Don’t You Dare Get Used to This Madness

By Tom Gilson Published on August 19, 2018

The world has gone mad. At least in America and most of the West, we’re seeing insanity growing day by day. Don’t you dare get used to it.

Don’t sigh and tell yourself, “Yeah, yeah, another article on madness. We see them all the time.” Granted, you don’t have to react in despair to every article you see — in fact despair is the wrong response anyway, as I’ll share in a moment. But don’t let that lull you. Don’t hide from the insanity. Don’t treat it as a problem “out there somewhere.”


  • Some American politicians (Maxine Waters, for one) are openly calling for violence against our own people.
  • Other, more prominent, politicians are tacitly doing the same by remaining silent while violence increases (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, for two).
  • A man who says he’s a woman is running for governor of his state.
  • My statement there makes me (supposedly) an intolerant, disrespectful person; for I’m not allowing them intolerantly, disrespectfully to force me into calling him a woman instead.
  • Medical and education professionals are telling parents they must comply with their pre-school and grade-school children’s desire to be the other sex.
  • An openly admitted pedophile is running for Congress.
  • The Freedom from Religion Foundation wants an American Army general arrested for having what they call “weaponized … Christianity.” (He prays for people and has a Christian website.)
  • California is on the verge of passing a law making it illegal to sell products or services that encourage homosexuals to change. It’s not the least bit clear that the Bible would be exempted from this prohibition.
  • Responsible Christian ministries are labeled “hate groups,” and large corporations, including important media and social media groups, take it seriously.
  • American college students are willing to agree that if an average American man says he’s a 6’5” Chinese woman, then that’s what he is.
  • Gay “pride” has become a stronger moral “good” than both heterosexuality and chastity.

Don’t Get Used to It!

Are you getting used to all that? Don’t!

It’s madness. It’s a country gone crazy. This is not metaphor, it’s not hyperbole, it’s not over-stated. It’s real.

You dare not get used to it. Sure, there’s a sense in which it’s becoming “normal,” meaning, it’s not unusual anymore; it’s the way things commonly are these days. When we let that “normality” seem normal in any other way, though, that’s when we’re in danger of sliding into the insanity ourselves.

So face it for what it is. Let the craziness of it all burn into your mind. Then take action.

Take the Right Action

What kind of action? Here’s the other time you must reflect very deeply. Too often, people react to insanity of one kind by practicing their own madness of another kind. They kick. They scream. They call names. They mount protests that turn violent. Or (conversely) they hide from it all, pretending it’s not there, or it doesn’t affect them or their loved ones.

I’ve been reading Jeremiah lately. He’s the prophet who saw Judah fall to pieces, in manner disturbingly parallel to America’s madness today. And he’s a great example for us. 

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He knew the destruction that was coming, yet he remained hopeful in God. He trusted in God’s redemptive purposes even in the worst of times. He preached God’s love and his promises. He stayed the course — 23 years as of the middle of the book (Jer. 25:3).

Don’t you dare get used to the madness. But don’t let it knock your eyes off God, either. Keep your eyes open to the whole reality, including the visible world and God’s invisible workings.

The world isn’t done getting as crazy as it’s likely to become. Be clear-headed, be godly, be aware and be a force for sanity in a world gone mad.

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