Four Battle Ready Books for Catholics Defending Their Faith

Your Guide to the Truth and Lies Regarding Pope Francis

By Mary Olohan Published on September 6, 2018

Are you traumatized by the recent revelations within the Catholic Church? You are not alone. Thousands across the world are still reeling. They’re learning all about Pope Francis, Cardinal McCarrick, and Cardinal Wuerl. Now, more than ever, do we need leaders who speak out strongly against evil. Thankfully, Regnery authors have been outspoken. Read on to discover which of their inspired works is best for you!

Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock

by Phillip Lawler (Regnery, 2018)

Lawler was once an admirer of Pope Francis. He spent years closely analyzing the pontiff’s words and actions. Then Lawler finally had to admit it. Pope Francis was purposefully and unashamedly misleading the Catholic Church. Many claimed that Pope Francis was simply putting new emphasis on old teaching. But Lawler shows that Pope Francis determinedly seeks to change Catholic doctrine. To change Catholicism. Lost Shepherd respectfully, honestly, and thoroughly examines key highlights of Pope Francis’ pontificate. It offers solutions.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism

by John Zmirak (Regnery, 2016)

The “Politically Incorrect Guides” are some of Regnery’s gems. And John Zmirak’s PIG to Catholicism does not disappoint. Liberal activists desperately seek to hijack Catholic teaching. So Zmirak reiterates the basics. And the facts. Are Catholics really supposed to believe in global warming? In gun control? Or open borders? Is Catholic “social teaching” similar to socialism? Can the pope actually change Catholic doctrine? Zmirak sets the record straight on these questions and many, many more. P.S. He also has a fantastic Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration.

The Dictator Pope: The Inside Story of the Francis Papacy

by Henry Sire (Regnery, 2018)

Sire penned this eye-opening exposé under a pseudonym. (Marcantonio Colonna.) But that didn’t prevent the Knights of Malta from expelling him for what he included in Dictator Pope. Drawing on his experiences in the Vatican during the first few years of Pope Francis, Sire tells all. He reveals Pope Francis to be authoritarian, manipulative, and politically partisan. Hire notes how these traits almost stalled Francis’ church career. Dictator Pope is a horrifying depiction of Pope Francis’ climb to power. And his pursuit of a radically liberal agenda.

Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption Into the Catholic Church

by Michael S. Rose (Regnery, 2002)

Michael Rose explores the effects of radical liberalism upon the Catholic Church. His focus? The liberal agenda to destroy Catholic teachings on morality and sexuality. Rose reveals it all. How “morally rigid” seminarians are turned away. The malicious encouragement of gay subcultures within the priesthood. The rise in sexual abuse. Corrupt bishops, priests, deacons, and the like. Rose sites specific examples. He provides ample evidence. There is a deliberate and vindictive war on the Catholic Church. It comes from the radical Left outside. And, as Rose prophetically showed, from radicals within the Catholic Church.

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  • SkyGirl315

    The problem is the church has doctrinal errors regardless. They all need to take heed of what the. Bible really says.

    • The Church is indivisible and indefectible. This is because God is at the head of the Church and God cannot be contradicted nor blemished.

      Do these “doctrinal errors” you speak of have something to do with you personally disapproving with the truth in the grounds of ego?

      • Cody

        Its your doctrine thats wrong, the Catholic false religion has it all wrong, and the book of revelation tells you to come out of the false religion rev 18:4 is just one place.

        • Could you justify your blasphemy? Or are you just going to hope your sneering helps you ignore the Truth?

          • Cody

            My friend, Jesus loves you so much He would of went to the cross just for you, Jesus and only Jesus can save you, but it is your choice, you must realize you are a sinner an in need of a savior, then repent of your sin, and invite Jesus the very one who paid the price for your sin to come in to your life and be your lord and savior. Its that easy no man or church or pope or priest or even religion can save anyone, for none of them are prefect only Jesus is, thats why its only the work Jesus did that can save. Jesus is the savior of the world period, please consider this and take it to heart I would love to meat you in Heaven someday. a sincere prayer said from the heart is all it takes, say a prayer something like this, Dear Jesus I know I am a sinner and in need of a savior, I am asking you to forgive me of all my sins, I believe You died for me and rose again, please come into my heart and be my personal Lord and savior help me to live my life pleasing to You, thank you for saving me Amen.

          • If you cared, you would join His Church.

          • James Blazsik

            What you said is basically Catholic , we are saved by Christ alone. But the Catholic faith says what the Bible says: repent and be baptized. Acts 2. Also Jesus said in Mark 16:16 “he who believes and is baptized will be saved.” Also, unless you are born of water and the Spirit, you can not enter the Kingdom of God. Jn 3:5. Paul said in Gal. 3:27 that when you were baptized you put on Christ. Peter said in 1Peter 3:21 that baptism saves us.
            What church group do you attend? Are you baptist?

          • Cody

            And the Catholic Church believes baptism saves, like you profess, and yet babies cannot repent or believe their false doctrine gives young children a false sense of salvation. you are the one who needs to study the history of the Catholic Church. And some of their false teachings of Mary, salvation, idol worship celibacy and baptism. They don’t even get communion right your priest believes he has the power to change the communion elements into the literal body and blood of Christ, thats blaspheme and it would make you all a bunch of cannibals. Jesus said it is finished and yet you catholics think you can jerk Jesus right out of Heaven and re-crucify Him every time you take part in the unholy mass, that is what you are doing, and Jesus said it if finished and you have not figured that out, the communion elements represents whats Jesus did for us no one has the power to change bread and wine into the literal body and blood that would be witchcraft or something worse.

          • James Blazsik

            You don’t know what the Catholic Church teaches and you are blinded by your bigotry. You don’t discuss the Scripture I quoted; you simply spew your ignorance. The Church believes we are saved by Christ alone.
            The Eucharist has been believed by the Church for 2,000 years. There wasn’t a dispute until after a 1,000 years and never changed. Your cannibal quote was dealt with by the early Church against the pagans. You fit well with the pagans. Jesus said “unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you”. Jesus pronounced the bread and wine as His Body and Blood at the Last Supper. It can’t get any simpler than that. It’s the Holy Spirit that does this. Duh.
            We do not resacrifice Christ. We participate in the one time eternal Sacrifice of the Son of God.
            Are you baptist?

          • mia kulper

            James, what of the thief on the cross beside Jesus? He was not baptised. I have heard enough fights over infant baptism; confirmation; etc and so on. My children were christened shortly after birth as I was raised in the Anglican Church but later we left & went to non-denominational churches. My kids then were baptized as they made their individual choice; similar to my confirmation at 12 years of age, without the white dress and funny hat. I struggled with the issue of getting baptized later when my relationship with the Lord had surely matured & I had fully embraced grace and the need for a Savior.. Still it felt weird to “look” like I had just figured it out at such an advanced age. Putting my “ego” aside, I was baptized as an adult. To illustrate the foolishness of arguing over the issue, my mom who loved the Episcopal Church and loved the Lord told my children NEVER to tell her that they had been baptized beyond their infant baptism. She felt it was a afront to her & it was quite the rebuke to young kids who were excited about their commitment they had made in full knowledge of what they were doing. Broke my heart and that Episcopalian rigidity was damaging to the relationship with my mother. It surely reassured me that I had made the right decision to get away from denominational bickering. Life is hard enough and there are serioius falsehoods espoused at pulpits today/let’s not get hung up on the minor league when the Church is celebrating sexual perversion and a false gospel.

          • Kathy

            A very kind and caring plea, Cody. From what I understand, just saying a prayer is not necessarily going to change a person’s heart. That transformation, initiating true repentance and faith, occurs only through the work of the Holy Spirit, not a man, church, pope, priest or religion, as you wrote, nor solely through being baptized with water. However, one could possibly say a prayer like that could only be prayed sincerely by someone who has already encountered Jesus through His Spirit.
            So, yes, we are saved by Christ alone, nothing needs to be added to Him.

        • James Blazsik

          The Catholic Church gave you the Trinity, deity of Christ, His atonement, resurrection, and the Bible.
          2,000 years of Christian teaching and the Creeds. The reformers took the Catholic faith and simply kept, change, or remove what the wanted. By what authority?
          Martin Luther advocated violence against the Jews and the burning down of synagogues. The founder of protestantism was a madman. Read, “On the Jews and their Lies”, by Martin Luther. It’s online.

          • mia kulper

            Goodness, I would think that the behavior of many church leaders toward the Jewish people,, Roman and Protestant alike, would prevent pointing fingers, James. Martin Luther definitely bears rebuke in that regard but the Roman Catholic Church promoted anti-semitism as well. But to be fair, the Jewish-owned New York Times and plenty of American Jews turned their backs on the plight of those they deemed to be an embarrassment. Every group has their scape goat.

          • James Blazsik

            The Catholic Church (its not the “Roman” Catholic Church) never promoted anti-semitism, though individual leaders have. Read, “on the Jews and Their Lives” by Martin Luther. It’s horrible.
            Martin Luther is THE founder of the protestant movement. He has the greater sin He became a madman.

    • Vincent J.

      I’ve found that one needs to challenge NigelTeaPot using the instructions given in 1 John chapter 4. I’ve found that he is incapable of saying (typing), “Jesus is the Son of God.”

      • Cody

        You are absolutely 100% right.

    • Cody


    • James Blazsik

      ! Timothy 3:15 says that the pillar and foundation of the truth. The Dogma of the Church is without error. The teaching of the Catholic Church is the servant to Scripture.
      When you make the statement that we need to take heed of what the Bible says, the question arises: according to who?

  • Johann du Toit

    Already have the Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. One of the best books on the Catholic Church I have ever read.

  • Vincent J.

    Interesting cover photo. I thought Sister Jude and her paddle were scary. Now, I see that Sister Jude was not so bad after all.

    • Paul

      There’s a meme floating around the interweb of several nuns with guns and it reads something like “Much to the terrorists surprise the virgins awaiting him in paradise were not what he expected”

      • Cody

        I love it, perhaps they are loaded with buckshot and bacon bits.

  • mia kulper

    I’m glad I read the info on the books because it made me wonder if Gorka was crazy. The present Pope is a threat to this country so glad to see that there are Roman Catholics exposing all that is wrong. Hopefully, people will read the books. Protestants have more than a fair share of false prophets and preachers/left the Episcopal Church many years back because the church abandoned the Bible as the Word of God long long ago. Today, many churches of all flavors are perverting truth. What a terrible thing to do.

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