Deployed US Navy Has a Pregnancy Problem, and It’s Getting Worse

By Richard Pollock Published on March 2, 2017

A record 16 out of 100 Navy women are reassigned from ships to shore duty due to pregnancy, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.

That number is up 2 percent from 2015, representing hundreds more who have to cut their deployments short, taxing both their unit’s manpower, military budgets and combat readiness. Further, such increases cast a shadow over the lofty gender integration goals set by former President Barack Obama.

Overall, women unexpectedly leave their stations on Navy ships as much as 50 percent more frequently to return to land duty, according to documents obtained from the Navy. The statistics were compiled by the Navy Personnel Command at the request of TheDCNF, covering the period from January 2015 to September 2016.

The evacuation of pregnant women is costly for the Navy. Jude Eden, a nationally known author about women in the military who served in 2004 as a Marine deployed to Iraq, said a single transfer can cost the Navy up to $30,000 for each woman trained for a specific task, then evacuated from an active duty ship and sent to land. That figure translates into $115 million in expenses for 2016 alone.

“This is an avoidable cost and expense, leaving a gap for other people to pick up the work slack,” Eden said.

“A pregnancy takes you out of action for about two years. And there’s no replacement,” said Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, a nonpartisan public policy organization. “So everybody else has to work all that harder,” adding that on small ships and on submarines, “you really have a potential crew disaster.”

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Christensen told TheDCNF the Navy tries to plan for the unplanned.

“Just as we deal with other unplanned manning losses due to injury or other hardships, we work to ensure that pregnant service members are taken care of and that commands are equipped to fulfill their missions when an unexpected loss occurs,” he said.

In January 2015, 3,335 women were pregnant aboard military vessels, representing about 14 percent of the 23,735 women then serving such duty, according to the data.

But by August 2016 that number reached nearly 16 percent, an all-time high. The Navy reported that 3,840 of the 24,259 women sailors who were aboard Navy ships were pregnant.

The Obama administration understated the pregnancy problem throughout its eight years and even suppressed some data about the impact of its “gender-neutral” policies on the Navy.

For decades, for instance, the Navy published results from exhaustive surveys of 25,000 men and women in a document called the “Navy Pregnancy and Parenthood Survey.”

The reports once were 75 to 100 pages long and disclosed attitudes among men and women and their behavior.  However, the Obama administration published only brief two to three-page summaries from 2012 onward.

A civilian attached to the Navy Personnel, Research, Studies and Technology group, which researched and published the surveys, told TheDCNF full reports were completed regularly even though it’s detailed findings were not released to the public. The individual requested anonymity.

“The military has been tight lipped over the years about these numbers.  They don’t like to publicize them,” Eden told TheDCNF.

The Navy has been dogged for years by lingering claims that some women get pregnant simply to avoid deployment.

“We all know that happens. Women do it to avoid deployment,” Eden told TheDCNF.

There do seem to be coincidences,” said Donnelly. “There is a lot of anecdotal evidence.”

“This information is considered so sensitive. You just don’t talk about it. And you don’t ask. It’s just something that everybody knows occurs. Don’t ask, don’t tell,” Donnelly said. She served on the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services and on the Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces.

The sudden departure of pregnant women aboard military vessels severely hurts military readiness and morale for those left behind and who must pick up the slack. The expecting sailors must be transferred from a ship after the 20th week of pregnancy.

The Navy officially considered pregnancy incompatible with military service and women who became pregnant were automatically discharged, according to The Alliance for National Defense.

However, with the introduction of the all-volunteer military, the Navy provided many lucrative incentives to men and women — including free housing, medical care, recreation and educational opportunities.

But women got additional benefits, including free prenatal care, daycare, counseling, and special education for toddlers and children with disabilities or for other “special needs.”

“Since benefits offered to recruits who are women are so very generous, it almost becomes an incentive,” said Donnelly. “One feminist advocate many years ago referred to the military as a ‘Mecca for single moms.’”

“I think there are so many carrots.  The military has become a modern-day jobs program,” Eden said.

Obama, during his eight years in office, sought to increase dramatically the number of women on ships.

In May 2015, Admiral Michelle Howard announced a quota of 25 percent of women on all ships. “We’re going back and looking at the ships — all of them — and what percentage of women are on the ships. Over time, we’ll modernize them to make sure we get to about 25 percent on each ship,” she said.

Former Navy Secretary Ray Mabus in September 2015 pushed the new policy, stating that the Navy SEALs and all other combat jobs in the Navy should be open to women, with no exemptions as part of the Pentagon’s new “gender-neutral” employment policy.

Eden believes the policy of increasing women on ships results in failure. “It’s bad policy when you think of ships that have to be battle-ready and then have to transfer women off for pregnancy — something that has to do with controlled behavior or voluntary behavior,” she said.

It is unclear how President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis will handle women in the military. He has been a skeptic, but also said during his confirmation hearing he would support a combat role for women.


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  • Kevin Carr

    Who didn’t see that coming? Even though I was Air Force, I saw the same thing on deployments, and even heard chatter by some of the women, that they would get pregnant just to get an early ticket home (with no penalty). Another member of their unit would then be sent to take her place, Obama just made it possible to be more widespread.

  • ace

    Women getting pregnant? How about saying instead men getting women pregnant? The military needs to up its game in establishing child support orders where the s*x was voluntary and press rape charges where it was not. Just name the father as a condition of not receiving a bad discharge and loss of future benefits.

    • Kevin Carr

      True it takes two, but if the women are filling critical positions, she is the one taken out not him. I have seen before in the USAF and it happens in the other services, some of the women talked about getting pregnant so they won’t have to deploy or so they can get an early trip home. It has happened and still does.

      • ace

        True! What I’m suggesting is that both should have consequences – and the parent who does the caretaking should receive child support. Women who are deliberately trying to find someone to get them “knocked up” should receive disciplinary action. Women who are forcing themselves on men are committing assault just the same as when a man forces themselves on a woman. If the military started enforcing consequences, both would consider twice and three times before engaging in risky behavior and, mitigating such behavior if they choose to take the risk. The culture of wink and nod is what produces lack of military readiness.

        • Kevin Carr

          The issue is women getting pregnant to get out of deployment, she can find a non military type to do that. It is about those that game the system to not deploy or go home early.

          • ace

            As I’ve said elsewhere, there should be consequences.

    • Michael Gore

      I think a major difference is that a man does not diminish in his battle capacity merely because he has fathered a child. After all, he doesn’t have to physically go through pregnancy. The military’s chief concern ought to be remaining mission capable, not becoming a proving ground for Liberal Social experimentation.

      Keep in mind that in the military, you could get docked serious pay if you got a SUNBURN so bad that it prevented you from wearing a proper uniform or carrying out your duties. Service members have signed over much of the control of their lives to their superiors while in the service and are not free to conduct their selves in any manner they choose.

      That being said, when my unit deployed to Afghanistan for a year, there was a lot of fooling around that happened just from taking a bunch of men and some women (infantry unit + HQ support) and putting them in a foreign location in close quarters, with high stress for a long period of time. It’s just a lot of human nature that isn’t going away. It wasn’t right, and it does damage to unit morale and cohesiveness, but it happens.

    • Rick Nelson

      It takes two to tango. The blame should not be solely on just male or female. Both are responsible for there own actions. Just saying…

      • ace


  • blackfeather

    yep…we knew there would be some swollen bellies when the women got into the military…just like any other situation where “spawning” can take place….this will happen anywhere.

  • Seamrog

    One of the many reasons women do not belong in any mission critical position in the military.

    The more mental and physical gymnastics we have to do to justify this mess, the weaker our military becomes.

    Certainly women can serve honorably and courageously, but they do NOT belong on ships or in any combat unit and should never deploy.

    The irony of the democrats claims of a ‘war on women’ is staggering.

    • Lady Draon

      I’ve been on three deployments and I have never been pregnant or flown off. I love serving my country and sailing around the world.

      Don’t discriminate against my sex because people aren’t responsible or they want to have a family.

      When I deploy, I protect you against ballistic missile threats that Iran and North Korea launch. I protect 200 + sailors when I stand my watch.

      • eddiestardust

        Not everyone is you…

        • Annbrosha

          just like every female is using pregnancy to avoid deployment? I think instead you should be thanking her for her service and protecting you.

      • Zachary Hebert

        Thank you very much for your proud service. I would go so far too say the problem isn’t really the planned pregnancies of responsible women. I’ve seen 2 women get pregnant on deployment. The problem is always those manipulating the system. That’s not to say men don’t have ways of manipulating the system either. I’ve heard of guys breaking a leg or some serious but not so permanent injury that could make them non deployable as well. We preach honor courage and commitment, but it’s unfortunately not a prerequisite.

        • The difference is that men who manipulate the system like that to get out of deployment are (rightfully) shamed as cowards and less-than men. Very often they are (or used to be) booted out of the Corps.

          Women who manipulate the system to get out of deployment are not shamed. Idiot men leap to their defense. Not only are these cretins NOT booted out of the service, but they are given the red carpet treatment as a reward for being the non-hacking weak link and violating their fellow service members.

          If we MUST allow women in the military, keep them out of combat arms.

          Even in my rare interactions with pogue units that had females, it was common for them to play the weak sister, and get some guy to do the heavy lifting for them.

          Equality means you pull your own weight, and do the same job. If you can’t pass the same PFT, you do not rate to do the job.

      • Seamrog

        Did you even read the article?

        Sixteen percent (16%!!!) of women serving on ships were pregnant.

        You may be a wonderful sailor, but the reality is that women in forward positions weaken our military. A pregnant woman in combat will not be fighting to protect the person beside her. She’ll be fighting to protect the person inside her, and that are two totally different motivations that WILL result in totally different outcomes. That is simply human nature.

        It is this same nature that will change men’s motivations during combat also. He will naturally lean towards protecting the female first, and that will be deadly in combat.

        It is human nature, and it is not suited for war.

        • Rogue Banshee

          As soon as a female is found pregnant she walks or is flown off the ship and is assigned to a period of shore duty, just like someone who is seriously injured.

          Combat females are trained just like the males. Not every male is gonna cloud his judgement to defend a specific member of his unit over the whole.

          Google “woman warriors”. This isn’t a new notch in humanity’s existence of women fighting in wars. Other countries today have trained women soldiers, this is just a renewed concept in American culture.

          • Kevin Carr

            The stats don’t bear out. When I was deployed to Saudi, the 1ST Sgt told me they were trying to figure out what to do about the pregnancies, in a month 33 females were sent home due to pregnancy. As for the warrior attitude, great glad you have it. The most recent Marine Corp testing showed even mix gender units were not as lethal as all male. The all male units were faster at completing the objectives. Men and women are not the same. I know of a Sgt that was in Afghanistan, the Humvee was hit by an IED, both his legs were broken, he weighed 220 by himself, he had 50lbs of gear on, one of his team mates carried him to safety, he believes as I do, if that team mate had been a woman he or both of them would have died. This is not the place for social engineering. Sorry to get off point but you interjected a few off point issues. I respect you for your service.

          • Seamrog

            “Combat females are trained just like the males. Not every male is gonna cloud his judgement to defend a specific member of his unit over the whole.”

            The first statement is one you know to be false, and it is regrettable that you would make that claim here.

            The second is a strawman argument. I did not say every male would have clouded judgement

            I AM saying most will. It is biology, it is human nature, it is part of the Natural Law written on your heart and mine.

            It’s a shame that’s the position you took.

    • Erika Felix

      The numbers are disappointing but you do realize on the other end of the spectrum, 84% are mission ready. Don’t be douche and assume you know what women are capable of. No branch should adjust their standards to allow women in certain fields but completely denying women for the small percentage now that’s stupid.

      • Seamrog

        16% is not a small percentage. It is devastating, as the article points out.

        Without the lowered standards, women would have no chance of serving, and they have absolutely no place in forward positions and combat units.

        I appreciate that you have to name call to make your point, and it demonstrates the weakness of your argument.

        There are numerous studies to reinforce the points the author make, as well as the points I am making. They are documented facts, that everyone must ignore inorder to justify the social engineering experiments that have been implemented to weaken our armed forces. The outcomes were realized.

        We are a demonstrably weaker – physically, morally, and in our capacity to fight and win wars.

      • Kevin Carr

        While it may be a small percentage based on what the number looks like, if they are filling a billet that is critical and the numbers are not huge, if they can’t go, it degrades readiness. As noted before some have gotten pregnant so they don’t have to go to some rathole location or to sea, or get pregnant while there and get an early trip home. As for the Navy the early trip home usually means they operate short. In some cases somebody else from that person’s home station was sent to replace them, all very costly and the guys usually end up picking up the slack and they better not say anything about it.

        • Rogue Banshee

          If an individual chooses not to get deployed, regardless of gender, they will find a way. I had a guy willing to pay me $200 to push him down a ladder well. I didn’t because that is shitbag behavior. During my first deployment a guy tried to shove himself through a porthole in the smoke pit to kill himself by going overboard. (We stopped him, calmed him down, then he tried it again.) Right before my second deployment 2 females in my division got knocked up on purpose and a male in another division ate a bullet in his home a week prior. Another male crushed his forearm “accidently” while helping a friend change a tire (he told his friends how his other friend helped him break it). There was a female whose recruiter told her she would be an officer in a year due to her teaching degree. She played the crazy card when she found this wasn’t gonna happen and dyed her hair white then pink. They sent her TAD everywhere until each couldn’t handle her anymore. From mess decks, MWR, to berthing crew where her constant naps in her and other people’s racks (beds) became “this I how I pray to my God.” Got kicked out on inability to cope with military life. Another guy became a legend for playing crazy by constantly dribbling an imaginary basketball EVERYWHERE no matter what was going on. He finally got kicked out too. Upon leaving the ship for the last time he dribbled his imaginary basketball a few times, winked, and “passed” it to the nearest watchstander and walked normally off the ship. Letting everyone watching know, with mouths agape, it was all a ruse to get out of the military.

          There is more but the point is, people that can’t hack it will always find a way to dodge the military responsibilities. Males and females. We were already picking up the slack for these people before they even left.

          • Kevin Carr

            While true the numbers are greater for females getting pregnant not to deploy.

          • Niko Bella-Khouf

            Who can blame them for wanting out? They were lied to about why they should enlist. That was the original shitbag move.

    • Rogue Banshee

      I went on 3 deployments within 4 years time, on an aircraft carrier. I’ve already proven my worth many times over. I’m not weak, whiney, nor fragile. I am not unique. There are many more females like me whose genitals aren’t an issue in getting the job done. When a fellow female purposely gets pregnant to ESCAPE a deployment, it was definitely frowned upon by everyone. The few females that did this were typically a shitbag workers anyway. The male version is to fake mental illness, break something, or play the suicidal card. The males and females that are prone to this type of personality fault are perfectly capable of doing vast array of jobs but do not have the proper mentality for it. If we continue to cultivate a society where half of our people are conditioned that they are weak in every faculty, will they not in turn raise the next generation to be weak as well? So while everyone has their own personal limitations, being a female isn’t a disability. I’m proud I was able to serve in the military instead of being severely limited to by someone else’s generalised perceptions.

      • Seamrog

        I am sorry, but there is much documented evidence that women in forward positions and on deployments weaken our fighting ability.

        Stating that does not diminish your service to our great country. You are to be honored for that, and I as an American citizen thank you for it, and honor you for it. It is to your credit.

        Facts are facts – not generalizations, and they cannot be ignored, particularly in regards to our national defense. Your genitals certainly may not be an issue, but your bone structure, your strength, your endurance and your ability to maintain those over time ARE an issue. That is indisputable, and not offered to be pithy or insulting. It is biological fact. Here’s another: men and women behave differently – both from each other, and when around each other. Women in forward and combat roles DOES EFFECT units. Not only morale, motivation and effectivness, but also under pressure. A wounded woman will cause men to behave differently than a wounded man. A pregnant woman will cause EVERYONE to behave differently. That is not a good thing. I hope you are sincere enough to admit that.

        I am proud you were able to serve in the military also. I regret that our culture put your out front, and in danger. I hope that will end. For your sake, and for our country’s.

      • Under the Sea

        aka your a lesbian and you only make up 3% of the 100% of the women in the military.

  • squishee

    This is our first line of defense? Women? Really? What kind of man would stand to have a bunch of girls to defend him?

    • JoAnna Marie

      You do, actually. Be proud of it.

      • squishee

        The only woman defending me is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    • Sonja Tam

      Every male in this country not serving in the military. You’re welcome.

      • squishee

        Already did. Don’t remember any skirts in the mud and blood. Saw one once though at the hospital wearing all white with a white cover. She was very pretty.

        • Todd McMillin

          Actually, for the past 75 years women have served with men in the US Military there Squishee or did you forget the WACs, the WAVEs, and other groups that helped. As well as nurses and female doctors who served in combat roles. But I guess being a dumb grunt that brain damage from the TBI makes your memory as short as your IQ.

        • Rogue Banshee

          Who gives a flunk whether you found her attractive. When I went to sign up for the Army for an active combat role, like my brother, I was denied that specific opportunity because I am female. Little did I know there were loopholes. So I decided to join the Navy as a yellow shirt on an aircraft carrier. You know what I saw sailing around the world? Other nations respecting their own females serving in combat roles. What a black eye it is returning home to America and being told to thank my father/boyfriend/husband for his service when they see my veteran clothes at a parade or festival. But I didn’t do this for honor, or attract a mate with my uniform. I served because I knew it was right for me. I did what your pretty nurse did by taking a supporting role but in assisting the boots on the ground to get bomb strikes via aircraft; wishing all the time that I was the one in those boots making a bigger difference in the outcomes. While some men would feel emasculated to have ‘girls’ defend them, wouldn’t you think us stronger having EVERYONE capable of defending each other? Years ago my brother’s ASV was ambushed and flipped over, half destroyed. My brother was knocked temporarily unconscious (he was turrent). His female fellow MP defended everyone until the non-injured regained their senses. My brother joined her and another male in a firefight for their lives until help arrived. This is not unusual and she did her duty as would another soldier. (The male officer that cowardly refused to feed my brother the ammunition during the ambush was injured and reassigned and given the praise. No one in the unit told the uppers of his cowardice, insuring he would get get the hell out of their unit.) So while I respect your service, I don’t respect your outdated opinion.

      • Niko Bella-Khouf

        Welcome to what? You’re not there for us

  • Sonja Tam

    “But women got additional benefits, including free prenatal care, daycare, counseling, and special education for toddlers and children with disabilities or for other “special needs.”” This frustrated me the most. Prenatal care is medical which every service member gets… Daycare is NOT free to men or women…counseling and education for special needs kids is offered to both males and females so none of the above mentioned are additional benefits to women. Get the facts straight before you write things like this!

  • eddiestardust

    Good enough reason for women NOT to serve!

  • Kevin Quillen

    wow. who would have guessed this would be a problem? (sarc)
    women should not be in the service at all. Or on the police forces. (office jobs excluded)

  • Zachary Hebert

    The military is attempting to adopt a transgender acceptability policy in the military. Some sailors honestly don’t know what to think about the program. One day a male sailor serving along side you decides he wants to be a woman, and a year later he can go through the surgery and do so, and vice versa. My opinion is if you are willing to stand beside me defending this country, and even take a bullet for me and my brothers in arms, it shouldn’t matter what is between your legs. However, on the flip side, I hate to impose the steriotype that women get pregnant to get out of deployment, but early in my career I met a female who had her first child to get out of deployment and had her second child to get out of her second deployment. I do know women who planned their pregnancy around wanting to have a family, and attempted to take shore duty along those lines to alleviate detriment to a ship. A woman who does that, I have great respect for. HIPPAA what it is today, medical can’t even discuss a tooth ache with the chain of command with out patient permission. I feel like there is no cookie cutter answer. But if there was a way to weed out those manipulating the system or a program that better works on behalf of the navy and the potential mothers to prevent gaps, that would be best.

    • Caivs Ivlivs

      It will never work. Armies requires men in full mind & body strength, not this alphabet joke.

      • Niko Bella-Khouf

        Yes, the military doesn’t want people with prescrambled minds; they want the honor of scrambling your mind and body after you enlist. lol

        • Caivs Ivlivs


    • That’s not how or works. Learn the policy

      • Zachary Hebert

        Which policy are your referring to? The transgender policy, HIPAA, or the pregnancy policy. I do understand the full extent of all three of these policies, however I was only trying to simplify them as much as possible to alleviate a very lengthy post, and prevent taking away from the original topic being discussed.

  • Susie Bennett

    1) It is not a pregnancy problem; it is a work force availability issue
    2) Whaaah Whaaah (baby cries) Businesses have learned how to manage this for years. Staff up, nimrods, and figure it out. I work in HR and we plan staff based on a number of possibilities; loss of staff due to illness and maternity leave being some considerations.

    This language leads to discrimination of women in the work place. I never had kids but if men had to deliver babies we would have paid leave of absence from the moment of conception until the child was 18. This is a problem because they haven’t figured out a better staffing model. Would it be an issue if 100 men had the same type of cancer that took them to land for 2 years? Women are the only ones able to have kids. Equalize the playing field and stop calling it a problem!

    • Intro Introspicere

      Actually.. the problem IS because of these women becoming impregnated and having to be reassigned..If it was because of people losing limbs.. They would say there is a problem with the navy having people loose limbs -_-
      As much as you want to skate around the issue.. The military isnt like working in a corp business.. They have a limited amount of people who have been trained for specify roles. 14% of active military personal.. Isnt 2 or 3 people missing work because of illness.. or 4 people calling out for a few days..

      Also, im not sure how you can said it leads to discrimination of women in the work place when YOU stated businesses Have learned how to manage that for years.. THe navy didnt say they wouldn’t train women did they?? The article said they believe INCREASING the number of women might be costly IF they have to take 2 years off.. OR have to be resigned living Openings that cant be filled with temp workers.. Equalize the playing field?? Women can become pregnant and not be deployed?? They get special benefits for being a mother?? What playing field isnt equal?? Never mind the facts that women only make up 14%… As well as women dont preform the same as men across the board.. but still what can men do that women cant do in the military???

    • Caivs Ivlivs

      a)”Women are the only ones able to have kids” That’s why they have always kept as far as possible from the front line.

      b)”Equalize the playing field and stop calling it a problem!” Will that include the obvious differences of muscle mass, physical endurance, sense acuteness and fight ability?

      c)”but if men had to deliver babies”, then they’d be women. Human pregnacy is the most complicated among all mammal phyllum, if women were able to fight (and hunt) as men do, we would have never evolved to bipedism but stay as a quadrupedian animal, living as gnus or deers, no civilization ever.

      d)”Whaaah Whaaah (baby cries) Businesses have learned how to manage this for years” Businesses including shooting, bleeding, lost of limbs, grenades, people dying all around you?

  • one of many

    Very curious if access to birth control is part of the problem. Also many times women are raped and don’t report it but end up pregnant and don’t want to answer questions about how they came to be pregnant.

  • Good looking man

    How are these women getting impregnated onboard ships?

    • Mrs B


    • Kevin Carr

      Something in the air.

  • Dennis Harpole

    I have seen it first hand on board the USS Eisenhower. Started out with 500 females and by the time we returned we were down to 250 or so. Mostly due to being pregnant either before deployment or during deployment. Women do not be onboard ships unless they can be made to sign a document stating that if they become pregnant during their tour of duty on board a particular Navy Ship that they will be discharged.

    • Mrs B


    • Rob, Portland


    • Erica Greene

      Wow. I understand that females on on ships getting pregnant is an inconvience. Unplanned pregnancies are already hard on people so you want the navy to one up that and make the female lose their job? Maybe add time to the contract at the most. What about the men that get them pregnant? Do they get any repercussions? Or just because the females have the beautiful oppurtunity of carry a child.

      • Junky

        why not have the women on injectable birth control the whole time they are enlisted?? i mean all soldiers already have to take injections for anything that would render them “unfit for duty” i believe BC falls under this exact description.

        • Erica Greene

          Lmao what? What do they inject “Soldiers” with? My point is what about the men that get them pregnant? If men can start a family in the Navy why can’t women?

          • Junky

            does a man do anything when starting a family that will render him unfit for duty at any point?

            Reasons to self-wound

            Most self-inflicted wounds occur during wartime, for various possible reasons.

            Potential draftees may self-injure in order to avoid being drafted for health reasons. This was practiced as Abstinence (conscription) by some Jewish conscripts in the Russian Empire.

            The most common reason enlisted soldiers self-wound is to render
            themselves unable to continue serving in combat, thus resulting in their
            removal from the combat line to a hospital. Thus, self-injury can be
            used to avoid a more serious combat injury or a combat death.

            In prisons and forced labour camps people sometimes self-injure
            so that they will not be forced to work and could spend some time in the
            more comfortable conditions of the infirmary barracks.

  • DG

    “The Love Boat”, What is the percentage of women sailors getting pregnant on shore duty, and can they get early separation/ discharge, due to hardship from active duty?

  • Nathan Christensen

    This reporter failed to include/explain the full policy, or incorporate 90% of the info he was given from the Navy.
    Here is what he was provided:
    – The “pregnancy” data includes the 12 month operational deferment time
    – Pregnancies on sea duty only represent 2.4% of all those stationed at sea (there are 155,568 total sea duty billets)
    – The vast majority of pregnancies are in the junior E-3 & E-4 ranks, who do not often hold critical job or leadership positions, and are more easy to find replacements for than E6-E9.
    – Backfills are provided first (ASAP) for those units that are deployed
    – There are medical issues that occur with no notice (I.e. not 20 weeks to request a backfill). “Friction” (LIMDU, IAs, other issues) in the Navy has declined in the last decade
    – The Navy has experienced some of the highest manning levels in recent history. In Dec. 2016, 97.2% of all sea duty billets were filled.

    – No clue where this line came from in the FOIA data: “Overall, women unexpectedly leave their stations on Navy ships as much as 50 percent more frequently to return to land duty, according to documents obtained from the Navy.” Grossly misleading.

    • 1. Irrelevant, it is still a loss, and on some vessels with a 12 month interdeployment cycle, that is A LOT!
      2. That does not change the 16% of women. 2.4% on an already undermanned vessels (the Navy is full of those) is a 2.4% ADDITIONAL loss in manning. That also means someone on another vessel (who may have just returned) or who is on shore duty is going to have to pick that up, so double the effect at least to 5% or 1 in 20.
      3. Great, the vast majority of manning tasks are done by, guess who E1-E5. Easier =/= Easy, especially in undermanned rates (which the Navy has plenty of on Sea Rates)
      4. Define fast! 6 months? That is normal ETA for a unexpected loss at the fastest, which just happens to be the length of the nominal deployment. (go figure). I don’t know where you have got your “replacements” but on Submarines, suck it up chuck, we’ll get one to you sometime!
      5. As a baseline the Navy and its Commands already have a heavy enough load to deal with the prior existing unexpected losses, adding more is not going to make that situation any better.
      6. Really? Did YOU account for the Navy reassigning its manning structure to reduce its undermanned status? (e,g, just deciding that chronic undermanned division of say 85-90% were suddenly deemed at or near manning as their billets were reduced over the course of several years, despite deployment rates increasing and inport times decreasing? 10 years ago Submarine Sonar manning was 16, we never saw that number often usually 13-14 was what you got, and you dogged the watch as needed. So about 5 years ago or so it was suddenly lowered to 14, and suddenly Sonar is “manned”, though, the actual watch requirements stayed the same and now dogging the watch is the norm on deployments. But hey, NAVPERS say they are manned right!

      • MK75Gunner

        Pay no attention to Nathan Christensen, he’s a one comment hack with an agenda. Those of us that served at sea and those of us that served before the SJW’s forced this disastrous agenda on us know the truth.

        • Rob, Portland

          Amen brother.

    • Bama64

      Sorry my friend. I’m not sure what branch of the military you’re talking about but there are no immediate backfills and that’s a fact.

  • Bama64

    These figures are so incorrect. In 2000 I was assigned to a CVN and within two weeks before our deployment we shuffled to reassign 34 woman throughout the ship to shore activities due mostly to pregnancies. In 2002 we had to do the same, but the number was a bit lower. The one thing this article is spot-on about is the fact when a female Sailor leaves there are no replacements. It is such a burden at times it is almost impossible to cover, but we did.
    I know of a command that served as a limited duty assignment for pregnant women. At one-time they had 104 pregnant females assigned with nothing to do.
    I spent almost 30 years on active duty and I can honestly say the governments mixed gender experiment is and has been an utter failure. My first 9 deployments were all men and we got the job done! My last two deployments were with a mixed crew and I found myself spending half my time looking for my Sailors because they were either out “chatting” it up with their girlfriends or e-mailing back and forth.
    Better yet, what wasn’t mentioned was pregnancies underway and the burdensome cost of sending them home.

    • Under the Sea

      Well said brother… /salute

    • Rob, Portland

      Absolute truth.

  • Niko Bella-Khouf

    Well at least we know that not all sailors are gay lol

  • Elena

    Women do not belong on combatant vessels nor in combat arms on the ground.

    Those in flying status who are deployed aboard carriers with an air wing are officers and should pledge to avoid pregnancy. Pregnancy should add to the service commitment of said officer should she become pregnant while deployed aboard a carrier.

  • StaceyM

    It’s irresponsible to get pregnant while on ship. The burden then falls onto others since they have to pick up the slack. I didn’t join to get pregnant, I joined to defend my country. A baby would have ensured I didn’t deploy with my unit. I believe a pregnancy should add an additional 6-8 months to your contract. I had 10 female Marines pregnant in my shop at once. Every excuse was used to not have to do things. Then the appointments. I know each situation is different but some symptoms are exaggerated to get out of, say, sweeping the shop deck. You’re pregnant, not handicapped. A new order needs to ban sex or at least pregnancy, while deployed.

    • PJC

      Ban sex? And just how do you propose to do that? This is what happens when you try to implement a PC equality policy on combat ships just to appease diversity troglodytes.

      • Junky

        mandatory injections of birth control

      • StaceyM

        Read the rest, short bus. “OR AT LEAST PREGNANCY.” Banning sex may not work, but at least provide contraception methods so pregnancy isn’t the result of fooling around. And if somebody does get pregnant, Article 92 for the female and male. It takes 2 to make a baby, so both derps should be held equally accountable.

        • Junky

          “provide” is a problem, enforce should be the attitude, thats why i said injections, lots of women get pregnant “accidentally” on purpose when left to their own devices, this is an issue of “fit for duty” and should be seen the same as an inoculation against that happening, same as any other medical condition that would cause the soldier to be “unfit for duty”.

        • Julie McDaniel

          So, since you were in as I was, you propose sterilization for women on ships? Really? They won’t do that for addicts who constantly have kids, addicted, and walk away from them, but for us, who VOLUNTEERED to sign up, that’s ok? Warped.

        • Sean

          At the very least, the military should be able to make pregnant soldiers have abortions.

    • Junky

      Reasons to self-wound

      Most self-inflicted wounds occur during wartime, for various possible reasons.

      draftees may self-injure in order to avoid being drafted for health
      reasons. This was practiced as Abstinence (conscription) by some Jewish
      conscripts in the Russian Empire.

      The most common reason enlisted soldiers self-wound is to render
      themselves unable to continue serving in combat, thus resulting in their
      removal from the combat line to a hospital. Thus, self-injury can be
      used to avoid a more serious combat injury or a combat death.

      In prisons and forced labour camps people sometimes self-injure
      so that they will not be forced to work and could spend some time in the
      more comfortable conditions of the infirmary barracks.

      • StaceyM

        I remember females and males not wanting to deploy. Why join during a time of war and not want to deploy? I had parents and loved ones back home, but I wasn’t about to stay behind while Marines from my unit left to deploy. Some of those fools were crafty in their malingering ways, but once the command caught on, hello NJP.

        • Julie McDaniel

          Do you also remember gay men marrying gay women for the benefits? I do, and I have nothing against gay marriage, but I do have a lot against character flaws.

    • Nat Aki

      Why don’t you and say 50 other real female soldiers/sailors go to congress and make a stink about it? Then run the liberal media over the coals and denounce feminism as a total fraud? Yeah…that will be the day…when a woman ACTUALLY defends her country rather than opening the borders to savages so she can spread her legs for them. Women…are…a…JOKE and any man (white men in particular) stupid enough to lay down his life for one….should die. No white man should be serving in this EVIL government’s military that hates white men and liberty. F@ck the American Military. Patriotism is for simps.

      • blakebrinson

        Goober123456543232 yes

  • Junky

    If they are able to inject the soldiers with all kinds of inoculations against anything that would render the soldier “unfit for duty” can someone please tell me why they are not giving female soldiers injections of birth control for the same reason??
    (All soldiers lose their right to refuse anything like an inoculation when they join the military.)

    • Nat Aki

      Depo Provera would stop a female from getting pregnant for like 3 months. The reason I know this is because I read several articles about how Israel forced African refugees into these massive concentration prison camps, then forced the women to take those shots so they couldn’t get pregnant on Jewish soil. This made deporting them to Europe much easier as sending them back to their home countries would be bad optics for Israel. Remember folks…Israel is our “best ally” in the world. LULZ Meanwhile their agents are standing at our borders illegally giving aid to an invasion force while other Jewish agents finance their travel to Europe while still other Jewish agents infest our media with propaganda about white racism and colonization and white privilege while ignoring our children getting raped, groomed for prostitution and murdered. Yup…Jews….our best friends who truly care about us. Just mentally deranged people these Jews. It’s all so tiresome.

      • Ken Mitchell

        Yes, you are insane.

  • Brion Boyles

    Witnessed this from day one, back in the ’80’s and thru to the end of my career…when I could no longer stand the hypocrisy and denial.
    I do not blame the sailors. If your teenage kid came home from their sophomore year at college and told you they weren’t interested in sex or have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you’d probably wonder if something wasn’t “wrong”.
    Foolish..absolutley foolish…to place teenagers/young adults in the earthy, close environments such as found aboard ship and expect them to remain “above” the call of love. You can preach “professionalism” all you want, but love knows little logic or bounds.
    We were perpetually undermanned. In my division of bridge watchstanders, we often went days without sleep, standing 4 hour watches and working in between them, nevber mind drills and special evolutions. The loss of ONE person greatly effected the rest of us.
    Sexual attractions, politics, suspicions and jealousies (real OR imagined) gouged greater holes in espirit d’corps. These people are in some cases a couple of weeks out of High School. What do you expect?
    As for “professionalism”….tell your spouse that you fell in love when it became clear to you that it was professionally “OK” to do so…and see who sleeps on the couch afterwards.
    The pressure on senior leadership to “prevent” sexual activity is unreasonable and stressful. The expectations are impractical and damned nigh impossible. The results are dangerous and debilitating… to mission and morale.
    And that is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Bitterness over different treatment lingered in the air.
    Case in point:
    I was once assigned command of a “Fire Watch” Division, formed from the crew to perform fire safety and guard duties with shipyard welders while in the shipyard. Each Division of the ship was asked to provide personnel from their ranks… thinning down their available manpower they needed to perform overhaul tasks in the short yard period. Division Officers were reluctant to send anyone they considered valuable to the jobs that lay ahead. More than half of those re-assigned to Fire Watch were women. A third of them were pregnant. At one point, I had almost 100 personnel in Fire Watch…from a crew of 600. 70 were women… about 80% of the women aboard. 20 of them were pregnant. Under doctor’s orders not to: lift anything over 10 lbs (like a CO2 extinguisher), stand for more than 20 minutes (like manning a fire watch post), be exposed to fumes or wear a breathing apparatus (such as required in most instances.). In other words, practically useless. With one or two exceptions, the women considered it a vacation. The men considered it an advantage. It was.
    The final straw for me was during my last deployment. The ship had arranged transfers for almost all the pregnant women and single parent moms. We were delayed in getting underway for two weeks as replacements filtered in. More time was spent aquainting these new personnel with their jobs and the ship, working them into the watch bill, qualifying them, etc.
    When we returned from our deployment, I noticed that the Command Mission Summary Report had included statements that we had a difficulty in arranging for recycleable trash in one port, and experienced an hours’ delay in picking up the harbor pilot at another…several other minor nuisances…but ZERO about the 2 week delay for transfer/training/orientation of a large chunk of the crew. No one seemed prepared to honestly address the problem… or even take feedback. I realized then that the mission of the Navy and perhaps the Armed Forces had changed from a fighting force to a job fair… and I told the Skipper so as I handed in my retirement request. At least in retirement I can speak what I witnessed.

    • Nat Aki

      Why any white man would serve a government that hates them is beyond me. If I ever have a son….I would NEVER allow him to serve in any capacity this EVIL federal government of ours that despises white men. Honestly, I hope China wipes out our military or Russian hits it with small nukes or something along these lines. Perhaps a total financial meltdown so military personnel can’t be paid anymore. I really don’t care. All I know is that our federal government needs to fall so we can rebuild our country. This evil government is totally infiltrated by globalists and their (((MINIONS))).

      • Ken Mitchell

        If that happens, you’ll be radioactive dust as well. I suspect you’ve got a few screws loose upstairs; I recommend that you seek counseling for your insane anger.

  • Peter Swiercz

    I’ve been out of the Navy now for over 25 years and I remember we had a pregnancy problem back when I was in. Its hardly a new phenomenon.

    • Julie McDaniel

      Oh, you were pregnant?

      • Peter Swiercz

        Dont know ur rationale for that quip. Im referring to vessels like the Puget Sound in Norfolk who had a number of women onboard. Rather ironic that there would be a rash of single women becoming pregnant just before a deployment. Its just how it was. There was probably an even greater number of men who tried to avoid shipping out by any means possible. Many used the Food for Freedom program and ate their way into a discharge. If they could’ve gotten pg, they probably would have.

  • Jide Delano

    This is a very biased article and does not look at the totality of circumstance. 1. Some men and women, serving in the Navy, do things to get out of deployment. 2. Some women may use pregnancy as a tool to not deploy, I have witnessed men in the Navy: use illegal drugs, go UA (unauthorized absence, and get injured on purpose. This article is disingenuous and fails to paint a larger picture, that is, some men and women will do whatever it takes to not deploy.

    • KenPrescott

      And the men who miss movement or use illegal drugs get punished and eventually thrown out.

      The women who use pregnancy to avoid deployment get career-enhancing billets ashore.

      Talk about not examining the totality of circumstance…

      • Jide Delano

        @KenPrescott you either didn’t serve in the Navy, or you are clueless how on how career progression works. First, Navy Officers have milestones they have to achieve, getting pregnant before you make 0-4 almost guarantees you will be behind your peers, this is why many female officers postpone having kids until they are 0-5 or 0-6s. Second, on the enlisted side, pregnant sailors do not get career enhancing billets, it’s actually the opposite. They are sent TAD for the duration of the pregnancies, then sent back to a ship after finishing maternity leave. Third, this article is about how pregnancies affects readiness, I only pointed out that the author chose to ignore the fact that males are just as likely as females to miss deployment but for different reasons.

        • Nat Aki

          Actually you are wrong. Men are NOT just as likely. The article clearly states that women escape deployment at a rate 50% HIGHER than men. And as a total percent of women that number is MUCH MUCH MUCH higher than it would be for men. For example. If men are 75 out of a hundred and 6 flake out that is 8% of the male crew. Now add three more to 9 out of 25 women. What does that come out to? 36% of the women flake out. Currently the navy is running at a 16% active duty fail rate for women as a constant running total. Rather, they know that 16% will always be in rotation out. And I’m sure that number goes way way way up when a real war looms. Women can never be counted to to make a true sacrifice for their country. Look at how they vote. 75-78% of white women vote for open borders. That’s HIGHER than actual Hispanics at around 74 percent. Women at their core are traitors.

    • Nat Aki

      Fair point…but you missed one little critical point. Men can go to prison for trying to escape their duties. Women get cash and prizes.

      • Julie McDaniel

        For the first 90 seconds, both were in on the fun, cash and prizes. For the next 18 years, seems only the women take responsibility……

        • Ken Mitchell

          ???? Child support for 18 years isn’t cheap.

        • DrEvil007

          What color is the sky on your planet? Here on Earth men are paying child support for children their wife conceived with other men. How’s that for responsibility.

    • Randall Bell

      Sailors that do illegal drugs and are caught are administratively separated from the service, often with a BCD and it’s attendant consequences. The same applies to those who deliberately injure/maim themselves. Sailors who contrive to become pregnant in order to avoid a deployment are very rarely, if ever, held responsible and are, with rare exception, retained on active duty.

  • Nat Aki

    Women are cowards and shirkers. If they get pregnant…on the ship…they should go to prison, not get airlifted like a princess to Welfare Island. God I wish Patton was alive so he could personally smack each female coward in the face and shame them for the garbage they are. Women make EVERY institution they enter WORSE for having them. Women add nothing of value to anything anywhere. They are a drain on resources, morale and performance. To have a woman in a man’s space is to ACCOMMODATE her weaknesses.

    • Julie McDaniel

      Were they conceived immaculatey?? All by themselves? GROW UP.

    • Valerie Gould

      I’ll agree to that ONLY if they men who got them pregnant is also sent to prison. DNA testing will show who got the woman/women pregnant.

  • Most of these comments are disgusting! Several women get pregnant while on shore duty and actually complete their sea time. Frankly, those that never served a day in their life shouldn’t be complaining or even commenting because you don’t know what it’s like! I had two children while serving (on shore duty) and was very lucky to be on the opposite rotation from my husband so when I went to sea he was on shore duty. There are several women that plan their pregnancy so that they may have a family and serve their country. Yes, things happen but forcing a woman to be on depo is just wrong! There are woman who get raped and then end up pregnant and that isn’t their fault when the man decided it was ok to assault that woman.

  • Julie McDaniel

    These comments are sickening, especially from those who have never served. As if these women got pregnant ALONE? If only these women weren’t on ships, the men would have no temptation? WTF? They would be in the bunks with the other MEN if women weren’t on board! Grow up! Take responsibility! I know what married men do when they pull into foreign ports, with their wives at home! WOW!

    • Will Thomas

      Since you never served, Please keep your opinion to yourself. Women cause untold strife and “drama” in the ranks. As a vet with over 8 years active duty and 6 years deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as a contractor, I’ve seen it all. Females do NOT pull their weight and are detrimental to unit morale. I’m 6’3″ and 235lbs. If I was wounded and needed to be pulled from the line of fire, do you think any female would be able to come to my aid and successfully extract me from danger? Won’t happen. The fairer sex is not able to compete on the battlefield or the sports field. Their physiology is not able to deal with the rigors of combat.

      • I was 6′ 1″ and 150 lbs. during my enlistment. I don’t think I could have pulled you or the Gunny from the line of fire either; smaller men, I probably could have. Different people have different abilities.

    • mhpubhqb

      I think you’re missing the point. The article ignores the larger complexity of the emotional bonds of sex and focuses only on the way that women can get out of deployment by getting pregnant. Isn’t it odd how these pregnancies appear just before work gets hard? I’ve seen the same thing in civilian offices. Suddenly the tough, late-night work is assigned to the single people.

      And it would be interesting to know how much of the sex happens on ships and how much happens at home with a husband or steady boyfriend.

    • Doug

      They would be in the bunks with other men? Not unless they were predisposed anyway. Women should never have been assigned sea duty in the first place. I do agree, however, that both parties should be punished for this breach of the UCMJ. And the punishment should be severe enough to make crewmembers think twice before ‘hooking up.’

  • Ken Mitchell

    Women sailors should be required to be on birth control. Sex is already forbidden while at sea, so any woman who turns up pregnant during a deployment almost certainly violated THAT rule.

    This is is a problem that has been obvious since the first women reported aboard ships. 20% or more of the women would turn up preggers JUST before the cruise started, and had to be replaced, often by a man who had just come HOME from a cruise.

    • Gerald Smith

      Or we could simply ban them from seagoing commands and rates that are seagoing rates.

      • Randall Bell

        Until the early 1980s, that’s what we did.

  • Thomas Hazlewood

    In my Army unit, in Taegu, Korea, we had ten women. They were all pregnant at the same time, all on light duty.

  • Howard Hofelich

    Going to sea is very tough work. The easiest way out of having to do a thankless, boring , mundane and very unpleasant job is to get pregnant. Then you go to a nice soft land job. The navy has to pay for your delivery. Then you can get out because its easier to stay home on welfare and blow up like a huge sausage. I was a Commander in the Navy and I can tell you that it is the greatest travesty of justice to let them in AT ALL. . When they refuse to do the work required some 18 year old male has to do it. Women are WORTHLESS and take advantage. If we went to war, the best thing that could be done is toss them over the side and do the work unhindered. ONE BIG AWFUL MISTAKE America..! You’ll pay for it in the next war.

    • kathleenredman

      That’s such hateful, mindless garbage…did Obama get you in? The answer was always right in front of their faces… women don’t belong there. They should have never been allowed out there. The men are distracted from their work as well. Don’t turn our military into a social experiment.

  • Sean

    Why can’t we just force them to have abortions so they can stay at their posts? According to American law, an unborn baby is not a human being, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    • kathleenredman

      Murder isn’t an option.

      • Sean

        In the American legal system, a fetus is only a human being if the mother feels like it’s a human being, and it’s not a human being if she feels that it isn’t. All we have to do is order her to consider it non-human and abort it, or face a dishonorable discharge. It’s pretty simple.

        • friedcheese

          I see where you are coming from, and how it would outrage a lot of people. It would take away any incentive from getting pregnant and would be effective in ‘solving’ the problem. Still, it’s just barbaric.

          • Sean

            These are soldiers. If it’s legal to order them to kill enemy combatants, it shouldn’t be a problem to order them to kill their own unborn babies. Yes, it’s barbaric but it’s perfectly in keeping with our present laws.

          • Deb

            So you think this will solve the problem. What about the fathers, do you care, apparently not. Don’t they have rights. Just to be contrary without thinking the process through you would be willing to throw other guys kids under the bus

          • Sean

            They don’t have rights now. Even with civilians, if the man considers it a human being and wants to keep it but the woman doesn’t consider it human and wants it gone, then she has final say. It’s not a human being if she says it isn’t, that’s all there is to it.

        • disqus_YO7G5UNIN8

          SinceTheAccident 5++

        • Deb

          Actually Sean again you are ignorant in the law. Not how that works.

          • Sean

            Oh, well thank you for explaining how it works.

    • Deb

      Really?? Are you as stupid as you imply? idot. Why not try and prevent the problem to begin with.We could castration yours.

      • Sean

        It’s spelled “idiot,” with two i’s.

  • kathleenredman

    And don’t dare tell me they didn’t know this would happen!

  • J.P.

    “A pregnancy takes you out of action for about two years. And there’s no replacement,” said Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, a nonpartisan public policy organization. “So everybody else has to work all that harder,”

    You mean the MEN have to work harder..

    • Bartholomew Allen

      And then the women expect the same promotions for all the time they didn’t deploy, and didn’t do the actual work.

  • friedcheese

    The article also leaves out one important thing: how iot affects the men who are knocking these women up, what it means for their careers (are they not punished for it?), their financial stability (most low ranking sailors don’t make enough to live on, let alone pay support and live), and so on.

    How often do they get custody of the child after birth? Do the mothers suffer any similar circumstances to these men in the short, medium, or long term? Or are their experiences markedly different, in terms of risk vs. reward?

  • stevewfromford

    Social control was far more important than war fighting capability to Obama. He was more concerned with establishing his identity politics bonafides than in preventing excess military deaths and costs. It will take a real war to show how disastrous this policy is.

  • Proplanner

    Having actually served in the Navy, in an attack aircraft squadron deployed to an aircraft carrier (2 Med-IO cruises and multiple workups) BEFORE women were allowed on shipboard sea duty; we had NO women to worry about to degrade aircraft readiness, we had no women on-board “ship’s company” to either distract us (flirting/sex) or because of their biology to degrade morale or readiness. Hate to sound like a neanderthal male chauvinist; but MY PERSONAL opinion, having actually been there, is women can and should serve and they do honorably and with distinction; but NOT on-board Navy ships or commands that deploy on Navy ships – sorry…

    • Doug

      I guess I, too, am a Neanderthal male chauvinist. I couldn’t agree more. These assignments were never a good idea, regardless of capability.

    • DrEvil007

      You shouldn’t apologize for telling the truth even if it isn’t popular with some people.

    • thesixgun

      An all women ship will also work.

  • Sabre22

    HHHMMMM What the F*** did you think would happen when you put women on board ships. I wonder how many pregnancies are to get out of the navy or to get out of the next assignment or two or more.

  • DrEvil007

    For decades women have used pregnancy to get out of unwanted duty assignments.

  • AG12323

    apparently its an iron duck with a no shave chit

  • Deb

    If you are being sent to a ship or combat situation you should have an implant or other contraceptives when they get their orders to the ship. Depends on what is more important to that female. I was in the Navy in 85-87 and it was our choice we could stay in or get out if pregnant. But I and other women fought to have the right to be in the Navy. I don’t think it is asking anything to have a female who is going to see to have BC implant although I do realize it is against some religions.There are several options out there that could help. Most females who get into the Navy want to make their brothers and sisters proud by actions, not take the easy way out. And Boys?? those who think its just women who benefit from the kids having care you all benifit too. Thats not a female thing it is a kid think. How is it our fault that you can’t do your job or are “distracted”. Apparently some were so distracted that they switched all together as there was a higher rate of rape in an all male Navy. There are slackers on both sides of the ailse sweethearts. My Navy brothers who are against women in the military you make me sick. As a Corpsman you all were so happy to see me when you needed me but when you don’t you turn against all women. I did everything I could to have an honorable career. I’ve done and seen things that make alot of you sick so don’t patronize me saying that the military is not a female’s place. Why not find a common sense solution which is what the military should have done when they allowed females on ships. But there is also contraceptives for men so if the women should be on it so should the men.

    • Douglas Cowdrick

      It’s called “Depo Provera. A shot every 3 months and you can’t get pregnant.

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