apply on a national level or otherwise faulty surveying techniques. Sexual assault is also given a broad definition that includes forced kissing, grind dancing and sex in which consent is later regretted.

The sexual assaults that migrant women face, on the other hand, resemble the disturbing fantasy concocted by Jackie for Rolling Stone’s “A Rape on Campus” hoax. Except these assaults on migrants — many of them little girls — actually happen. Strangely, though, you won’t find these horrific stories plastered on the covers of major magazines.

The disproportionate coverage given to factually-dubious campus rape claims creates the impression that the bad dates and awkward dance experiences of upper-middle class white girls are far more important than the brutal rapes of underage migrant girls. The left’s obsession with campus rape and lack of interest in immigrant sex abuse is proof progressives have become the voice for the people who have the money, credentials and social capital to spend four years and six figures attending America’s elite universities. When you can find more articles detailing the injustice of manspreading and mansplaining on sites like Vox rather than the real-life atrocities happening at the border, you can tell whose interests matter to them.

And it seems that the only time it’s worth mentioning the horrors done to migrant women is when we need to let evil xenophobes know that Hispanic immigrants aren’t rapists.

Except that it’s still Hispanic men who are raping these women, and the countries where illegal immigrants primarily come from countries have sexual assault rates that dwarf the phony numbers for American universities. The eight-in-ten figure for migrant women proves that there is a very real rape culture among illegal immigrants, contrary to what some fact checkers might want you to believe.

However, there are no proposed solutions for this problem — outside of granting these illegal migrants some form of legal status. But considering how Ronald Reagan’s amnesty worked out, that would only encourage more unlawful immigration.

That makes for a depressing contrast with the totalitarian tactics demanded by those who wish to curb the mythical pandemic of campus rape. As Ezra Klein wrote in support of California’s draconian affirmative consent law, college “men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter.”

Meanwhile, we’re letting the men who target citizens and non-citizens alike rest easy knowing that their crimes will only be reported to snarkily dismiss the fears of many Americans.

Talk about a double standard.


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