FBI Recommends No Criminal Charges for ‘Extremely Careless’ Hillary Clinton in Email Scandal

By Published on July 5, 2016

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  • Gary

    And once again, the injustice system works for the benefit of the rich and powerful. I’m going to try to get on the next jury I am called for that involves the government charging someone with something so I can vote “not guilty”.

  • Cowboy

    No surprise here!

    • 6thinclass

      Agree! disappointed but just as expected…

      • Paul

        but no less disgusting, or maybe even more so.

  • Michael Gore

    You know, I was in the Army and possessed a Top Secret Security Clearance, and I know for a fact that if I was found to have exibited “‘extremely careless’ behavior in my handling of sensitive information” I would have ended up in a military prison.
    Not to mention it’s very relevant that an appeals court today ruled that federal government employees cannot use private email servers to avoid FOIA requests, as the Obama administration had tried to argue. Can you imagine our government, one that the President had promised would be the most transparent ever, arguing to a federal judge that if a Public Employee does government business on a private email, then they should not be required to submit those records for Freedom of Information Act Inquiries? Talk about trying to make a loophole!

  • dlx79

    Ok fine she’s not guilty of any wrong doing, but if this was anyone else we’d get story after story about how appalling this level of incompetence is.

    • 6thinclass

      It was not said that Hillary was not guilty of any wrong doing…just they would not be prosecuting because they didn’t believe there was any intent of ‘wrong doing’. ha ha chuckle teehee pick myself up off the floor laughing at that deduction, Sherlock!

      I suppose, if you are stopped for speeding, you should tell the PO that you didn’t intend to speed! It wasn’t premeditated, it was not planned in any way – it was an accident that you were speeding! Can the justice dept get any more ridiculous? It must have sounded plausible to them while they were thinking it – didn’t it sound different when it was said out loud?

  • This indicates why the church (as a whole, all denominations) should pray political prayers, petitioning the Lord for righteous leaders and removing those who are not. Larry Nichols, who used to be an operative for Hillary Clinton (until he got saved & came to the Lord), said the other day that when Clinton met with Lynch, that what happened (since he used to do that job) is that a piece of paper was passed saying what “they” “had” on people. It blackmails the people to say and do what the Clintons want, otherwise the threat that the skeletons in the closet be exposed. This is why the church needs to be careful about slamming those who attempt to get into the ring like Trump. Too many do not have the courage to stand up to that kind of blackmail. If someone is willing to go through the left & corrupted establishment trying to destroy them, and if they look to be a righteous leader (we are not electing a pastor) that we need to be careful about destroying the few who have the courage to throw their hat in the ring. What is the choice left to you if you destroy the courageous ones who are seeking righteousness? Hillary Clinton.

  • Mo86

    How I long for the day when this evil woman will stand before God to give account for her crimes. She thinks she’s gotten away with it. She hasn’t.

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