How Elite Liberals Have Sold Out the Black Community

If black politicians and civil rights leaders are going to sell their people down the river, they should demand a higher price.

By Walter Williams Published on November 15, 2017

When hunting was the major source of food, hunters often used stalking horses as a means of sneaking up on their prey. They would synchronize their steps on the side of the horse away from their prey until they were close enough for a good shot.

Stalking Horses

A stalking horse had a double benefit if the prey was an armed person. If the stalkers were discovered, it would be the horse that took the first shot.

That’s what blacks are to liberals and progressives in their efforts to transform America — stalking horses. Let’s look at it.

I’ll just list a few pieces of the leftist agenda that would be unachievable without black political support.

Black people are the major victims of the grossly rotten education in our big-city schools. The average black 12th-grader can read, write, and compute no better than a white seventh- or eighth-grader.

Many black parents want better and safer schools for their children. According to a 2015 survey of black parents, 72 percent “favor public charter schools, and 70 percent favor a system that would create vouchers parents could use to cover tuition for those who want to enroll their children in a private or parochial school.”

Black politicians and civil rights organizations fight tooth and nail against charter schools and education vouchers.

Why? The National Education Association sees charters and vouchers as a threat to its education monopoly. It is able to use black politicians and civil rights organizations as stalking horses in its fight to protect its education monopoly.

The Davis-Bacon Act

The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 was the nation’s first federally mandated minimum wage law. Its explicit intent was to discriminate against black construction workers.

During the legislative debate on the Davis-Bacon Act, quite a few congressmen, along with union leaders, expressed their racist intentions. Rep. Miles Allgood, D-Ala., said:

Reference has been made to a contractor from Alabama who went to New York with bootleg labor. This is a fact. That contractor has cheap colored labor that he transports, and he puts them in cabins, and it is labor of that sort that is in competition with white labor throughout the country.

American Federation of Labor President William Green said, “Colored labor is being sought to demoralize wage rates.”

The Davis-Bacon Act is still law today. Supporters do not use the 1931 racist language to support it. Plus, nearly every black member of Congress supports the Davis-Bacon Act. But that does not change its racially discriminatory effects.

In recent decades, the Davis-Bacon Act has been challenged, and it has prevailed. That would not be the case without unions’ political and financial support to black members of Congress to secure their votes.

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Crime is a major problem in many black neighborhoods. In 2016, there were close to 8,000 blacks murdered, mostly by other blacks. In that year, 233 blacks were killed by police.

Which deaths receive the most attention from politicians, civil rights groups, and white liberals, and bring out marches, demonstrations, and political pontification? It’s the blacks killed by police.

There’s little protest against the horrible and dangerous conditions under which many poor and law-abiding black people must live. Political hustlers blame their condition on poverty and racism — ignoring the fact that poverty and racism were much greater yesteryear, when there was not nearly the same amount of chaos.

Also ignored is the fact that the dangerous living conditions worsened under a black president’s administration.

There are several recommendations that I might make. The first and most important is that black Americans stop being useful tools for the leftist hate-America agenda.

As for black politicians and civil rights leaders, if they’re going to sell their people down the river, they should demand a higher price. For example, if black congressmen vote in support of the Davis-Bacon Act, they ought to demand that construction unions give 30 percent of the jobs to black workers.

Finally, many black problems are exacerbated by white liberal guilt. White liberals ought to stop feeling guilty so they can be more respectful in their relationships with black Americans.


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  • Concerned Christian

    so all of the problems in america are caused by evil liberals and stupid blacks.

    that explains it all!

    • jgmusgrove

      Not all are caused, but many are exacerbated by stupid (not evil) liberals who push the welfare state even when it is clearly not a viable solution. They promote just enough support of the black community to keep many on the dole, but not enough to get them out of poverty, at which point they might not support high income taxes. The welfare state of Lyndon Johnson did more to break up the black family than any other legislation.

      • Concerned Christian

        please see my latest post

  • Mark0H

    Liberals regard blacks as votes, not humans.

    Ask Clarence Thomas what happens to blacks who think for themselves instead of thinking the way white liberals want them to think.

    • Concerned Christian

      Or ask any white/black conservative if blacks think at all?

  • GPS Daddy

    Political and financial elites, in general, have chosen money or power over people. I find this to be true even in the church to a degree. Wealth can give you the impression that your protected or isolated from the problems of the world. But this is a false sense of security. But we buy into it hook, line, and sinker in our society.

  • Paul

    Walter, it is regrettable the current news cycle is overshadowing this great article.

    Gun control has its roots in racism as well, look up the Mulford Act in California to see it in practice.

  • Concerned Christian

    You know conservatives blame liberals for slavery, jim crow and for the welfare state. It seems that the only reason conservatives are bothered at all about these issues is because they feel blacks give liberals disproportionate power.

    The only time conservatives mention blacks is to say something negative. Being black and raised in the seventies, it’s ridiculous to say that the black community is worse off today. Outside of teaching, I didn’t grow up with any kids whose parents had been college educated, including my own. Percentage wise, we had a high number of blacks to go on to college. Now, our kids have grown up with college educated parents.

    Of the people that i know that were on welfare, 99% of them got off of it, are working, and received some form of higher education. There kids are doing the same.

    But of course let’s point to everything negative about blacks. Conservatives use blacks as scapegoats for this ignorant war between liberals and conservatives.

    The life expectancy for black men is not dropping but it is for white men. This is something that conservatives should be more worried about!

    • jgmusgrove

      I suggest you read Dr. Williams column of September 20, “The Black Family is Struggling, and It’s Not Because of Slavery”. In it he states:
      “The No. 1 problem among blacks is the effects stemming from a very weak family structure… In 1960, just 22 percent of black children were raised in single-parent families. Fifty years later, more than 70 percent of black children were raised in single-parent families. Here’s my question: Was the increase in single-parent black families after 1960 a legacy of slavery, or might it be a legacy of the welfare state ushered in by the War on Poverty? According to the 1938 Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, that year 11 percent of black children were born to unwed mothers. Today about 75 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers.”
      He lists some other good points, and concludes with:
      “The most damage done to black Americans is inflicted by those politicians, civil rights leaders, and academics who assert that every problem confronting blacks is a result of a legacy of slavery and discrimination. That’s a vision that guarantees perpetuity for the problems.”

      • Concerned Christian

        For the sake of argument, let’s say this statement is true:

        “The most damage done to black Americans is inflicted by those politicians, civil rights leaders, and academics who assert that every problem confronting blacks is a result of a legacy of slavery and discrimination. That’s a vision that guarantees perpetuity for the problems.”

        Why is this relevant? It’s only relevant to conservatives in attacking liberals. Take the civil war, the righteous north defeated the evil south. Then the righteous north left blacks to deal with not just the evil south but now the evil angry south. Blacks had no money, no property, no education. But at least we were free so the righteous north conscious was free as well.

        The righteous north had no problems with Jim Crow, lynching, subjugation, blacks serving in a segregated military. The righteous north was even good enough to let black come up north to work. They even gave them high-rise buildings to live in. Apparently, they didn’t want to much race mixing. So it seems that neither the righteous north nor the evil angry south cared anything about black people.

        Now this was all prior to Civil rights legislation, the war on poverty, and affirmative action. But in the view of conservatives, these actions and not prior actions are the cause of issues in the black community. Not that none of this legislation should have been necessary in the first place.

        So you can criticize politicians, civil rights leaders, and academics. In the worst case scenario, they’ve simply taken advantage of people who had nothing else to lose! Hey, that sounds like the offer Trump just made us!

        Conservatives and liberals hate each another and have done so since the founding of this country. We have been pawns in this country since the beginning. This was codified by the 3/5 provision in the constitution.

        You can define us by our worst, but it’s a problem of this countries own making!

        I wonder what america would look like if conservatives and liberals took a look at that plank in their own eyes?

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