Former Special Operators ‘Really P***** Off’ Over FBI Decision to Let Clinton Off

By Jonah Bennett Published on July 7, 2016

The special operator community is “really p***** off” that the Federal Bureau of Investigation found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in Hillary Clinton’s handling of top secret information.

According to Jamie Williamson, who heads OPSEC, a group of former special operators and CIA officials, while it’s impossible to speak for every single member of the special forces community, there’s a wide-ranging sentiment that the FBI’s decision represents a complete miscarriage of justice, The Hill reports.

“I had a great deal of respect for Director Comey. This is not what I expected. I don’t feel that justice was done,” OPSEC President Jamie Williamson, a retired member of U.S. Army Special Forces, told The Hill.

“I know if I had done a fraction of the things that Mrs. Clinton did, we wouldn’t be talking now because I would be sitting in jail many months ago,” he added.

Williamson insisted his criticism of Comey or Clinton is not politically motivated and said he would say the exact same thing if the situation involved a Republican.

What matters is not party affiliation, but poor handling of classified information and the fact that Clinton got off scot-free.

“It’s unfortunate that politics has clouded this whole issue,” he said. “It is what it is. Clinton’s running for president. We’re in the election season, so it is politicized, there’s no doubt about it. But people should be concerned as Americans, not as Republicans or Democrats.”

OPSEC does not intend to endorse a presidential candidate, but the group will release information to educate voters “on who’s lied to the American people.”

Following Comey’s announcement, Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated she’s closing the investigation on Hillary Clinton and concluding the matter.


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