Clear Thinking on Transgender Ideology

By Sean McDowell Published on May 18, 2019

Editor’s Note:

Rarely do we post full-length podcasts like this here at The Stream. This one’s unusual, though. We think it’s worth the time. Sean McDowell speaks on transgender ideology, starting with a most helpful distinction: Transgender is psychological. Intersex is biological. Transgenderism is political. They all need their own unique ways of responding.

Later on he brings Caleb Kaltenbach into the discussion. Kaltenbach’s background gives him much to offer. He was raised by three gay parents. Later in life he became a Christian; now he’s an evangelical pastor. As a result, he has one of the best pastoral perspectives out there on this topic.

Ever wonder what pronouns to use? His answer will get you thinking. So will McDowell’s in return. And if there’s one thing we should be doing about this in the Church, it’s thinking through these hard questions. We should be thinking from a solid Christian perspective. This talk serves as a great starting point.

Complete show notes, including a full transcript, are available here.

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