Court Papers Show Many FBI Assets Part of J6

By Mike Huckabee Published on November 16, 2022

The first order of business for House committees when they convene in January should be to address what has grown to be the elephant in the room. America needs the truth: What was the FBI’s role in the January 6 riot? Certainly, Congress will have a lot of issues, but this one won’t wait.

FBI Assets Were Embedded Inside the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers

We reported recently that one FBI informant who’d been working inside Oath Keepers was not going to be called as a prosecution witness after all in the Stewart Rhodes “seditious conspiracy” trial but would instead likely be called…by the defense. So, what does he know that is exculpatory? (Patience is required, as he was sidelined by a heart attack.)

When I see the term “baseless allegation,” to me that’s a tip-off that there’s probably tons of base.

Court papers also show the FBI had as many as eight informants inside the Proud Boys before and after January 6. Of particular interest would be the “before,” as any “confidential human source” (CHS) must have known if there was any “insurrection” being planned. And if the FBI knew that some attendees would be looking for a fight, why did this not result in enhanced security for the event? Security was almost nonexistent.

Court documents reveal that at least 23 FBI and ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) assets were embedded for months inside the Oath Keepers, sending intelligence back to those bureaus.

Characteristic Evasion From FBI Director Christopher Wray

On Tuesday, FBI Director Chris Wray testified before the House Homeland Security Committee, and took his characteristic defensive stance, saying that any suggestion “that the FBI’s confidential human sources or FBI employees in some way instigated or orchestrated January 6th [is] categorically false.” But praise goes to Republican Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana for asking this very specific question: “Did you have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol on January the 6th, prior to the doors being opened?” Wray only said repeatedly that he “had to be very careful” about answering questions concerning confidential human sources.

I would say that, yes, he does have to be very careful — careful to answer the questions truthfully. Congressional Republicans are getting weary of being lied to, and also sick of all the evasion they get, especially from Wray. They know the FBI made “dossier” source Igor Danchenko a CHS just to keep him under the radar and away from questioning, to hide what they were doing to present a compendium of slimy gossip as if it were British “Crown” intelligence. We’re onto them; hiding behind their use of informants isn’t going to cut it anymore.

If Wray could’ve denied that they used MAGA-attired informants inside the Capitol, I think he’d have found a way to get that across. Of course, he really only needed one word: “No.” And if the FBI did have assets dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol, waiting for the doors to be opened, Wray’s answer to that committee should have been, “Yes, sir, we did.” So where does this leave us?

Facts From J6 Are Finally Emerging

Julie Kelly, who literally wrote the book on January 6, appeared Tuesday night with Laura Ingraham to say that facts are emerging now because of the trial of Rhodes, president of Oath Keepers, and four other members. That trial has been going on since late September, and the DOJ has been forced to produce their evidence. They’re also in preparation for the Proud Boys trial, which starts in mid-December. (A thought: maybe they’ll be sorry they put these people on trial, just because of what comes out in discovery. Be careful what you wish for, FBI!)

“The DOJ has tried to conceal the information about confidential human sources from the defense team since last year,” Kelly said. “They produced over 500 pages, heavily redacted pages related to the number and activities of FBI informants embedded in that group, and so now Christopher Wray is on the hot seat again.”

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She also noted that this was going on at the same time FBI informants concocted the Whitmer kidnapping plot, which involved “dozens of supervising agents, undercover agents, informants.” They were “trying to make it look like white supremacist domestic terrorists, like those Christopher Wray was talking about today, loyal to Donald Trump, tried to kidnap and kill Gretchen Whitmer, one of Donald Trump’s biggest political foes, right before the 2020 election.”

The FBI also had the same supervisory agent, Steve D’Antuono, assigned to the Whitmer case, the January 6 investigation, AND the Mar-a-Lago raid. He was heading the Washington DC field office but happens to be retiring this month just as congressional Republicans are about to assume the majority. That also puts him out of reach of any future internal investigation. Here’s an excellent report.

The Democrats Need January 6

It’s become increasingly clear since the riot happened that it so completely formed the basis for the entire Democrat Party strategy from that day forward that they actually NEED it. They all campaigned on it. (“Democracy is on the ballot!”) They continue to use J6 as an excuse to violate the rights of conservatives, label them domestic terrorists, weaponize the legal system against them, and inhibit them from speaking out. I’ve said almost since the day of the protest that if it hadn’t gone wrong, the Democrats would’ve had to make it go wrong, so they could blame it on Trump and his supporters.

If it took FBI assets dressed as MAGA Republicans to help plan a protest, whip up the crowd, move barricades and get folks deep into the halls of the Capitol building, that wouldn’t be much different from what the CIA has done to stir up protests against foreign regimes. Or maybe their role was limited to finding out what these right-wing groups were planning, though leaders kept security practically nonexistent. Either way, they’d get what they wanted: one “insurrection,” comin’ up!

It’s Time to Demand Answers

To consider these scenarios and demand answers from the FBI is not to engage in “conspiracy theory,” though from the beginning that label has been used to shut questioners down. Revolver News has done amazing reporting on this; they’re dismissed as “fringe.” But as is the case so often, what was slammed and even censored as “disinformation” is looking truer every day. When I see the term “baseless allegation,” to me that’s a tip-off that there’s probably tons of base.

We like what Kyle Becker tweeted about this:

So, to recap, the intel community knew extremists planned to attack on J6, FBI had embeds with their plans, Trump wanted more security, Pelosi did nothing to up it, D.C. mayor fought it, CP opened doors for them & Trump supporters got framed as ‘insurrectionists.’ Any questions?


Mike Huckabee is the former governor of Arkansas and longtime conservative commentator on issues in culture and current events. A New York Times best-selling author, he hosts the weekly talk show Huckabee on TBN.

Originally published at Reprinted with permission.

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