GOP Funds Huge Staffing Surge in Key States

By Published on September 12, 2016

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has a lot more staffers on the ground in key battleground states than it did in the 2012 general election, according to a press release published Monday.

The RNC currently has 1,040 paid staffers in the swing state of Florida, and 443 in Ohio, two of the most influential swing states in the 2016 general election, according to a RNC press release. There were only 84 paid staffers in Florida, and 79 in Ohio in 2012, in contrast.

There are currently 3,894 paid staffers working across 33 states that Republicans deem very important. There are also 6,000 unpaid workers who knocked on 4.4 million doors as of reporting.

“The media has fallen for the Clinton camp’s false narrative that equates having a lot of campaign offices with having a superior field organization,” RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer said in an official statement.

“In reality, the Clinton camp knows that the Trump campaign and the RNC’s combined efforts are outpacing their field organization, and their touting how many offices they have cannot cover up the fact they lag behind our effort in organizers, volunteers, and voter registration in key states.”

Spicer also talked up the RNC’s door-knocking campaigning, while also criticizing the Clinton campaign for focusing too much on impersonal phone calls and voicemails. “The RNC’s ground game is far ahead of a Clinton ground game that amounts to a cubicle factory, and we will continue to stay ahead as we push toward Election Day. ”

The Clinton campaign launched major headquarter office openings nationwide, including offices in Northern Virginia, Atlanta, Texas and Utah.

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