CPAC: Conway Tells Women the Job of First Female President is Still Open

By Published on February 23, 2017

White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway had a few words of advice for women voters attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor Thursday morning.

Conway described her brand of feminism, and used her position as one of the most influential women in politics today to encourage young women in the audience to work towards their dreams.

“To all the young women in the audience I want to remind you that the job as first woman president is still open, so get out there and go for it,” Conway said, referencing the fact that former candidate Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election in November. She would have occupied that spot in history had she won over Trump.

She went on to assert that she subscribes to a certain brand of feminism, although she hesitated to use that word.

“It’s difficult for me to call myself a feminist, because it’s anti-male and pro-abortion, and that’s not me,” Conway said, later adding that the feminist movement seems to have a problem with women in power. 

“There are a lot of women that have a problem with women in power. Constantly talking about what women look like, or what they wear; this presumptive negativity about women in power is very unfortunate.”

Conway also stated that Trump was able to win over women voters as a result of his vision for America. “Many women looked past the commonality of gender and looked forward a vision of the future they wanted for themselves,” Conway said during the speech. 

“Trump didn’t have any of the usual political motivators, he already had money, he already had power, he’s just doing this because of his vision for America.”

President Donald Trump was able to earn a majority with older, married women, but also made significant gains with younger, single women voters, a group former candidate Hillary Clinton firmly believed she would control in November.


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