Greater Purpose

By Paula White-Cain Published on October 15, 2019

God has something greater for us. We all have dreams yet to fulfill, promises waiting to come to pass, songs and books yet to write, companies to build, families to start, sermons to preach, and seasons to weather.

We are the only ones who can forfeit what God has for us. No enemy, no devil, no one can take it unless we give it up. So, no matter how it looks or feels now, we must hold on. Quitting is not an option, even when chapters of our life story are unexpected and not desired. We stay the course with a full assurance that somehow, some way, God takes what the enemy meant for the bad and turns it to the good for those who love God and are the called according to (which means in harmony with) His purpose.

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The graveyard is filled with unrealized potential, possibilities, and purpose. It is the wealthiest spot on planet earth, where people are buried with the greatest books that won’t be written, inventions that won’t be created, and ideas that won’t come to fruition. People keep dying with their treasure. We are not supposed to die until we are empty. Let’s die finished! Life is evidence we are not empty yet. When the apostle Paul stated, “I am now ready to be offered up,” he was literally saying, “I am dispensed, my life and purpose have been poured out like a drink offering.”

While most people are trying to get filled, the true goal for a person who understands purpose is to be emptied out; to realize that our life experiences have all been part of the development process to build and release through us something greater, something that will outlive us and continue to make a difference in generations to come.

Excerpted from Something Greater by Paula White-Cain (Copyright 2019). Used with permission from FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group, Inc.

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