CNN Slander: Everyone Who Voted for Trump is a ‘White Supremacist by Default’

People protest outside the Phoenix Convention Center, Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017, in Phoenix. Protests were held against President Trump as he hosted a rally inside the convention center.

By Published on August 24, 2017

CNN published a story Wednesday calling “ordinary” supporters of President Donald Trump white supremacists and blaming them for the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Va.

In “‘White supremacists by default’: How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible,” CNN blamed Trump voters of helping advance white supremacy, saying the non-racist, “ordinary” Trump voters are giving white supremacists room to operate and are the reason violence erupted in Charlottesville.

“It’s easy to focus on the angry white men in paramilitary gear who looked like they were mobilizing for a race war in the Virginia college town. But it’s the ordinary people — the voters who elected a reality TV star with a record of making racially insensitive comments, the people who move out of the neighborhood when people of color move in, the family members who ignore a relative’s anti-Semitism — who give these type of men room to operate,” CNN’s John Blake wrote, crediting one other professor and “others” for contributing to the story.

Mark Naison is a political activist and history professor at Fordham University in New York City who CNN cited for the story. He compared Trump voters to nice people in the Holocaust and Rwanda who looked the other way while others committed horrific violence.

“That was the twisted formula that made the Holocaust and Rwanda possible and allowed Jim Crow segregation to survive: Nice people looked the other way while those with an appetite for violence did the dirty work,” Naison said. “You have to have millions of people who are willing to be bystanders, who push aside evidence of racism, Islamophobia or sexism. You can’t have one without the other.”

CNN’s piece said there are four types of ordinary people who play a part in the country’s racial divisions. These are reportedly based on “Naison and others.”

One of the groups are “the ‘down-low’ segregationists:

“Many of the white racists who marched in Charlottesville were condemned because they openly said they don’t believe in integration or racial equality,” the CNN piece said about this group of Trump voters. “But millions of ordinary white Americans have been sending that message to black and brown people for at least a half a century. They send it with their actions: They don’t want to live next to or send their children to school with black or brown people, historians say.”

The second group CNN cited was “those who say ‘yes, but…,’” this group is criticized by “Naison and others” for Trump’s original comments on Charlottesville where he disavowed both sides in the violence that took place throughout the brutal protests.

“Trump’s ‘many sides’ response, though, wasn’t that abnormal in the context of US history. It used to be the norm for white political leaders to draw a moral equivalence between racists and those who suffered from their acts of brutality, historians say. It’s the “yes, but” rhetorical maneuver — condemn racism but add a qualifier to diminish the sincerity of what you just said.”

The third group of Trump voters was labeled “Those who choose chaos.”

“Many voters knew Trump would bring something else to the Oval Office — chaos. That’s why they chose him. He’s their first reality TV president, one writer says. Many voted for Trump because they liked the persona he cultivated as the star of ‘The Apprentice.’ Reality TV rewards characters who say rude and reprehensible things, characters are often cast as racial stereotypes, and those who provoke the most chaos get the most attention,” Joy Lanzendorfer said in an article for Vice news.

The last group of Trump voters that CNN said has divided the country are “those who look the other way.”

“If you want to know why those white racists now feel so emboldened, it may help to look at all the ordinary people around you, your neighbors, your family members, your leaders,” CNN wrote. “But first, start by looking at yourself.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to CNN for a statement about the specifics of this article but did not receive a comment in time for publication.


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  • tether

    How stupid do they think the American public is?
    To put all these people into a category of hate and racism just because their ideas don’t align with yours. Shows just how mentally challenged the media is. Small minds at work.

  • Myth Buster

    But, it’s true. The tragedy that took place in Charlottesville this month could not have occurred without the tacit acceptance of millions of ordinary, law-abiding Americans who helped create such a racially explosive climate, some activists, historians and victims of extremism say. Millions of people either supported Trump’s explosive comments during the election or ignored them and voted for him anyways. It’s true. Many on the extreme Alt-right also took this as a signal and came out of the shadows to places like Charlottesville to be heard. We’ve also had several commentators on this website that have tried giving the Ratzis and KKK lip service and this has even compounded the problem after-the -fact. Go into denial if you wish, but it’s true.

    • Greg Olson

      If CNN wants to play that game, then maybe they should go back even further and blame the people who decided to remove the statue in the first place. That was the reason for the white supremacy rally in the first place (a small one at that). If they leave the statue alone, nothing happens. I bet the majority of the people in Charlottesville don’t really even give the statue much thought. They are focused on supporting their families and figuring out how to better themselves and their community by treating each other the way they want to be treated. CNN hasn’t a clue about who the people are who voted for Trump really are and I’m sure don’t care. I’m sick of the self-righteousness of CNN. I hope this article by CNN is the beginning of the end for them. It really is laughable what they are doing.

      • Myth Buster

        Sadly and oddly, the Republican controlled legislature in Virginia passed a law a few years back stating even local governments couldn’t remove those statues. They’ve established a history of claiming local governments know best, but in this example local governments can’t even vote to keep or get rid of them. Maybe we should leave that decision up to them and people could avoid these idiotic situations. Wouldn’t you agree? I’m sick of the self-righteousness people dictating to me in a local government what I can and can’t do.

    • Bob Adome

      I think thou dost protest to much. Keep up the good work. Your anti-fa check is in the mail.

      • Myth Buster

        Did they teach you that at your “I Love Trump” rally?

    • If you want to play the “blame game,” Myth Buster, see the August 14, 2017 article from CNN headlined: Protesters blame Charlottesville police for not stopping violence.

      “But both sides agree that one group didn’t do enough to prevent the violence as the crowds grew and tensions flared: the police.”

      “David Straughn, another counterprotester, claims he was near Heyer when she was hit by the car. Up until that point, he said, “the police did nothing.'”

      “Another protester, Hawk Newsome, president of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, told CNN affiliate WCAV the police response to ‘Unite the Right’ was different than at rallies he’s attended in the past. He said the police in Charlottesville were too far away to prevent any violence.
      ‘The police actually allowed us to square off against each other,’ Newsome said. ‘There were fights and the police were standing a block away the entire time. It’s almost as if they wanted us to fight each other.'”

      • Myth Buster

        Let’s get real here. The police were caught off guard by the large numbers of Ratzis and KKK that showed up and also because they marched off their permitted routes. However, in a sense you’re are correct though, they should have been more aggressive in shutting the riots down.

        • Jim Walker

          Corrected for you :
          Let’s get real here. The police were caught off guard by the large numbers of ANTIFA, BLM that showed up and also because they attack those who marched off their permitted routes. However, in a sense you’re are correct though, they should have been more aggressive in shutting the riots down.

    • James Pierce

      The tragedy that happened in Charlottesville was caused by people who went to an event with which they disagreed looking for trouble, and they found some. There is nobody else to blame and no other explanation.

      • Myth Buster

        How True!

  • jayceej

    CNN is playing a sort of shell game. By keeping the focus on politically powerless racists, they divert our attention from the violent left wing group, antifa, that act like Nazis, and who are growing in political power,and are bankrolled by George Soros, who is not a friend of America. The days are gone when the KKK had tremendous power, had thousands of members, and were a strong contingent of the Democrat Party. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball here.

  • fullerhonda

    Shout out: We’re all White and proud of it. Shout out: We’re all Black and proud of it. Shout out: We’re all Brown and proud of it.
    Or mix it up another way: We’re all Black and proud of it. We’re all Brown and proud of it. We’re all White and proud of it.
    Or, We’re all Brown and proud of it. We’re all White and proud of it. We’re all Black and proud of it.
    We’re All AMERICAN and proud of it.
    What about you, CNN? You’re no color; you’re no American, and we’re disgusted with you.

  • I wonder if CNN is also going to blame “those who look the other way” in the Muslim community for violence committed by the small number of radical Islamists among them. Once you start going down that road, it can turn into a lot of different directions. Don’t you think it would be better for people on both the left and the right to focus on the problem elements rather than indiscriminately demonizing the majority of people in different groups?

  • brothergc

    CNN is nothing but fake news , they have told so many lies I am starting to believe that they believe their own lies

    • James Pierce

      “It’s not a lie, if you believe it”
      -George Costanza

      • Chip Crawford

        George is confused.

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