Embracing Truth: The Battle Against Deception

By Todd Huff Published on December 1, 2023

If conservative principles are firmly rooted in truth and reality, then why don’t more people embrace them?

Well, that’s a great question, isn’t it? And trust me, there’s more than a couple of answers to unwrap here.

Denial Can Be a Cozy Place to Live

First things first, let’s acknowledge a fundamental truth: not everyone’s eager to live in harmony with truth and reality. It’s part of human nature, to some degree.

Embracing truth often involves confronting uncomfortable realities about ourselves.

Got aspirations to shed a few pounds? Brace yourself for dietary and exercise commitments that might not exactly thrill you.

Dreaming big? That usually involves rolling up your sleeves, embracing hard work, and familiarizing yourself with failure. Maybe a lot of failure.

We often desire the end result without wanting to endure the journey to get there.

Some folks live their entire lives wrapped up in that mentality. After all, denial can be a cozy place to live so long as you’re not interested in accepting truth and reality.

Most People Love America

Now, let’s shine a little light on the second part of the answer to the question I raised above: conservative principles have a lot more fans than they get credit for.

Most folks actually live their lives with a conservative mentality. They cherish the founding ideals of this great nation. They admire liberty and love the prosperity created by free markets. They hold dear the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. They deeply respect free speech, freedom of expression, a free press, the right to protest, and the right to live in accordance with their conscience.

Remember, folks, we’re on the side of truth. It’s high time our confidence matches that reality.

Most people love America, no matter what nonsense the Radical Left tries to peddle. Sure, the Left’s got a louder megaphone, but there’s still a boatload more freedom-loving Americans than lovers of big government.

Leftists Are on a Mission

Now let’s zoom in on the third part of the answer to the initial question raised in this column: the people running influential pillars of our society are highly disproportionately Leftists on a mission to wreck conservative aspects of our culture and society.

About a dozen years back, Rush Limbaugh introduced an idea to his audience that he called The Four Corners of Deceit. He identified these corners as government, academia, science, and the media.

His point? There are powerhouses in this nation being used like pawns by the elite ruling class to hoodwink the American people.

Rush was spot on, as usual.

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But there are more than 4 corners of deceit. There are 7 established pillars of full-blown propaganda waging war against truth and conservative principles in our society today.

Propaganda, my friends, is designed to disseminate “information” that’s heavily tilted or downright misleading, all to push a political agenda or viewpoint.

Make no mistake: the folks steering these levers of power are dead set on duping Americans with their propaganda, aiming to turn them away from conservative truths and into devout disciples of the godless Radical Left.

Their game plan? Boost the Left’s voices, making them seem more massive and more credible, all while intimidating, muting or discrediting conservative voices. It’s one of the only tricks they’ve got up their sleeves.

Because let’s face it, on a fair playing field, their “ideas” — or should I say, their feelings — get completely crushed.

7 Pillars of Propaganda — a Whirlwind Tour

Now, let’s take a whirlwind tour through each of the 7 Pillars of Propaganda we’re battling in this great nation today.

Quick note before we dive in: I’m not suggesting that everyone in these categories is deceitful. Not in the slightest. Truth is, you’ll find some stand-up folks in each of these domains. But let’s face reality for a moment — leaders and influencers in these pillars are using their clout to push their political agendas down the throats of Americans on a very regular basis. And it has to be stopped.

Government: This one’s a beast, folks. When the government goes rogue, it’s a scary situation. From the politicization of the DOJ to questions concerning election integrity to eye-popping corruption, we’re right in the middle of this mess.

Academia: Oh, the game we’ve allowed “educators” to play with our youth. It’s not just about teaching anymore; it’s about shaping minds. And there is no doubt that there are educators out there dead set on reshaping young minds with the godless gospel of the Radical Left.

Entertainment: Americans love their entertainment, don’t they? But here’s the kicker: when you’re caught up in the fun, your guard drops. And that’s where this Pillar gets to work. Hollywood, Nashville, sports stars — they’ve all got a direct line to influence, especially over our youth. And they often use that influence to peddle Leftist gibberish.

Media: If you’ve been tuning into my show, you’ve heard me use the phrase “professional deceivers” when talking about today’s media. True journalism? It’s on life support. Most journalists have turned into opinion-slingers, and sadly, most folks can’t spot the difference. Newsrooms are run by Leftists with a mission: push their worldview, all under the guise of presenting the “news” of the day.

Science: Don’t fall for the myth that science is above politics. Not a chance. In today’s world, everything has become political, including the scientific community. They’ve dropped the ball more times than we care to count at critical moments during Covid and the fight over Climate Change legislation.

Woke Business: Big Business has been hijacked by the radically woke, my friends. Think DEI. ESG. The Trans agenda. Forced vaccinations. Discrimination against conservative businesses. They’re pushing every Leftist talking point on their employees and customers alike.

Big Tech: We’re living in a world glued together by technology and social media. But until Elon Musk jumped into the mix, it was all in the hands of committed Radical Leftists. They’ve meddled with elections, muzzled conservative voices (violating their own rules), and given the boot to their political foes. Their power? Hard to miss.

I often say that 80% of Americans would agree with 80% of what I say on our show (or write in this column). And we all know that is an indisputable fact!

But when the 7 Pillars of Propaganda swoop in, twisting my words, turning political matters into the politics of personality, and stirring up chaos about the supposed fragility of our “democracy,” things go south — quickly.

That’s exactly why we’ve got to keep pounding the pavement, spreading truth, and championing conservative principles.

Remember, folks, we’re on the side of truth. It’s high time our confidence matches that reality.

Conservative, not bitter,



Todd Huff of The Todd Huff Show is an entertaining syndicated radio show host and podcaster, a dynamic columnist, and an insightful political/cultural commentator. His journey began in 2015, podcasting from his closet, a testament to his grassroots approach. Hailing from the heart of small-town USA in flyover country, Todd embodies the spirit of common sense in today’s discourse, proudly advocating a conservative but not bitter perspective.

Originally published at ToddHuffShow.com. Reprinted with permission.

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