Fear of the Left: The Most Powerful Force in America Today

By Dennis Prager Published on May 1, 2018

The dominant force in America and many other Western countries today is fear of the left.

This is a result of the fact that the most dynamic religion of the past 100 years has been neither Christianity nor Islam. It has been leftism. Whoever does not recognize this does not understand the contemporary world.

What is Leftism?

Leftism — in its incarnations, such as Marxism, communism and socialism; expressed through egalitarianism, environmentalism and feminism; in its denigration of capitalism and Western civilization, especially America and Israel; in its supplanting of Christianity and Judaism; through its influence on Christianity and Judaism; in its celebration of race; and in its replacing of reason with romanticism — has almost completely taken over the news and entertainment media and institutions of education.

There is a largely (though not entirely) nonviolent reign of ideological terror in America. In almost every area of life, people fear antagonizing the left.

A Fear That Silences

Last week, before my speech at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a man employed by the university (I will not say in what department) walked over to me, looked around to see whether anyone was watching and whispered in my ear, “I’m a conservative.”

This happens just about everywhere I speak. People whisper — yes, whisper — that they are conservative or they support Trump. The last time I experienced people looking around to check whether they were seen speaking to me was with dissidents in the Soviet Union.

People call my radio show from all over the country to say that their fellow musicians, nurses, teachers or employees do not know that they are conservative, let alone that they support the president.

I have called contemporary conservatives in America Marranos, the name given during the 15th-century Spanish Inquisition to Jews who hid their Judaism while appearing to be Catholics, lest they be persecuted. I do not compare the consequences: Losing one’s friends or employment is not the same as losing one’s home or one’s life. But otherwise, the label is apt.

Because of my widely covered conducting of the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra at the Walt Disney Concert Hall last summer, members of some of the most prestigious orchestras in America have opened up to me, telling me they are conservative but would never reveal this fact to their fellow musicians. They fear either losing their position or, more likely, being socially ostracized.

Why are so many Democrats shocked when a Republican is elected president? Because, as they themselves say, they “don’t know anyone” who voted for the Republican. The primary reason for this is the people in their life who voted for Donald Trump — professional colleagues, and even friends and relatives — are afraid to tell them.

There are two reasons the left labels most conservatives and all Trump supporters “white supremacists,” “neo-Nazis” and “racists.” One is to defeat conservatives without having to defeat conservative ideas. The other is to instill fear: Speak out and you will suffer the consequences.

The Consequences of Being Conservative

Parents call my radio show and ask what they should tell their children at college when they ask whether they should risk receiving a lower grade for divulging their conservative politics in a paper or on an exam.

It is becoming more and more common for leftist mobs to gather in front of a conservative’s home, scream epithets at the conservative’s family members and vandalize the home. Just last week, the Associated Press reported: “Protesters are targeting the northern Virginia home of the National Rifle Association’s top lobbyist … Chris Cox … as well as his wife’s nearby decorating business. … Libby Locke, a lawyer for the Cox family, said the vandalism included spraying fake blood and defacing the home with stickers.”

Left-wing student mobs routinely take over the offices of university deans, professors and even presidents. The few non-left-wing professors on any campus understand their lives will be made miserable if they speak out. The widely reported case of liberal biology professor Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State College in Washington is directly on point.

In May 2017, professor Weinstein was surrounded by about 50 left-wing students, who screamed curses at him outside of his classroom for refusing to participate in an event during which white people were asked to leave the campus for a day.

On May 24, 2017, Weinstein tweeted: “the police told me I am not safe on campus. They can not protect me.”

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Within a few months, left-wing students and the left-wing Evergreen administration made life so miserable for the lifelong liberal professor he left the university.

Since the left began spreading the lie that a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, shot a black youth because he, like most police officers, is a racist, police officers in many cities have feared taking proactive measures to prevent violent crime in black neighborhoods. They fear the left-wing mob known as the news media will ruin their reputation and end their career.

In the recent case of a Philadelphia Starbucks manager who asked two black men to purchase something before giving them the code to the restroom, Starbucks immediately appeased the left-wing mob. The company didn’t wait until any facts came out; it simply abandoned the manager and announced it would close every U.S. store one day in May to educate all Starbucks employees about “unconscious bias.”

These are only a few examples of the left-wing intimidation that dominates much of American life.

It does so in large measure because liberals are either too afraid to confront the left or they don’t understand that the American left, not the American right, is the mortal enemy of liberalism.


Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist. His latest book, published by Regnery in April 2018, is The Rational Bible, a commentary on the book of Exodus. He is the founder of Prager University and may be contacted at dennisprager.com.


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  • Diogenes71

    Once again, Dr. Prager, gets it right!

    Since the Left has nothing to offer it must force compliance with their destructive ideas by force, intimidation and ad hominem attacks.

    That is all it has in its endless pursuit for total power and control!

  • John Doane

    “the most dynamic religion of the past 100 years has been neither Christianity nor Islam. It has been leftism.”

    True. Our opposition is neither secular (non-religious) or atheistic (anti-religious).

    Rather, as identified decades ago by theologian Robert Brow in a concise Inter Varsity Press book titled Religion, the religion in question is really a kind of pantheism. Its core assertions are: 1) there is no supernatural Creator outside of nature; and 2) meaning can be found in aligning with the principle behind nature, which is perceived to be evolutionary progress. Hence sometimes this religion is called progressivism. We need to realize that we are fighting not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this present age. That is why our opposition is so intense. But the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, and have divine power to destroy such strongholds.

  • Patmos

    The modern left in America are not liberals, they are useful !diots, too dumb to see their self destructive ways.

  • Karen

    Oh, you poor little snowflakes! Need a safe space, maybe with kittens?

    For crying out loud, are you big tough hairy he-men actually AFRAID of leftists? The same people you accuse of being wimps? Also, the people who control none of the federal government and very few state governments? You’re afraid of us? You are a bunch of pathetic cowards, aren’t you?

    • Bryan

      Can I ask you a question: In your opinion, is there a national dialogue of ideas between left and right or is there character assassinations of the people on one side by the people on the other side and the conclusion drawn from the character assassination is that that side’s ideas must be wrong because we’ve assassinated the character of the individual on the other side?

      • Karen

        The Right has been enthusiatically lying about the Left since Nixon. Nothing anyone on Prager’s side says has even the most tenous relationship to the facts, and in the age of Trump there is no reason even to be polite to you because you will most certainly not afford us any consideration. I believe with all my heart that you and Prager would imprison everyone who disagrees with Trump in gulags.

        • JP

          Can you give a couple of examples where Prager has said that he “would imprison everyone who disagrees with Trump in gulags”?

          • Karen

            No, but the piece on which we are commenting states that conservatives should be afraid of liberals because of some anonymous hearsay that someone Prager knows have heard mean things about Trump. I saw all those rallies where Trump supports want Hillary Clinton imprisoned, and all the ‘F Your Feeings’ t-shirts on people who are such pathetic little cowards they can’t deal with a comedian making jokes at their expense. You are the ones who need the giant guns because someone, somewhere says something. I am not afraid of your mouths; I’m afraid of your weapons and your anger.

          • JP

            Ok. So Dennis didn’t promote this nonsense nor is he responsible for what others say.
            I’m actually glad that comedian was as filthy as she was. It just shows clearly what many of the influencers are like.
            Hilary should be imprison if she is brought to trial and the accusations against her are proven true. So far it looks like a major coverup was done for her.

          • Karen

            Do you ever read anything from your opponents? Or do you stay in your Breitbart-and-Fox bubble?

          • JP

            You claimed that Dennis wanted to lock up those who are against Trump. We know that is not true.

        • Bryan

          Karen, I know of no gulag in the US. So no matter what you believe about President Trump or Mr. Prager, it would seem that you, not they are sliding away from reality. The Handmaiden’s Tale is a work of fiction not fact. The only part of the world where it would have some possibility of coming to fruition is in some extremist Islamic-controlled areas of the world.
          As for politeness, I have never in my dealings with you been impolite, aggressive, or untoward.
          You have not directly answered my original question. You have, however, demonstrated that you are not interested in dialogue, but rather, in character assassination. You seem to be proving the point of the article. Though fortunately, I don’t know you personally and you cannot yell at my colleagues through a computer screen.

          • Karen

            You have been polite. No, there is no dialog between left and right. Both sides speak only to our own partisans.

          • Tim Pan

            and your comments dramatize the reason why. Your full of hate.

        • Chip Crawford

          You are just deceived, wrong about what you are saying. You’re in a house of mirrors. Everything you say, your bunch is doing itself. What you believe with all your heart is exactly what your crowd is all about — fascist takeover through gluts of immigrants voting Dem. Wake up girl, you’re had.

          • Karen

            See, we say that you want those things. You oppose women’s rights, you support police violence against black people, you want gay people jailed.

            I would love to find some common ground and work from that, but I will not compromise on basic human dignity.

          • Chip Crawford

            Stop accusing us with lies! Stop compromising the truth, snowflake. Feeding on your hyped tripe networks is getting to your brain. Turn off the tube! Throw open the windows for fresh air. Still better, get outside and clean up your own back yard. It’s full of junk! Haul out your trash! Cleanse your mind. Get healthy.

          • Tim Pan

            and you murder unborn babies.

    • Tim Pan

      You fail to understand that you have a demonic spirit upon you. You by yourself are nothing but you demon, well that is a frightful problem.

  • Concerned Christian

    “Why are so many Democrats shocked when a Republican is elected president?”

    I don’t think it’s for the reasons you gave:

    President Trump lied more than 3,000 times in 466 days

    Stormy Daniels files defamation lawsuit against Trump

    Trump wants to know if hispanics are in the room before trashing them

    Most Americans think Trump is racist, poll finds

    I think it’s because democrats didn’t realize how much fear republicans live in to make trump a rational choice for them!

    • Clarence Mercer

      They had no choice but to vote Trump. Christianity is totally under attack from the left in the USA and Canada.

      • Concerned Christian

        sounds like Christians were given the choice of voting for the devil or the devil and they chose the devil.

        There are always alternatives if you look hard enough. Even if you have to make them yourself!

  • Concerned Christian

    yes it’s the left has issues:

    Trump voters think he’s lying about Stormy Daniels. And no, they don’t really care.

  • Up_Words

    “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”
    –Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:28-31 )

    So then death is working in us, but life in you. And since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I
    believed and therefore I spoke,” we also believe and therefore speak,
    –spoken by a real Christian (2 Corinthians 4:12-13)

    Faith without works is dead. (James 2:26)

    Ever wonder why Christians have so little influence, in America? Look no further than those who are ashamed of Christ on earth (now) who may only hope to have some honor in eternity (Mark 8:38, Luke 9:26). Have I, personally, experienced persecution in the land of the free, and home of the brave? Of course (it’s what Jesus promised – Jn. 15:20, (2 Tim. 3:12))—but this post isn’t about me, it’s about the most powerful Man in the Universe, before Whom I now bow (Phil. 2:10,11).

  • bbb

    The “left” used to be a Democrat Party consisting of patriotic Americans who wanted more government and more social programs and as a result higher taxes.
    Today’s “left” is a dangerous Police State that has weaponized the Federal bureaus and agencies against the American people and is using communist tactics to frighten people.
    Religion and Government have been separate for decades but now religion is in conflict with government because of God’s inerrant Word not matching the socially engineered definitions of a “Transformed America.”
    Communism demands worship of government – seeing the government as the entity that provides food, shelter, income, a definition of who one is. The Republic of the USA was built to allow people to worship God, to enjoy His inalienable rights and to decide for themselves their food, shelter, and definition of whom they worship to learn who we are.
    Be very careful about listening to what people say.
    The DNC today claims it is the caring party, the party that understands one’s emotions and racial and sexual differences and the party that only wants to help everyone.
    But take a look at what the DNC is actually doing. It supports baby butcher-shops. That is not very caring. It supports the government controlling your children. That’s not very understanding. It supports taxes up to 70% of middle class income to keep the poor in bad housing and eating bad foods. That is not helping anyone. It supports immigration that will put even more people in poverty to control them and give them bad housing and food, too. That is not neighborly, it is sad.
    The DNC did not stand for the anthem or flag in the senate chambers. The DNC does not like America and is not patriotic in the least. It is more in league with demons than Christians.

  • Concerned Christian

    Maybe the left should be more concerned about the right:

    ‘Counter-Semitic’ candidate runs as Republican in California Senate race

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