Connecticut Bill Opens Door for Pedophilia Protections

By The Ruth Institute Published on June 1, 2023

“Connecticut legislators took a step toward legalizing pedophilia and apparently expect us not to notice,” said Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

The Connecticut House of Representative overwhelmingly passed a bill that changes the state’s anti-discrimination law. Advocates of the change, including the ACLU, say it merely “modernizes the existing definition of sexual orientation, moving away from thirty-year-old outdated and offensive terminology.”

Morse responded, “That statement diverts attention from how this change advances the most radical goal of the Sexual Revolution: normalizing pedophilia.”

The current definition of sexual orientation is: “having a preference for heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality.” The proposed definition is not limited to these three categories, but is instead based on “identity:” “Sexual orientation means a person’s identity in relation to the gender or genders to which they are romantically, emotionally or sexually attracted.”

The Family Institute of Connecticut explains:

Advocates will argue that HB6638 only protects sexual orientations ‘in relation to genders.’ But recall that even a baby or an animal has a ‘gender.’ We can hope, but it isn’t entirely clear how ‘sexual attractions’ directed toward animals, inanimate and dead objects would be treated under this bill. Believe us when we say we don’t want to have to talk about this, but it is true.

Advocates will also assert that the sexual attractions they don’t want to talk about are not included in the bill. But those are only assertions and not the language of the bill which will be used by judges, lawyers and the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities to assess fines and punishments.

Morse stated, “Sexual Revolutionaries are sneaky. They ‘modernized’ the ‘offensive’ definition of sexual orientation by broadening it to include an essentially unlimited range of possibilities, including pedophilia (attraction to prepubescent children) and nepiophilia (attraction to infants aged 0-5).”

“Discriminating against a known pedophile would be illegal under Connecticut’s new definitions. Citizens, churches and businesses in Connecticut cannot prevent individuals with these sexual attractions from working or volunteering in schools, hospitals or businesses. So much for ‘safe environment’ training and background checks!”

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Morse warned: “Advocates of the bill might say it doesn’t legalize pedophilia, and that is technically correct. But by surreptitiously changing the definition of sexual orientation, the bill lays the groundwork for doing so. And they’re hoping we won’t notice.”

“The original civil rights movement outlawed discrimination based on race, which is an inborn, immutable characteristic. Now the most radical Sexual Revolutionaries are exploiting anti-discrimination law in ways the original champions of equality never would have imagined or approved.”

“The Ruth Institute applauds the Family Institute of Connecticut for their careful analysis exposing the radical implications of this bill,” Morse said.

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Veteran Prolifer on What’s Next

John Smeaton is Vice President of the International Right to Life Federation and co-founder of Voice of the Family, an international organization to support bishops seeking to uphold Catholic teaching on marriage, human sexuality, and the sanctity of human life.

“Two billion babies have been killed over the last 30 years, which is more human beings killed than in all the wars in recorded history,” Smeaton said. “Two babies are killed every second around the world.”

“It’s a big mistake for any Christian group to say, ‘We mustn’t speak out because we’re Christian. Politicians try to scare Christians by saying, ‘They’re trying to impose their morality on others.’”

Watch to learn the parallels between the abortion movement in England and that in the United States. “I have no doubt whatsoever that Tony Blair joined the Catholic Church in order to undermine it,” Smeaton said. (Makes you wonder about Joe Biden, doesn’t it, Americans?)

Hear also more about this truth bomb: “In-vitro fertilization has destroyed or frozen five million babies. Twenty-three human embryos are expended for every one baby born.”

Learn more by watching this video on our Locals channel, Rumble, or YouTube.

Community Support for Victims of Sexual Abuse

By Faith Hakesley at “Ask a Survivor

As a survivor of sexual abuse, my heart holds a special place for my fellow survivors. I hope this little Advice from a Survivor blog can offer a small bit of support. Every time I click the “publish” button, my prayer is that God speaks to you through my writing. No matter what you have been through, I want you to know that you are not alone. God is with you, I am here for you, and there is always hope!

Whenever a survivor of sexual abuse shares their story with me, I have a desire to “break off” a small piece of my own healing and give it to them. If only healing were so simple! Victims have to be willing to do the work that it takes to heal.

Unfortunately, not every victim has the support they deserve. When someone’s abuse happens within a setting such as a church, the community’s reaction can make a big difference in how the victim(s) heal. When abuse is swept under the rug and victims are not supported, the results can be dire.

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