Christians on the Edge of Extinction

Voices from Iraq Call out in Wake of Last Summer’s ISIS Invasion

By Published on February 23, 2015

It was the sweltering summer of 2014. The Islamic State, or ISIS, had spilled out of the blood and chaos of Syria, advancing into Iraq. They destroyed human beings when it suited them. The terrorists took over homes, churches, and shops, wrecking anything they did not steal. Black flags flew from vehicles filled with jeering jihadists. Shouts of “Allahu Akbar!” echoed in the dusty streets.

Even so, many of those who lived in this part of northern Iraq, in the mostly Christian towns and villages of the ancient Ninevah Plain, said that what happened was an odd blend of fear and reassurance. “Don’t worry,” the ISIS troops told many of them, particularly the elderly women. “We will not hurt you. You are our mother. We are your sons.”

Perhaps this was like the Jews of 1930s Europe being told that the ghettos were for their own safety.

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