Conversion Therapy is Good

And other dispatches from the front lines of the Sexual Revolution

By The Ruth Institute Published on April 6, 2022

Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE), not conversion therapy, is the proper term for efforts to decrease unwanted sexual attraction, and are centered around talk therapy. The latest Dr. J Show guest, Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D., dove into the studies that claim “conversion therapy” is harmful to patients and found that the original researchers misinterpreted their own data.

Find out the true results for those who undergo SOCE, and why the facts don’t make it to mainstream media, by watching this video.

Dave Rubin and the Death of Secular Conservatism

God wants our participation in parenthood to be a participation in love, not, as in the case of the popular internet celebrity’s recent announcement, commerce, technology and an act of willfulness.

When “conservative” celebrity David Rubin and his friend announced that they will have two babies using donated eggs and surrogate mothers, other “conservative” celebrities fell all over themselves congratulating him.

Before I blast Rubin and his coterie of fawning followers, let’s get the most important issue out of the way: The two babies he commissioned with his friend are loved by God. In fact, every single human being who has ever been conceived has come into existence precisely because God loves that person and wants him or her to exist.

Whether the child was conceived in a carefully planned medical procedure or in a fit of mindless passion, whether the child was conceived in the backseat of a randy teenager’s car, or in the loving embrace of a married couple, God loves the child. The term “procreation” captures the fact that human action is only part of the process. (Honestly, how many failed IVF cycles does it take to convince us that we humans are not ultimately in control?) God’s action is the most fundamental. And God’s contribution is always love.

These two children that Rubin and his partner have ordered, complete with a predetermined, no doubt contractually assured, delivery date, have every right to exist. No matter what the parents may have done or not done, we must never regret the existence of any child.

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Truth Bomb: How to Think about Transgenderism

This video from the Ruth Institute’s 4th Annual Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution is the Q&A session from the panel, “Putting the Pieces Together: Equipping the Pro-life Movement to Confront Trans-minded Clients.” Moderated by radio host and pro-life activist Jim Havens, the panel includes detransitioner Walt Heyer, activist Erin Brewer, and attorney Jane Robbins.

Learn about Munchausen Syndrome (using medical problems to get attention) and Munchausen by Proxy (using, or even creating, medical conditions for your child in order to get attention) and how they relate to the trans movement.

Are lawsuits being enacted against doctors for mutilating children? How do you handle someone making others use a preferred pronoun? How does transitioning affect family members? Is there a relationship between disordered views of sexuality or abuse and gender dysphoria? Find the answers here.

Healthy Relationships After Abuse, Part 1: Revictimization

From Faith Hakesley’s “Ask a Survivor” blog at The Ruth Institute.

A lot of my followers have asked how they can avoid being revictimized after being sexually abused since they wish to form good, healthy relationships, the ultimate goal being marriage. Since these questions regarding relationships, marriage, and revictimization can go hand in hand, I am going to tackle these questions throughout my next few blog posts.

In this blog post, I am referring to abuse that is direct and intentional. I make this distinction because victims can feel revictimized in a variety of situations. For example, medical evaluations or police interviews can bring up very painful memories, causing a victim to feel as though they are reliving their past trauma. The revictimization referred to here pertains to victims who fall prey to an abuser.

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People who have been previously victimized have a higher likelihood of being revictimized later on. First off, no matter how many times someone has been abused, it is never their fault. Unfortunately, survivors who come forward on multiple occasions typically find that their stories are met with confusion and disbelief.

Some reasons for revictimization include:

  • Adaptation to abusive situations and environments — victims come to expect abuse when it has been a part of their life. Abuse becomes familiar and a victim learns that he or she is incapable of avoiding abuse. This is referred to as learned helplessness.
  • Low self-esteem — abuse victims usually struggle with feelings of shame and blame, leading to very low self-esteem. It’s easy to fall into the mindset of, “I deserved this. I did something to deserve this.” For many victims, the abuse becomes who they are.

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Countdown Begins for 5th Annual Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution

“The Sexual Revolution is just as deadly and destructive as the Russian and French Revolutions. We are proud to announce our 5th Annual Summit for Survivors of The Sexual Revolution (June 24-25 in Lake Charles, LA) to expose the hidden dangers of the Sexual Revolution and explain how to counter this most devastating force in our society,” said Ruth Institute President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

The Summit will present the Ruth Institute’s unique blend of scientifically sound evidence, carefully reasoned arguments, and compelling personal testimonies.

Topics include:

  • Understanding and Confronting the Sexual Revolution
  • Counting the Casualties of the Sexual Revolution
  • The Medical Costs of the Sexual Revolution
  • The Mistakes of Modern Philosophy and Why They Matter
  • Healing the Children of Divorce
  • Healing the Post-Abortive Church Congregation
  • The Integrity of the Body: Confronting the Trans Ideology

“These topics reflect the Ruth Institute’s ongoing commitment to defending life and the family and exposing the incalculable harm done to both by sexual radicals,” Morse said.

“If you’re fed up with how crazy our culture has become, or you’re struggling with how to explain why you believe what you believe, you should come to the Summit!”

“The Ruth Institute’s goal is to help each participant become an advocate, prepared to defend the pro-family position on a broad range of issues.”

“As in past Summits, we will counter the lies of the Sexual Revolution, calculate the cost of its warped ideology, and explore ways to repair the damage it has done.”

Registration for this event is now open.


The Ruth Institute is a global non-profit organization, leading an international interfaith coalition to defend the family and build a civilization of love. The Ruth Institute’s Founder and President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village. Subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel to get all our latest news.

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